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The Last of the Great Robber Barrons {AAC}

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posted on Aug, 9 2013 @ 01:20 PM
October 3rd 2014
Olive Garden
Frisco, Texas

"Hey baby," a balding redheaded male walked up to the table.. His torn blue Jeans and Walmart Vader shirt went well with his untied boots, black scuffed.

"Hang on Clark," the lady he was addressing gave him a kiss back. Turning back to her district manager, "So what are we going to do, Simone?"

Simone sighed and looked at the Assistant Manager and Store manager. Thinking for a moment, "We will find out in about an hour which stores are being closed. Noel, Mia. The market completely Crashing today means they will probably fire a lot of people. My guess is that. " Simone Cell phone goes off and she answers it. She gets up and walks away from the Table, mouthing it was corporate.

Mia looks to her boyfriend, "I am so glad we got the back pay from the VA before this. the News is talking about cutting Social Security and VA compensations. We may be living off the money."

"About that baby, I got good news and bad news.."

The waiter walks up, "Sir, what would you like?"

Reading the name tag, "Jack. I'll start with a bottle of Jack oddly enough, Bring the wine menu out here for the ladies." He reaches into his pants and pulls out a wad of hundreds. He hands two to the waiter, "Make sure I get the BOTTLE and I want a glass of ice, an empty glass, and a glass of coke no ice. Start me a line of cred with the bar, the two bills are your tip. I am probably about to be in the dog house."

Taking the two hundreds, "Yes Sir coming right up."

"What do you think you are doing," Mia asked. "We. You said good news bad news."

As Simone rejoins the table, "The bad news baby is I kinda F'd up. I was online and decided to play around with the market." The Waiter and the manager showed back up with Clark's order. As they put the three items in front of him, "I kinda got a feeling and decide to buy stock.."

"YOU SPENT OUR MONEY," Mia yells and the whole restaurant pauses.

"I even messed up doing it baby," Clark poured the jack into the ice cup. As poured coke in, "You see I tried to put a buy order in for a hundred and fifty grand worth of stock. Well I messed up and short sold the stock." He downs his drink," Twice. As you know the market crashed while I was doing this.. "

Mia breaks down in tears, "It. It was supposed to buy a house. You selfish, Wait your shorted the market as it crashed?"

"Then my corrected order went through," Clark took another drink. He saw the TV playing the news. Getting up he walked over to the bar and asked them to turn up the News.

"..unknown investor cornered about a third of the market as it crashed." The Fox news analyst spoke, "The investment is being calculated to be worth at least Two Hundred Billion dollars when the market reopens."

Everyone in the restaurant stared at Clark as their jaws dropped.

Mia's tears had stopped, "Wait a minute. We are worth."

"Yes baby, With a B." Clark smiled..

Mia took her store keys off from around her neck and handed them to her district manager. "Clark your still in the dog house. It may be gold plated but it is the dog house."

The Restaurant manager quickly brought the wine menu, "As you requested sir."

Clark sat back down and put his boots up on the table, "Simone, you and Noel order whatever in sam hell yall want." Clark pulled out his cigarettes and tried to find his lighter, "I left it in the car.."

The manager went to the bar and grab a lighter from the bar keep. He walked over and lit the Lighter, "No need to go outside sir. Your welcome to.."

One of the other tables spoke, "Like whatever! Frisco is a no smokin.."

"Shut up Grace," Her husband coldly spoke. "We do not know what companies he owns.."

"How do you know," Grace looked up at the TV as it spoke.

"It appears the new Billionaire is Clark N. Amos. All we could find is an old mug shot picture," the Fox news lady droned on."Apparently he resides in.."

"Oh," Grace went silent

Clark smiled as he puffed his cigarette, "Jack.. bring everyone currently in here check, add it to my tab.. it is on me.." He looks at his Girlfriend Mia, "As for housing, After we leave here we have to go to the Bank. We will talk with the VA guy. I want you to give him a base idea of what type of.."

