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Stolen kiss

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posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 12:11 PM

Please snow me again

my kiss carol on the temple of your body

and I cannot change his beat in the measure of time

you ,my unconverted tale

my music lost it's rhyme

to stop in the shadow of a glamour

the only word shuddering l'amour

always watching you on struggle and groan

in an hourglass pouring your voice

like a rose loosing her petals

I will die

like the sand passing through the moments

an Angel spreading his wings covering you

below the top of a wave is hidding my spirit

my thoughts ,a flutter sins of Wings

on my forehead is drizzling another quiet winter

be my snow melting in my thought

you'll never know how much I miss

your stolen kiss

and lay your soft hand to sift the beauty of my body

too whiter colors which so much I miss

my stolen kiss

snow me with your lips touching my shoulder

find me in the darkness to be your command

a road of light where walking hand in hand

a road of love with an never never end

let just once again your soul to pass

the border of a love which never fades

please snow on me with a star

to feel you close although you are far....
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