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Mysterious Shadow Person Lets Dog Into My Room

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posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 07:04 PM
A couple of weeks ago a very strange incident happened. I was fast asleep but found myself waking up suddenly for some reason some time after 4:30am. About a minute later, I hear 2 pairs of footsteps coming up the stairs (everyone is thought to be asleep) and then my door opens. My dog comes into my room and immediately jumps onto my bed. After she jumped on my bed (I was sleeping under just a blanket due to the heat), she started to "dig" at the bed and after I lifted the blanket to let her underneath with me, she immediately laid down next to my side. I stared at the doorway and saw a shadow just standing there. It was strange because the shadow was actually a little taller than my doorway (no one in my family is that tall!). While the dog was approaching my bed, I started to hear a really strange ringing in my ears. I even kept getting a series of strange images in my head while I was hearing this ringing and also while I was looking at this shadow figure (like the cover image for the YT video below). I got this odd feeling that this person was watching me and my dog for a minute, as though they were happy to see how we interacted. After I looked away for a moment and looked back at the doorway, the shadow was gone (didn't hear any footsteps going to the other bedrooms). I looked at the time and it was 4:34 (adds up to 11 in numerology ha ha).

Some things to consider
* Being the type of person I generally am, I tried to rationalize things by saying it was probably my dad or someone who decided to let my dog in the room. My dog apparently left the room around 6:30 because my brother and his friend woke up early as they were going to another city that day. I asked my parents and my brother if they let my dog Sophia into my room earlier that morning. All of them said no. None of my family members are the type who would "play along" and try to cause mischief by trying to freak me out in such a way. Also, no one in my family is above 6'.

* Sometimes my dog will sleep downstairs as there is a dog bed downstairs in the family room. If she wants to come into my room and the door is shut, she will scratch at the door. When she does come into my room, she generally walks around the room sniffing or otherwise "explores" before choosing to either go onto my bed or sleeps in this giant round chair I have in one corner of my room. After she gets on my bed, if she wants to come underneath the covers, she typically uses her muzzle to lift up the blanket(s) and then goes under. Never has she actually "dug" at my bed just to get underneath the cover(s), which I found to be quite odd. I believe my dog was acting the way she did that whole time because she was creeped out or something by whoever she was walking besides (perhaps was being "manipulated"?). She didn't bark or anything but at the same time seemed to have wanted to be by me pretty badly.
Also, I did go to bed that night feeling blue I'll admit. Whenever my dog comes into my room or something, she doesn't fail to cheer me up

* If my brother decides to have the dog sleep in his room, he keeps her for the night. It would be rather odd for him to "drop" her off in my room for a couple hours only to come back for her again (has never done that before). Generally my parents take the dog to their room to sleep although if they want her in my room instead, they will ask me beforehand (not just put her in there out of the blue). My parents were quite creeped out when I asked them and told them that my brother also said he didn't let her in my room (became concerned and began to question if someone broke into our house). However, nothing was stolen and there seemed to be no sign of forced entry, which was also quite odd.

What do you guys think of this story? No I don't care to make up such stories for attention or anything of the sort. I have had strange experiences happen to me my whole life but not quite like this (no actual physical contact of entities like this before). Whoever this entity was, I believed them to actually be more benevolent than malevolent. I wonder if it's possible this entity was aware I perhaps "needed" her and decided to help me out by bringing her into my room randomly?
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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:14 AM
yea that does sound weird!

i can always tell when my dog is not acting right.
burning sage does work with little effort you dont have to go around saying prayers or anything ,but it doesnt hurt anything either, just burn it and go through the entire house even corners closets,etc and pay special attention to doorways and windows
if you havent seen this thread its a good one for sure! >Shadow People
thanks for sharing
I wish u the best of luck!

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 10:15 AM
reply to post by paradiselost333

The weird thing is that I actually believed this particular individual to be benevolent. My dog wasn't panicked so to speak or anything (would've growled or something) and as I said, they gave off a positive vibe when they were standing there watching me and my dog. Of course, there is always that odd feeling of being watched that gives people the goosebumps but they seemed to feel rather happy when they were watching me and my dog interact. I will keep your tips in mind however for other individuals that may not be so good. I feel like this particular individual has been watching over me for years now....

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 11:03 AM
Interesting account. Yes believe this kind of thing happens, and unless a person is violent and threatening, or putting bad thoughts in our head, the default should always be to be Love and Compassion with everyone.

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I agree with what you said Unity. I think that a lot of the fear towards say shadow people (or even reptilian amphibian extraterrestrials if you believe in such) is due to their appearance. Sure there are negative individuals of every group but I do think a lot of fear towards other dimensional entities is bc of their appearance (which given can be rather mysterious and thus intimidating).