"I want to build." Mia started giving dirty looks to some of the other women who were looking at Clark, "Till then can we just buy that house in Allen I looked at? For temporary housing"

"Sure baby anything you want.. Call Rooms to Go and Ikea for all the furniture. Have it delivered tomorrow." His cell phone goes off, "Its my momma baby, let me take this call real quick.."


Saturday October 4th, 2014
Okaloosa County Tax Office

".. a cashier's check for the back taxes," The Bank of America Executive handed it to the clerk.

"I am sorry, We cant take ," The county official smiled. "The property is going to the highest.."

"You A$%^&*E, "The elderly Mrs. Amos yelled. "Your not taking my land.. I have arrived to pay in full." She takes out her cell phone and texts her son.

"You will not talk to me like this," The clerk got up and left the office. She returned a few minutes later, "I want her arrested for making.."

The Deputy Sheriff answered his phone, "What can I do for you Congressman?" He holds up his hand to the clerk.. After about two minutes, "No sir.. I understand.."

A response form the other end of the phone..

"No Congressman, we do not harass old ladies. Yes she is right here, paying the taxes with her banker."

Another response on the phone.

"I understand her son Mr. Amos is proud supporter of the community his mother lives in. We are not taking her house from her." His phone goes off, he reaches back and looks at the number. He takes a deep breath, "Congressman you have my word we will fix this issue."

Another response from the phone.

"I am on it sir," The other end hangs up.

"She threatened me. It is a terrorist threat," The clerk is greeted by the Sheriff's hand being held up.

As he answers his phone, "This is Sheriff.."

A response comes from the other end.

"Yes, I will hold for the governor," he looks at his phone as another call comes in.. He gives the Clerk an evil look.

A voice on the other end answers.

After a minute, "Yes Governor. I know you are a law and order individual. We in Okaloosa county appreciate your support from the Governor's office."

Another response comes from the phone.

"I know Mr. Amos is proud supporter of the community his mother lives in."

The voice responds as the Sheriff's phone goes off again. He looks at his cell phone and winces.

"Governor, we have no intention of taking Mrs. Amos's property. It is not necessary for the AG to look into this case. It appears to be a misunderstanding in some of the paperwork." The Sheriff sits down were the clerk was. He accesses the system, "I am taking Mrs. Amos's payment personally and logging it in the system. I will fax you a copy of the Receipt."

The Executive and Mrs. Amos smile as the phone responds.

"I understand Governor. Mrs. Amos is a disabled elderly person, These types mistakes I will personally investigate."

After a comment from the other end the phone hangs up.

Getting the receipt, "Here you go Mrs. Amos." As he hands it to her, "For the love of god please ask you son to stop making phone calls. " Giving a dirty look to the Clerk, "I still have to call back the party chairman, the Senator, and," His phone goes off again. "And now it appears the County Judge. Have a good day Mrs. Amos."

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posted on Aug, 9 2013 @ 02:37 PM

October 6th, 2014

"..opens Wednesday I will officially be worth about 250 billion dollars. They are saying It might climb to 320 billion," Clark answered. "Oprah, it is still a wee bit of a shock to me. Broke one day, a billionaire the next."

Oprah smiles as she ask her next question, "So what are you in the process of doing? My producer overheard some things while you were on the phone."

Laughing, "Well I was on the phone with my Lawyers. It appears the SEC has cleared me. So I went ahead and did some speculating. I have purchased quite cheaply a lot of land. As this is live the ink should be dry on the purchases."

Simone walks up on stage and whispers in his ear.

"This is my business manager, Simone Rayth. "

Simone smiles and waves to the audience. She then steps back off stage.

"Good news," Oprah ask?

"Very good news, but I cant talk about it because it will drive up the prices because speculators will be trying to jack up prices.." Clark smiles, "Suffice it to say I will be hiring about four thousand people across several states."

"Wow. Four thousand New jobs, can we get a hint as to what type?"

"Oprah, it is a very delicate game of cards. I will let the politicians I have discussed matters with take the credit.I am more concerned in making sure good people do not go down.."


