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My Dream of Destruction(Sort of)

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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 12:44 AM
So today I was taking a nap and I have the strangest dream I have ever had. I don't ever remember dreaming of stuff like this so when I woke up I typed what I remembered in a Note on my phone. So here is what I wrote from what I remembered.

"++++ed up dream 8-3-13

In what seams like a mall, but with houses and a food court outside. Maybe I was outside. Someone pulls up and blocks off one end of the area with a vehicle and they get out with guns. So we run the other way. Just as I'm getting into the first door I hear what sounds like someone yell "EMP" behind me I look. Something is rolling so I drop to the ground the windows shatter behind me and the ones in front crack. I get up and am running. I see someone open the first door and yell close it so I keep running behind him. He goes to the next door it's locked. I'm running full speed and I look to my left and see someone about to start shooting at me and I think should I run through the glass. Then I wake up."

So that is my dream. Very weird to me. The EMP thing in grenade form sticks out the most and was freaky.

Also would like to add I keep thinking I was in Minnesota someplace. Not sure where when I think about the dream.

edit on 4-8-2013 by ExCloud because: add where I think it was.

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