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 04:14 PM
I had another encounter sort of similar to this. I was staying the night at my parents' friends house one night due to alcohol consumption and not being able to drive (dad wasn't in the condition to drive either). Long story short, something horrible almost happened to me (sexual assault to tell you the truth) one night because of some a-hole who can't take no for an answer. I felt very fearful on this night (4th of July weekend) and said something funny. I said "aliens.... abduct me.... kidnappers, kidnap me. I don't care, god just get me out of here". I heard a voice speak to me saying "we can't really do that, as it is too risky [not 100% sure why it was "risky" to get me out of there]. You're not in the condition to go anywhere and you're not in the condition to move around either. However, we will watch over you to make sure that man does not hurt you." Sure enough, a few minutes later I again heard that ringing in my ears and ended up seeing a shadow figure in front of the closet in the room I was staying in. I again had those kinds of images popping up in my mind (like the image for that YT video I posted above anyways). I had that weird feeling anyone would get over feeling watched and such but I felt a strong sense of relief and comfort at the same time.

The next morning, the people's dogs went into the room I was staying in making me be the first and only person they went to wake up that morning. I woke up to the dogs scratching the door multiple times for me to wake up. There were other individuals in this house staying here those dogs have known for longer yet I am the only person they went to wake up this morning (have met the dogs only a few times over the course of the last few months). Another puzzling part of this is that the dogs had been asleep for a little bit before I actually went to bed this night, which makes me wonder how they knew I was in that room specifically. I think that this individual may have had some "influence" over those dogs as well but not to the level they did with my dog described in the incident in my OP.

I definitely have been feeling like this individual has been watching over me for years now. I have been seeing "shadow people" so to speak for the last however many years (am 22 and have been seeing them since I was like.... 5-7 years of age I want to say). Just recently is when this individual started to show more involvement in my life. I'm coming to the conclusion that whoever this entity is, they are quite benevolent towards me and are here to look out for me.

posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 11:33 AM
Sounds like you do have a shadow showing interest in you. The one at my place terrifies my dog at night and she behaves the same as yours for the most part, seeking shelter with someone she feels safe near, often hopping onto my bed and whimpering (they are often jarred awake and attacked at night while you sleep as they make very easy targets to harvest fear from).

It sounds like the one at your place may have come off as curious but I would take that encounter with a grain of salt. I feel that there exists a very thin line between them being curious and seeing you as a sleeping meal. I've only heard of interactions with shadows where they were either extremely negative or displayed an complete disregard or indifference towards the individual involved. Both tie in to a hunter-prey relationship in my mind making it seem that they were always either caught feeding on their prey or sizing us up to see whether the prey was worth the trouble/effort that may come with an attempted attack.

I'd be very careful about opening yourself up to it any further than you already have. The loud/obnoxious ringing I experience all the time, mostly when it is desperate for my attention. I've found that 'mine' has to be quite well 'fed' and bolstered/pissed before it sits atop me and sends it's thoughts/images into my head. I'm not sure what it is like for you but it isn't a very pleasant experience for me to say the least. All of the images and thoughts are very negative and grotesque, evil even.

Regardless, it sounds like you've got yourself a stronger shadow tailing you. I'd be very careful with how you interact with it and what energy, if any, you send its way. They are for the most part a lot more intelligent than they let on, capable of reading your deepest desires like a book, and entirely merciless. I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear that it was trying to make itself feel friendly/approachable/harmless/curious to you for a number of weeks/months until one night it attacks you viciously.

I am writing based on my own experiences and hope that you never have to go through a shadow attack, let alone one as terrifying as mine. It never hurts to expect the worst and hope for the best, I wish you the best of luck

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Hmm you gave some interesting points for me to consider. I'm curious as to what makes you say they are a stronger shadow. They also showed me snippets of random memories of my own as well as the image shown above, which makes me believe they were trying to show me they have been watching over me for some time now. I will of course be open to the possibility that they're not as benevolent as they come off as, yet I am more inclined to believe they are in fact a more benevolent shadow (would imagine they would've done something to scare me or harm me by now). I have encountered some scarier shadows (nothing too serious happened but nonetheless some creepy things happened while I was in high school) as well I'll admit although I find that many shadows I see are actually somewhat shy seeming and kinda just mind their own business quite honestly.

I actually sent in this story in less words on the "official" shadow people archives website that's been in operation since like 1997. They posted it and gave me their personal thoughts through some email exchanges. They seem convinced this individual was conducting some kind of study on me? Not really sure what that could mean. Thanks for your post

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