White House
October 7th, 2014

"..crawling out of the woodwork. It appears Mr. Amos has gone behind the Government's back and has arranged for the oil Pipeline to go in." A very upset aide added, "It seems the state Governments have bypassed us."

"We cant stop this," The President looked at his Adviser. "I got a call this morning from the Unions. They back Mr.Amos plan. They have called on this office to support private enterprise and Specifically this pipeline.."

"How in the Hell did he get to Union? And in less then a few days," The mad Adviser spoke.

"He is offering them jobs that pay good." The Vice President spoke, "It is contract labor for the construction. Mr. Amos went straight to the Union asking for help forming the construction company. It appears the Union will be part of management for the contract."

"The environmental damage," The President added.

"From what it appears they will be using a unique design of the pipes. A triple hulled pipe that will be built by the same people who supply the Army Core of Engineers."

The upset Adviser butted in, "Well it is not approved by the EPA."

Holder was quiet till then, "State Judges in the affected states have accepted the AG's filing of injunctions against the EPA. It is under the reverse Erie doctrine they are getting away with it. They have submitted the plans for construction and have mapped out all the Ecological concerns the EPA might have." Looking at the rest of the Cabinet," Unless they missed something, we cant stop them.."

One of the President's aides walks in and whispers something in his ear..

"Your kidding me," The President Responded. "How many lobbyist are waiting outside?"

"Twenty Three Mr. President.. Every single one of them is here to call in the money they contributed."

"This is ridiculous. There is no way," The mad adviser was grumpy..

"The first one Mr. President is the Union lobby. He wanted me to remind you that you should see him first. The Elections are next month."

"Do they all support this crap," The annoyed President spoke?

"It appears Mr. Amos is up to more then just the Oil Pipeline. He has already caused a lot of issues. I have several of our supporters on the hill who want you to call them back, ASAP."

"How many," The President asked?

"All of them.."


Earth Orbit
Hidden Lunar Facility

" He did what," The Commanding officer of the Naval Facility spoke.

"Mr. Amos meets with the President in two days for brunch," the faceless man spoke. "At first we were nervous. We sent one of our agents in."

"And," the CO spoke.

"He spotted her a mile away. She was worried her cover was blown. Mr. Amos asked.." The Faceless man shook his head, "He wanted to know if You needed another few hundred million to expand your operations. Perhaps drones or other things. He said the navy taught a few things to him. He said you at least deserved the money paid for his training back."

Speechless the Admiral looked at the Screen. After a moment," He attach any clauses to it."

"Are you ready for this," the nameless man spoke. "He is willing to give it to the Navy for your command. "He does want to meet you eventually but that is it. Oh, and the money is to go to only expanding your operations that may have been affected by budget cuts."

The Admiral brings up Mr. Amos's file. As he reads it something catches his eye. "Crap.. Did you read this?"

"We know.."

"Does he," the Admiral Asked?

"No. And NO ONE will inform him either," The nameless face spoke.

"I will take the money. We can finish a few research Projects with it."

posted on Aug, 9 2013 @ 04:15 PM
October 8th, 2014
Federal Correctional Complex, Butner

"Mr. Madoff," Clark clearly addressed the inmate.

"Let me get this Straight. I will be working at McDonalds on the morning shift. Twenty Hours a week for minimum wage," Madoff shook his head, "On the Weekends I will be working at a Starbucks in Plano Texas for eight hours on my feet. My wife will be working at Sterilite on the B night shift."

"And you two will be living in an Apartment Complex I own. Your neighbors will all be Veterans. " Mr. Amos smiled, "For an additional five hours a day you will work for me. All the money you'd be paid, goes back to your victims. "

"How in the Hell did you get this type of deal," Madoff looked at his lawyer?

"It is legit Bernie," The lawyer spoke. "You accept this and you only have to wear an ankle bracelet. Every Wednesday and Saturday you do community service at a soup kitchen and food bank till you finish your two hundred million hours of community service. The AG's office got flooded with calls when it leaked Mr. Amos wanted to hire you for about 250 thousand a year as a consultant. The bonuses bring it back up to about 325 thousand a year. Your victims want the money."

