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America - Stand Up!

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 02:08 PM
( Note to Mods: I was uncertain where to place this. Please feel free to move it an appropiate section if need be. )

At no other time in history has it become more important than now for the American people to wake up and speak out against the tyranny that is being imposed upon us here in the United States.

There has been scandal after scandal, NSA leak after NSA leak Yet, America is barely making a moan or whimper about it. Be it apathy or fear, now is the time to come together as one Nation with one voice.

As one Nation, the American people need to send a clear and resounding message to Washington. Regardless of legalese wrangling and laws the Constitution and the protections therein remain the ultimate Rule of Law in America.

Fear is a tool. A tool that can be used to control and dominate. Likewise, fear can also be a tool used for protection and change. The fear felt today is only a fraction of the fear and guilt that will be felt in the future when America falls to its' knees as a total Totalitarian State.

It can only be through personal responsibility and a refusal to be intimidated by fear or terror that America can change the course our Nation has been set upon. This is called Patriotism. The same Patriotism with even greater fear and risk that many an American has fought and died for.

Do not underestimate the voice of the People as one Nation. It is “By The People, For the People” our great Nation was founded upon and this principle remains even to this day. To effect change within our government not one, … not a few... but many MUST speak out.

The message must be non-violent/non-threating with clear and absolute disapproval for the actions taken by Washington D.C. against the citizens of the United States. Americans have the power to stop the warrantless NSA surveillance against our Nation – but it will require a voice from the People not heard from in a long time.

Before you pass judgment on what has been said here...I invite you to reflect upon what it means to be an American. Envision the world you want your children and grand-children to grow up in. Last but not least, … the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many to protect and preserve your Rights to not only read what has been said here.....but your Right to speak out as well.

Together we can effect change!

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by miner49r

I'm not American, but well said!

The same can be said for Canada/UK and many other places as well. It seems people I speak to and hear from all have that "what can I do?" or "nothing will change." attitude and it pisses me off.
Far too many forget that WE are the ones with the true power, the masses.

It's like rules no longer apply anymore. Our leaders lie right to our faces on TV, they never face any consequences for their corrupt actions, the media covers for them by not reporting as much of it as possible, they rape, pillage, and sell of our countries in the name of free trade and national advancement, bow to the all mighty dollar of the corporations by making laws to protect them, tax and fee us for every red cent they can, poison our environment, food, medicine, etc... blah blah blah

How much longer do we have to endure the erosion of our freedoms and privacy and overall well being before people snap? WTF is it gong to take before people have had enough?
Personally, I had enough long ago and I just can't seem to understand why everyone else hasn't yet. are they all brainwashed already? Too much fluoride? Trapped in the Matrix? Too busy with their iPhones and FaceBook? What is it that makes it seem as though people happily accept this s***ty world we are living in?

That's enough for now, this is supposed to be your rant, not mine and I can bitch about it all day long.

All I really have to say is that this is not the world "I" want to live in and it's certainly not the world I want my children to grow up in and I am effing pissed about it all! Sick and tired pissed!

But hey, while the world goes to hell, everyone else has the American Idol, BigBrother, Dr Phill, So you think you can dance, FaceBook, iPads, iPhones and what not to focus on right.

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by ShadowLink

High Five neighbor

I hear the same down here as well. "What can I do" or "Nothing will change". The truth is just one person alone will not change anything. A few people in a group will not change anything.

It will take the combined voice of many of thousands to bring about real change. How that collective voice is expressed can take many forms - Social Media, blogging, town hall meets, marches, ect.

The average person has been goaded into a sense of helplessness. It seems people need to be reminded and should be reminded that together as one voice we are strong - alone we are helpless.

A few years ago "Yes we can" got the world into this mess. That same voice "No you Can't" is what will be needed and required to get the world out of that mess as well.

As we have seen in Eygpt, Democracy and the voice of the people can, does, and will bring about change. At the individual level it takes a personal decision to speak out and stand for what is right.... the helplessness and fear fade away - then and only then does a person become empowered.

Welcome aboard Canada! .... It's good to have you!

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 03:38 PM
The people have spoken and they say I wonder if I can take my holiday.

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 10:56 PM

Originally posted by guidetube
The people have spoken and they say I wonder if I can take my holiday.

That may be true in part... but as a whole I still have faith in America and it's people - if they would simply wake up.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 06:15 PM
Nice speech, unfortunately, the apathy of the citizenry in this country is at epidemic proportions.

The loud voice you speak of is, at this point, unlikely.

