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An Alternate Reality Using Stem Cells

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posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 03:50 PM
I thought about this conspiracy after watching State of Emergency last night. In the movie a chemical weapons storage depot fails and releases nerve agents into the surrounding community causing those effected to become zombie like, eating people, sheep, etc. The zombies still had the ability to communicate and plan more so than the idiot zombies that we usually see in the movies.

Then I started thinking about Resident Evil and how such beasts could be engineered. In reality an event like Resident Evil is not as sci-fi as you might think.

In all zombie movies the nervous system is reduced to the basic primal eat...all the time.

With scientists now able to create brains using stem cells it would be rather easy to create a brain associated with DNA that could be grown in a lab or a womb where once the life is spawned it would appear human in all respects but would in fact be a zombie sent into the world to do one thing. Feed and destroy.

Getting bit by such a creature would not transmit the disease but breeders would be created where the DNA would be spread through conception or lab growth.

I'm certain the U.S. Government would not try such a thing because of all of the sniffing about by each party to see what the other is doing to use against them....but lets say a corporation like Microsoft, Apple, McDonalds, terrorist group or some other worldwide corporation that if they got hold of such science could in fact build Hives deep underground to test and maturate their Zombie Spawn in to dominate the world.

Stem Cell research has its benefits but it also has its evil uses as well.

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 04:13 PM

Implausible scenario, to many varying disciplines coming togather with very little end pay off.

Growing a brain, and filling it with behavior are two separate things, I can build a hard drive, and pc, but I cant write my own custom OS to run it.

Hell the closes I can come is running a specialized linux that I mod, even programers balk at writing their own OS.

Now we know less about brain function and memory than we do about OS creation, extrapolate the difficulties from there.

I wont even get into getting the thing to breed.


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