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Alien in my bedroom, ghost, spirit animal or just a dream?

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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:08 AM
Well the first instance is most likely due to being early in the morning and not ideal light conditions for a sleepy human eye to make best sense of what is going on at motoring speeds. So most likely something moved faster than its slower background in your peripheral vision (bird, tree branch, animal, bit of paper) and with so little information kicked in your automatic response to avoid something you didnt quite see (I have had this happen to me personally a few times, lived in the country, drove to work in the early hours many times)

The second is very similar to a case of sleep paralysis

These are the the simplest answers.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 05:59 PM
I hope this makes sense or some of it but don't count on it as something is constantly scrambing my brains up and derailing thought...

I've had similar experiences in the past but not so much anymore. The most demented of my experiences was being partially paralized yet turning my head a little to this create with a massive eye ball behind me and holding down my right arm which I could feel a pinching on the backside of. A short while later I punch a clock and got cut in the same place. From what I could tell it looked similar in shape to those supposed aliens that landed in Russia back in the 70s.

But anyways, from my experiences it seems like something is using some kind of mind control tech, as in something high tech mapped out the human brain and is using some tech to convey ideas to a person then have other puppeted people later suggest those thoughts to you in different ways.

Like earlier today I was sitting at a park and thought BEAR because of where I was sitting and how the statue in one meaning/perspective looks like a knife and BEAR likes horror movies. Moments later a woman and her children stood behind me and said lets go back by the bear. A few moments later I moved to a bench and was thinking of erin, where she lives in relation to constellations mapped on city streets and her 2 puppies. For the first time in a long time some people sat beside me with 2 puppies.
Its like the design of this city and the families designed to go along with the language. My sister, nicknamed the Bear by parents born 10/1 like the radio station here 101.5 silk fm later changed to 101.5 EZ rock... I don't really know how to explain it all except a being is conveying ideas and creating stories with these peoples lives that are to appear normal but have multiple meanings, secrets like the multimeaning words and such. It sounds stupid but it's a demeted truth in this place

What I'm getting at is that something is mind controlling humanity and messing around based on the way this world can be seen as many things artistically just how sounds of words sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. Like Whore/Horror or to/too/two.

What a lot of it seems to come down to in my situation is a couple lives here are being Whored and Horrored out and made to look like regular lives but there's actually a pattern to a lot of it and a lot of it is like none sense but connections in languages, names, birthdates and such exist as if proof for humanity that something is totally mind controlling humanity.

But anyways that's how I interpret some of it. Most of it seems like dumb distractions to tell a person ideas in cryptic ways. For me it started as just meaningless sleep issues like seeing shadow people, being paralized, hearing voices a f ew times then mutated into this multi meaning w arped stuff. Maybe it'll happen to you. Maybe it's some kind of high tech way of guiding people to meet one another in this high tech insulting secret meaning puppeted story reality
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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by restless genius

How interesting,I also had a pitchblack human shape appear in my room,when I was 16,maybe 17.I have Never let my feet dangle off the bed,it's always given me the creeps-like I am scare a hand will grab it

Re the black figure,I woke up+sat up wondering what woke me,then in the corner of my room I saw this foggy haze in the shape of a whirlwind or dustdervish-and it looked like there was a short person standing inside it.
But the next moment there was this approx 6ft tall pitchblack shadowbeing by my bed,right next to my bed,I could've touched it if I wanted.I tried to make out features,I was looking up as he was staring down at me,but it was too pitchblack to make out any details.We just stared at each other for what felt like a few minutes,then I felt very sleepy+tired,and I turned my back to it+went to sleep again,I even sent it a mental message to apologise for turning my back on it+going to sleep.It was still there as I fell asleep,I could feel it.One of the weirdest weird experiences of my life.
My late mother told me when I was a teen,that she'd felt like an invisible cat was walking on her bed,I remember that.
Just the other night I was drifting off to sleep listening to music on my headphones when I suddenly felt the bed shaking,first time that ever happened to me,a vibrating sort of feeling.Freaked me out a bit,from the suddenness+because it was the 1st time that happened,so I decided it was off with the headphones+went to sleep-did'nt feel it again.

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