"What will I be doing for you Mr. Amos," Madoff ask.

Still standing, Clark looks Madoff straight in the eye. "You will be advising me personally. I could go hire someone. I paused however when I realized I would not have a lot of control. So I thought of this. You will answer every question I ask you. My main worry with my fortune I have is predators such as your self. So I thought why not hire a shark to hunt sharks. If this works we may branch your consulting out. Which means you will be paying your victims back sooner."

"The SEC would never allow me to do this," Bernie answered.

"That is not your worry. It is mine. If you sign you will be ankled then transferred to your new apartment. Monday you start training at McDonalds. Till then you will be reviewing for me several companies I am highly suspicious of."

"So all the money I earn consulting goes back to my victims?"

"Every dime. It is feasible you will be able to pay them back in your lifetime. Your lawyer will discuss the additional rules concerning estates excreta the judge added at my insistence. " Mr. Amos stuck his hand out, "A hand shake all I need for you to give me. To walk out those doors you have to agree to what the judge said."

Mayor's Office
Detroit, Michigan

"Mrs. Rayth, I do not like your tone," The mayor growled. "Your boss cant just come in here and tell this office what to do."

Simone smiles and relaxes, "You really do not have a choice Mayor. Either play ball or be removed."

"I can play hard ball to," The Mayor spoke. "We can stall everything you want to do."

Simone Reaches into her briefcase and pulls out a legal notice, "Consider your self and the City served."

The Mayor reads the paper as Simone gets up to leave, "You cant foreclose on the City." He reads the paper, " As for your Open Community Project Corporation, you can shove it."

"So you want me to tell the OCP Board that you wont work with us because we would not bribe you."

"That is not What I said." The Mayor smiled, "It just operates that way. We will see you in court Mrs. Rayth."

Mrs. Rayth Paused at the door, "enjoy your last term Mr. Mayor."

And Oklahoma County Court House
Last Case for the day

"You can not do this," The Court Appointed lawyer was mad.

"The Paperwork is one hundred percent in order," the unhappy Judge looked at Mr. Amos. "And you sir are a very evil man. You cant just shut down this town because we wont do what you want. "

"Mr. Freeze is the Criminal not me. He has Refused to allow Mia to see her kids for two years per the divorce decree. You laughed at us last time she filed something. GOB's." He turns to the crowd in the court room, "The court ignored my pleas for justice and mercy."

"Thats Extortion."

One of the lawyers for Mr. Amos intervened, "It is not extortion. Mr. Amos just doesnt feel safe allowing his drivers to bring supplies here. He feels you are corrupt and might kill his drivers. So for insurance purposes, no."

One of the People in the court spoke, "How does that justify the closing of the Refinery, the Mills and various stores.Even shutting down the water that goes to our facets."

"Mr. Amos just doesnt feel due to the corruption of the local judicial system, he can insure none of your will be harmed." The lawyer turns towards the Judge, "Unless your honor is about to provide proof that the Judicial system is not broken."

A very angry judge looks out at the crowd, "You know their is a moral price for this right."

"Your honor. Do I get my kids back or not," Mia had a very cold look in her eyes?

"Yes, your kids go with you. May god have mercy on our souls," The judge banged his gavel. He solemnly got up and left the bench.

"So do we go back to work now?"

"We might be hiring. It depends on if Mr. Freeze appeals or not."

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 12:16 PM

October 9, 2014
White House- Oval Office

"You did what," The President very angrily asked?

"Mr. President First off, Mr. Amos refused to be patted down by the Secret Service and it went downhill from there.." The Aide spoke very clearly, "Then he was dressed like white trash. Torn jeans, scuffed boots, and A t-shirt that said dont blame me I voted for myself. The nerve of some people," The white lady rolled her eyes.

The head Secret Service Agent whispered into the Presidents ear, "He refused to change clothes. He said she could explain why a voter was not welcomed in the white house," The agent looks at the aide.