I applaud your passion, and would also like to direct your attention to that little camera over there and tell you to say 'Cheese", as you've probably just made it onto one list or another.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by ProfessorChaos

I have come to the conclusion a long time that my name is on multiple lists probably. I really don't give a hoot about "lists".

I would rather speak out and be "listed" - than to have been silent and said nothing.

Interesting note: I did see a black suburban with tinted windows drive by the other night.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 06:33 PM
Hi everyone! I'm new here and this is my first post, so please be nice...

As a young (fresh out of college) and somewhat apathetic person in America, I'd like to ask how do you stand up? How do you get people to stand with you if hardly anyone actually listens to you? Who do I need to stand up to when there's so much corruption and people can't really agree on who are the corrupted ones and who aren't?

I know you said it pisses you off when people say "what can I do?" but... what can I do?

I do see what's going on but I, honestly, don't know what I can do about it...

(Edit to add) Somehow I feel like just signing up for this website puts you on a list.
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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by miner49r

At least you aren't on their black helicopter and unmarked cop car follow list yet.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by invisiblemanda

I spent years trying to educate people but at best you will be considered a nut; don't waste a lot of time on do-nothings. I'd recommend becoming a good Christian and prepper. Try to find a wife who is awake and not a feminist and as many awake friends as you can. Go for a government job for benefits and stability. Move into a rural area far from potential troublemakers and get some goats, rabbits, etc, and make a big garden etc. Read a lot and stay alert.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by invisiblemanda

Welcome to ATS

No... it really doesn't "Piss me off" when people as "the question"

It is a great question! - First and foremost it requires a personal decision to embrace the Constitution and all that it stands for. For me, I have chosen to speak out for Freedom and Liberty no matter the cost - it has to begin with the individual. When one says "What can I do?"... is it out of complacency?....fear?....or a generalized lack of knowing a course of action?

Complacence - It will probably be difficult to help an individual to see or understand the importance of what is happening. They have pretty much have either accepted and/or approve of what is going on. After all, "I'm not doing anything wrong"....but then again when every site they have ever visited, every tweet and post, every phone call/text/picture they have made/sent is recorded and is known.

The data is stored for retrospective review. Meaning if they ever step out of line or get in trouble (or one of their friends) the data can be used to create a profile of their life, affiliations, insights to their points of view and thoughts, ect...not to mention all those searches that they probably would not even admit to their closest friends - I hope they would pause and think.

Fear - Again this is a personal decision to take a little risk. I do say little risk because it is not against the law to oppose policy or actions taken by our government. It is not against the law to speak out for Freedom and Liberty. It is not against the law to have an opinion or belief. If I am on a "list" it is because t**y are worried I may endorse the conditions below - I don't. If my name is on a list (probably a few) I hold that as a badge of Patriotism and being a true American.

It is against the law to plan, endorse, participate, or actively seek the overthrow (coup), dissolution, or "civil war" against our government - These I do not endorse.

There are many on here who like to fear monger about lists, martial law, FEMA prison camps and round ups. While I do believe these thing are real and possible, I do not believe they are going to sprung on us any time soon - if they ever are brought into play. In the event I am wrong, then I am wrong. I will have have stood for my convictions as an American. The food may suck, the treatment may be harsh.....but I know I would be in good company with like minded Americans.

It is interesting to note that those who becry, lament, and bemourn such possible scenarios, seem to have resigned themselves to those circumstances - without even attempting to be proactive and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Course of action - There are many many things one can do. From changing their habits on-line (ie. OS/browser/search engine/cookies, ect.) to activism in a group of their choice (local/regional/political/online) . A search on-line ( ixquick ) will reveal a number of ways one can either increase their privacy and/or enable them to speak out against unconstitutional policies. Once the wheels start turning about what to do, it actually becomes easier to figure out what to do next.

What it really comes down to is how serious is the individual, and the steps they are willing to take to stand true to their convictions as an American and the extent they are willing to exercise their Right to Freedom.

(Note: Treading lightly so as to not be in violation of the TOS)

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by roberthsiddelljr

I remember when Google first came out, It was nothing more than an obscure search engine. People even back then said it was CIA spy tool.

A few years ago I nearly got laughed out of the break room when I told a co-worker that FaceBook was an NSA spy tool and database.

Guess we have been vindicated.

Thank you Mr. Snowden

The Choppers went over a couple weeks ago while I was investigating the Michael Hastings case.

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posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 12:28 AM
Thanks, that's a lot to think about

By the way, I'm female
but I do hope to find a like-minded husband. I wouldn't marry a guy who didn't agree with me on religion/politics, so I'll probably be single for a while

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