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Powerful & Disturbing Child Abuse in 2013 - Update & Aims

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posted on Aug, 5 2013 @ 05:02 AM
Child Abuse is a serious Social Issue so I have moved to a new forum but anyone who has not seen my first thread will still get a decent picture of what I have achieved so far.

Thank you to the thousands of people who have viewed the video clips and read through the various threads that have shared information relative to my story. This thread is to provide an update and share my aims - I hope that you will share my aims.

No one makes these journeys completely on their own and I am certainly not alone now that I am on the worldwideweb. I appreciate the feedback and support more than words could ever express.

1. Federal Court

I have made it to the Federal Court of Australia and managed to pique the interest of the Judge. I had only supplied the minimum requirement with regards to information necessary to have my application be awarded a hearing. I had no belief in the legal system and did not know what to expect. Luckily the paperwork I supplied was enough to gain a Directions Hearing. The Directions Hearing was concise and the Judge was not satisfied that there was no case to answer and I have progressed to an Interlocutory Hearing on 20th March 2014. The Judge has reserved two days. The venue is the same as before - Human Rights Court - 80 William Street, Sydney. NSW. Australia.

I had hoped that I would be connected to the pro bono (for free) barrister system that operates from the Federal Court but I was not to be offered that option. I exhausted all my avenues trying to engage the services of a licenced legal practitioner and so I remain unrepresented - that is where the worldwideweb audience can assist me. My aim is to go viral so that when I am in court - I am merely a person with a conscience who is representative of all the people around the globe who want Children to be better protected from all abuse, in particular the abuse of paedophiles and predators.

For the moment it is legal paperwork processes. I am about to send off my Statement of Claim, this is the document that sets the scene and then I will collate all my evidence - of which I have plenty. An identity free copy of my first draft book/recount has been uploaded to - in the section Media select Documents and the title is the same as this thread minus the Update & Aims.

By reading the document you will get a very good idea of what I have endured as a Mandatory Reporter. I have heard the same and similar from others. My aim is to utilise the court hearing to air my account and explore my evidence. The outcome I want is to change/update/amend the current Mandatory Reporting legislation. At present, from my perspective the current Mandatory Reporting legislation does not protect the person reporting and as such natural justice and logic dictate it is not protecting any Child. When I made the reports there were Children At Risk of Harm and I have continued because from my perspective there are Children who are still At Risk of Harm. I cannot walk away from Children - if this directly involved your child you would not want me to walk away.

2. Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

I have received the second of two responses from the Royal Commission administrative staff. The second letter was dated 15th July 2013. I cannot overstep legal boundaries of confidentiality but know that the information spans at least 35 years. I am very concerned at the lack of publicity concerning Child Abuse and my aim is utilise this opportunity to ensure the Commissioners enable their positions of authority to ensure sensitive information is thoroughly investigated by the appropriate authorities.My aim is to ensure they commit to actions that will protect Children and not just apply their penmanship to reports- nothing more than pieces of paper. We all know that pieces of paper are no good unless immediate and responsible action accompanies the paperwork.

I hope you will support me here as it is impossible for me to share sensitive information without damaging all the work I have completed - just to get this far. Again I would urge you to read the identity free first draft of my book/recount so that you can gain a better understanding of what I have endured. I have put the Children first at every step of this journey/ordeal and until they have received justice I will continue - hopefully now with the support of a global community.

The Royal Commission correspondence stated it may be several months before they personally address my sensitive information, there was no date given. Please know that a first draft copy of my book/recount has been sent to them and separately the sensitive Mandatory Report information.


This may seem unrelated - but just trust me - this section of my unique and untenable situation is related. Essentially I have not accepted a small compensation - which was so small that when taxed by the Government and then Social Security payments extracted - could have very well left me with nothing. I opted to have a hearing and at least I have union appointed representation in this situation.

There has already been one telephone conciliation - which will make for an interesting chapter that is yet to be written. Let's just say that the Arbitrator has convened a second telephone conciliation - to ensure the "omitted" paperwork will be "available" by the time we are engaging in a second telephone conciliation. Join the dots on that one people! I have elected to have a hearing, where my aim is to show all the evidence I have kept along this journey/ordeal that is directly relevant to this situation. The hearing has been convened for 19th December 2013.

So there you have it people - update and aims. I will make another short video when I am stronger. My health has suffered and at times I am extremely fatigued. I will make another video as an update when I can present myself as much healthier. Thank you again for the support - for the personal emails and contacts and suggestions - it is all extremely important to me and to the actual aims.

I will follow up on every name, legal firm, Child Abuse Advocate and suggestion that has been directed to me. Please make this story viral so that when I enter Federal Court - The Royal Commission and the WorkCover Hearing we will all be there expecting change - for the Children - Your Children. Help this story become viral - Child Abuse should be front and centre in the media. Human beings are the only living sentient lifeform on this earth that have the scourge called Child Sexual Abuse - it is 2013 - it is time we protected the Children. We can do this - together. You either stand with me or you stand against me. Please stand with me.

Much Peace - Amanda

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posted on Aug, 5 2013 @ 07:50 AM
Hi Amanda5,
Big fan of you and your work in helping to save the children.

Thanks for the updated new thread with a similar name to your first thread - heavy and important info for all, in both.

To the ATS intellects who get it:
This woman needs support - legal advice, moral support, and hopefully people to accompany her to her legal proceedings.

The people who are working to protect the vulnerable of this world need all the help they can get.
Check out her videos. Child abuse is a world-wide problem. She saw abuse against children and she's been fighting for them ever since.

The challenges she's received from the ones who we think would be the ones most interested in putting a stop to it, adds to the level of crimes against the children, and against humanity.

All the best Amanda!
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posted on Aug, 6 2013 @ 04:27 AM
You go girl! Wars on three fronts, no wonder you are exhausted! I so admire how you are handling all this, I can only imagine the pain and suffering you have endured, the long nights feeling alone. How strong you are!

The issue of child predation needs voices like yours and the light your case will shed on all aspects of it, from the abuse, to the way it is covered up and discounted by those who should be the ones screaming the loudest. The loss of innocence is immeasurable and the damage done to the child something that lasts a lifetime and affects basic perceptions of power, love, sexuality and on and on it goes. I do not think the majority understand how much damage is done and how it stains the life of the victim.

We have only to look to Pennsylvania and the Vatican to see how the system supports and protects the predator for those who might still doubt your story. Time and time again we are finding that people knew, and did nothing to help the helpless.

To be the lone voice crying in the wilderness, is so very very hard, I am glad to know are there and will not stop. Fight on friend.

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