"Do you have any clue as to what you have done? When the Market opened today, Mr. Amos had made another 53 billion dollars. It means he may now think the Democratic Party does not like him. With over a hundred billion in cash he can put into any election he wants." The President turns to another aide, "I want to know where he is at right now." Coldly he turns back to the other aide, "Your fired, get out."


Washington, DC

"Yes Dear. I just walked out and told them to go to hell," Clark smiles. "They were rude. Will you let Simone know the Details?"

The nervous waitress brought Mr. Amos's food.

"The waitress just brought me my food." Pausing from the response to the other, "Love you too." Amos blows a kiss to the phone and hangs up.

"So are you that rich guy," The young waitress ask?

"Not it seems on days that end in Y," Clark smiles. "Honey, I tip good. Unlike most of these people you see here I am loyal to my girlfriend. You are very tempting my dear. In my younger days The great hunt would have been on. Out of the love I feel for my girlfriend, I have to say thank you for making a 35 year old man feel better."

She blushes, "So why are you upset? I mean, your like one of the richest men in America Right now."

"I was just insulted at the white house by one of the Staffers," Clark Amos shook his head. "Now it is your turn. You seem pretty competent, why the hell did you end up in this corrupt city."

"I had studied law. I did my internship here in DC. I meet this man who was a congressional staffer. He was married.." She looks down, " I got pregnant and his wife found out. I dropped out of law school. I have been here since. They just started cutting hours."

Her manager comes up with a huge smile, " Excuse me, Helga." He whispers something in her ear, "You do have to take care of other.."

"Your not excused, you little prick." Clark looked at the manager, "Wipe that shocked look off your face. I have watched you berate your employees. If that hispanic guy that is three heads taller then you ganks you I swear to god I will tell the police you tripped and fell. Then you did that little gay , 'lets bus tables as a Team,' thing. Yet you only watched. " Pointing to his glass of sweet tea, "You walked by my table three times, while my drink sat unfilled."

"Sir, I am sorry you find," The Assistant manager was interrupted.

"Did I ask you for your excuses? Let me make this clear. See that police officer watching us." Amos points to the Officer who is eyeing the situation. "I do not want you near my table. Do not walk with in three feet of me. Do not talk to the people when they get my refills."

The Manager got an angry look on his face, "I understand your upset. "

"What is your bosses phone number," Amos looks at Helga. "Helga dear would you go get me the phone number." She freezes at the request, "It is ok honey he wont have a job in the morning."

The Assistant manger frowns, "Mr. Amos your causing a scene."

"Not yet.. I am about to offer a grand to the man who takes you out to the parking lot and beats the ever loving crap out of you. And an extra thousand if they can hospitalize you leaving no bruises." Clark looks the manager right in the eye.

"I am going to have to ask you to leave now," The berated manager asked.

"First off I have not ate my meal. And you did not bring me my check to pay the bill. " Mr. Amos pulls out three one hundred dollar bills, "Here you go Helga. The tip is in cash and is just for you."

"Bring the man his check and a to go box." The Assistant reaches down and picks up the tip money Mr. Amos had left on the table.

Clark bangs the managers hand on the table with his fist. The whole restaurant jumps when the hear the sound of finger bones breaking. "You Damn thief. That money is NOT yours."

The Officer gets up and walks over..

Tears are coming from the Assisstant Managers eyes, "Officer. Your a witness.. You saw that."

"I did," reading the name tag. "Jeffery is it. Well If you want to press charges go ahead. I will be forced to take you in as well."

"For what," as the pain from his hand is obvious.

"You just tried to steal her tip. Just so you know, My mother was a waitress." the cop was not happy.

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 01:48 PM

Ten minutes later

"She is fired you hear me," The Police officer put the hand cuffed man in the back of his car.

Clark Amos watched from inside, "Coudn't of happened to a nicer Fella. Should never have touched the LEO."

One of the other associates walked up, "Thank you so much. I was tempted sir, to gank him." The big Tattoed Hispanic guy shook Amos's hand.

