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Lesson for your Soul.

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posted on Aug, 8 2013 @ 06:49 PM
Do you believe in a soul? Do you believe in either Incarnation or Re-Incarnation?
What if the earth was a school where life itself was the lesson.
What if your soul continues on from this life into the next with experience and education before either the afterlife or the next life begins?

so i propose to you that earth is a school, where bad things happen to us like war, and torture, and slavery
and good things like love and unity are all apart of the lesson plan?

What if all of the bad things that happen to us are manipulated for esoteric spiritual reasons?
As in, hardship happening to us in this life make us stronger in the next life.
What if there were secret societies that followed a religion similair to this; even worse what if the World's religions are infiltrated and dominated at higher levels by similar theology?

image how tough you would be after being tortured to death or something like that.

what do you think? Is earth a school for our souls to ready us for the next existence or is that just an esoteric excuse for for those who commit evil?


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