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My Triple Nightmare

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 01:59 AM
Three Nightmares in one night....Here we go.

#1...I was in my house, (not my house, a strange house in a strange place) with my wife..(not Married) ?

Evil looking Goth types were moving stuff into the house next door..(Black Magic stuff)..
The Neighbours next door to them were having a party later that night, but the Goth types were going to kill them with Evil and Black Magic..

For some reason me and the wife..(not Married) invited ourselves to the party...

Anyway, there was a lot of panic at the house party as the Goths..(8 maybe 9 of them) surrounded the house with Evil in their hearts, I decided to grab as much Hardware as possible..Knifes from the kitchen, Golf clubs from the ..Toilet?? and try our best to defend the coming onslaught...

The Goths were sliding in through windows on zip slides made of Spider silk. We were all stabbing at them, "they wouldn't die, this nightmare seemed to go on for eternity...

Cant remember how that Nightmare ended, but before i knew" it..
#2.. i was going to a mates wedding and was asked to put a band together for the wedding...less than 24 hours notice with a bunch of strangers...

we started Practicing, we sounded not bad for a first, and probably last get together..."Joe ****ing Walsh" was playing some wicked licks and i was following. not too shabby, but not really a wedding band,

I was really worried about leaving my Custom SG in the Marque overnight as there was this wee Junky Bum that i know Hanging around..

I said three Nightmares didn't i...

The wife in the first Nighmare was My Ex...and the wedding i was playing (Badly) at was Her wedding to.........wait for it....................

Art Garfunkel... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

I woke up and the sweat was running off the tip of my nose man..

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 02:42 AM
Well your dream tells me one thing:in your mind you associate Goths with evil,satanistic practices,overall dark+possible murderous intentions,etc.

The vast majority of Goths are not involved with satanism,murder,ritualistic or otherwise-many of them are really sweet,nice people-some hold pagan/Wiccan belief systems,many have the Christian faith,although they may not be church-goers.Because of the way they like to dress,they would,nt b e welcome in church,see? And they know it.The real satanists/luciferians,the real killers are the ones you Never See Coming-which is how they succeed in their goals whether on the micro or macro level.Goths can look sinister,but I tell you,some of the kindest,sweetest,most warm-hearted and compassionate individuals in any country or society will be found among the "Gothic crowd".As far as nefarious intentions go,they should be the very least of anyone's concerns.

Well an interesting dream sequence,anyway-seriously though,in waking life,take some time to chat to a Goth now+then,just about any neutral subject,and you will see they are just like anybody else,maybe a bit more theatrical in how they dress,some may be a bit emo or dramatically inclined in their worldview-but they also tend to be more serious-minded,deeper thinkers-and people who are very in touch with their emotions,deep feeling people too.
Unfortunately there are some bad apples in Every batch,Every subculture,Every group or society or neighbourhood-you're just less likely to find really rotten-to-the-core folks among Goths.True evil knows it has to disguise itself to look as close to "normal" as possible to succeed.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

You couldn't be farther from the truth..I dont see Goths as Evil, I probably was a Goth in the early 80s and didn't know it.

The people in the dream just dressed like like Goths...All in Black Trenchcoat type garments, One had long sort of silver hair but his complexion was like he was dead, when i say they looked evil, I mean, just looking at them sent shivers up my just knew they were pure evil.

Sorry if you felt i was attacking the Goth Culture, i wasn't, i was just trying to paint a picture of what they looked like to me in the Dream..

Now my Ex wife on the other hand....

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 05:03 AM
Could the Mods please move this thread to the Dreams and predictions section....Thanks.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by Soloprotocol

My apologies then-i assumed.No wonder my youngest daughter says if I was a superhero I would be Assumption-Woman

A lotta people do associate the poor Goths with satanism+evil though-i had it 2days ago,some one on a photographis site assumed I was semi-suicidal and chronically morbid in my outlook on life because my work focuses often on the Goth genre of photography.I tried to explain that it's because I don't fear death that I am comfy to have fun with the dark genres-and that I am very far from suicidal.But it was a fellow South African-and I know my country is one of the most Goth-phobic on the planet-well the population,the vast majority,about 95% if not more.

I don't know what your dream could mean,except that maybe-there is a threat that you have subconsciously picked up on-a danger-whether real or perceived.Maybe something close to home?

Sorry again,for assuming you were assuming that Goths tend to be evil or are dangerous folks to be around:-)

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