"No problem Alex. I hate bosses like that. They ruin good businesses because they are morons."

An older white man walked up behind Alex, "Mr. Amos."

"Mr. President," Clark smiled and stood. As he shook the mans hand, "So they dragged you out here."

"Mind if I join you," The former President asked?

Looking at an awed Helga, "I recommend the Breakfast Appetizer, sir. The cook managed to get the ham just right. Helga add two biscuits to it so Clinton can make a ham biscuit out of it."

"How.. How would you like your eggs," Helga stumbled out.

"I am a ve," Seeing the look on Amos's face. "Over hard. You know Hillary is going to kill me for breaking my diet."

"To drink," Helga asked..

The Secret Service Agent whispered to the former President, " Tell the DC police Department Mr. Amos will stop by in the morning."

"Hang on a second Bill." Clark puts his hands up," Helga I am flying blind against a pro here. Have a seat.."

"I am on the clock.."

"Not anymore. I will clear it with Simone in the morning. For now, you said you have swam with the sharks here in DC."

"Yes Mr. Amos," Helga gulped.

"Ten Grand cash for the consultation. Then we will discuss you being our point man here in DC. Alex take the order please."

Helga makes a decision. She pauses then takes off her Apron," Alex I quit." She turns towards the President, " As Mr. Amos's rep here in DC. Gimmie One second." She gets up and walks over to the cop the Secret Service is holding back. "Mr. Amos and President Clinton are having a friendly chat.."

Clinton smiles and shakes his head as he watches.

"Former Law Student. She bagged a staffer then got dumped. She has the ambition, good luck Bill."

Mr. Amos shook hands with the Former President who smiled as he nodded," Ought to be fun."


October 10th, 2014
Morning Shows
Spa War Command, Lunar

The Admiral was laughing as heard the news.

"..offered to support a third run for the white house." Alex smiled as he talked with the news crew, "They spent the large part of the night discussing the future of America."

"So he offered to back a third Clinton Run at the white house," The Conservative News Commentator was not happy looking. "What about hillary?"

"Nope, Mr. Amos was quite clear the offer was for Bill Clinton Alone. He said his mother would not support him giving any money to her. He said his mother was upset she quit instead of fight for the nomination."

"What did they discuss about fixing the Nation," The Commentator had worried look on his face.

"Well he asked bill to keep his D$%^ in his pants this time. Focus on getting water to the Farmers in the South and South west. Getting the education system running again. And something they wrote on paper. A plan to balance the Budget. The two of them spent three hours straight writing it down on paper and no one could see what they were writing."

The Admiral paused the Feeds, "What are you up to Mr. Amos."

"Sir," an officer interrupted.

"What is it?"

"Admiral, " the Officer spoke. "The first set of money has arrived."

"How much," The Admiral asked..

"A hundred and fifty million Admiral," the officer grinned. "It is earlier then we expected. Our guy is funneling it now."

"Anything else," The Admiral asked.

"Well sir the Psych Report did come back." The Officer Grimaced, "The Girl Friend is indeed.."

"Crap," the Admiral brought up the file. "Please tell me he has no clue still."

"None sir," The officer just looked forward with his mouth closed.


Capitol Building
Washington DC
Later in the day

"All of DC is Abuzz Mr. Speaker," the Aide spoke. "Rumor has it Ole Bill never said he wouldnt. He hasn't even reported back to the White house."

The Speaker Drummed his fingers on his Desk, "Get me that Texas Bastard's Representative in here now."

"Sir, that is not going to be possible. We have another Problem."Mr. Amos is having a lunch with several of the Key members of several committee's. From both sides of the house and senate isles."

Growling, "Who does that little bas@#$% think he is? He left us out of the Lunch."

"Mr. Speaker it is being hosted by Florida and Texas members of Congress." He winced, "From what a few peons have said he joked that he DID bring his check book. A former Waitress from IHOP is at his side maneuvering him to the right people. And they are passing Clinton's Name around as a Democrat they can work with."

"Who is not there," the worried speaker asked?

A frown crossed the aides face, "Our allies."


"Sir we have been isolated. We may need to prep for a run on the Speakership."

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 09:22 PM

Celebrity blitz

"..she what," the host was shocked.

A sandy haired pretty boy responded, "His girl friend was sleeping with a neighbor. He came back early from DC and surprised her."


"Stupid. Did Clark kick her out?" The host looked at the reporter, "I mean we all know what he did in Oklahoma.."

"He actually is letting her keep the house from what sources say. He drove his old car to the Four Seasons in DFW. He was quickly given a room by management."

One of the females spoke up, "Let me get this straight. The Richest man in Texas and may be America is single and he let her keep the house for her kids. I think I need to take some sick days. "

"No you may not have time off to go to Texas," The host laughed.

Lunar Facility

"We got her to cheat." The old Admiral just shook his head, "Their better not be a single record on this."

The aide grimaced as he looked at the disappointed look on Amos's face, "I thought we were the good guys Admiral. Psychotronic equipment use to get a female to.." The Aide just shook his head, "Sir. I am going to take some time.."

"You will stay at your post sailor. Then when this shift is done we are BOTH going to the bar. I am ordering you to out drink me." The Admiral shakes his head, "God D#$% it. I like this less then you do. However it was necessary. With out the money involved, none of this would have been necessary. .. " He looks at Clark Amos's face, "You had to make a fortune. It is only a matter of time now till they figure out what we did.."

"And if he starts asking questions?"

"Head for the hills. I do not think we would be safe up here."

Washington DC
Hidden headquarters

"F#$%ing Morons," The old man shook his head. "They used it against him. Do they not know what they have done," The old mans tongue slipped out and back in?

"Elder, why should we be concerned," The younger man spoke.

"It is not on your need to know. Suffice it to say the Navy Forces have made the first move. " The old man stared at the graphic display in front of him, "Hairless apes.."

"Sir, this gives us an opportunity. If the rumors are true.."

The old man turned as his eyes returned to normal. Looking at the younger man, "What are the rumors?"

He brings up the files on Amos, "It says here that his family were all part of us."

"Go on," the old man eyed the younger one.

"Well we've have been observing Mr. Amos a little bit closer. It appears that this is not the same low level blood line that he should be." The younger man looked at the older man, "These reading seem to indicate a much older convergence and quite frankly powerful blood line."

The old man paused and looked at the younger one.. "Yes we have sensed the same thing young one. It happened at the Events in DC. It took us a little bit of time to realize it, but everyone of our people became subordinate to him. On a sub-concious level we purer ones can sense the blood line."

"We could send in one of our females. I am sure they would all want to ," The younger man paused.

"Let me consult with the females of Elder status. They can do this much better then you can. However, do send our people to the Clubs in DFW for now. We might as well also have something in place."


Four Season's
lobby/ slash check in

"Mr. Amos has requested not see you personally," The Manager on duty professionally spoke.

With tears in her eyes," God d#$% it. I just.. It happened. He cant just ignore me!"

Simone walks up, "Mia. Please do not make a scene."

"Oh so now your best friends with Clark. You traitor," Mia spoke through the tears.

Simone waved off the Security, "Damn it Mia. You want to do this now. Fine." Simone pulls her aside, "You almost cost me my Job with that stupid stunt. Sleeping with a neighbor who doesnt even have a penny to his name."

"It.. I do not know what happened one moment I was just.. " Mia fought off tears..

"Luckily for me your Boyfriend hired me because of my work experience. Clark told me that he hoped I would not quit. Apparently I was hired to do this job because I am competent." Simone takes a deep breath, " Mia he is not going to forgive you or take you back. Your best bet is to go home and take care of your girls. Clark is still sending them to private school."

The tears just fall. Simone walks Mia over to a chair and sits her down.

"It just happened.. One minute we were outside talking the next we were in bed.. I dont even find the neighbor attractive. I .. I never meant to hurt Clark," Mia's tears fell.

Unobserved by Mia and everyone else, Simone's eyes changed for half a second.

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