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Elohim message to the Pope and Vatican regarding the Feminine Divine

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 08:30 PM
reply to post by BornOfSin

If you are helping to bring those polarized in The Light to the importance of Punishment to injustice, isn't it possible to also polarize those of The Dark to the importance of Freedom and Compassion?

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 08:52 PM
This translation is not 'made up'. You just continue to define your own ignorance to that which you are foolishly pledged without question.

You need to go and take a look for yourself before you parade yourself as correct on something you haven't even verified.



השמע דברי - SOUNDING HIS - (This is 'SOUNDING HIS' Phonetic possessive. Which DOES NOT mean 'HEARING HIS', it means; 'HIS PRONUNCIATION, INTERPRETATION, or TRANSLATION.

נבואת - PROPHECY (as linked with proceeding TRANSLATION, becomes TRANSLATED PROPHECY.)

אם - IF THE, As collective FEMININE. Meaning IF SHE.

יוסיף - AMEND/SUPPLEMENT for RESTORATION. Colloquial adjustment for modern English; DELIVERED TO.
Although this does not portray the 'full essence' of the intended IMPORTANCE of the connection, it is the simplest way of writing it correctly in English to avoid having to reword the whole sentence which would have me accused of 'MAKING UP' the translation.

עליהם - ON THEM


האלהים - NOT God; This actually means 'Authority on high', but is most conveniently translated to GOD to keep things simple for the simple people reading it.

יו - עליו - YU / YO, על - ABOUT - THE RESULT / IN RETURN. Simplified in the translation I delivered due to redundancy in English.

המכות - THE BEATING / PUNISHMENT - NOT PLAGUES, which is actually: מכות

מעיד אני בכל השמע דברי נבואת הספר הזה אם יוסיף איש עליהם יוסיף עליו האלהים את המכות הכתובות בספר הזה׃

"I confirm his translated prophecy of this book, if she's not delivered to the male God he will deliver the punishments written in this book:"


If you do not and continue to accuse me of 'Making it up', then it shows nothing but your own want; to not know what is true. Your Bible is NOTHING LIKE they tell you it is my friend. This may be a hard truth for you to accept. But pain of truth, does not stop it from being truth.

Now please, either consider the truth of things, or return to being ignorant. But do not mock my intelligence, for I am far more advanced in such things than anyone else you'll ever likely meet.

Originally posted by TinfoilTP

Originally posted by arpgme
reply to post by TinfoilTP

Ah, so he should have "FEAR" of having his own interpretation of The Bible. Well, first of all EVERYONE has their own interpretation of the bible. Whenever you read ANY sentence you have to interpret it in a way that makes sense. Second of all, it's interesting how FEAR is used to control and yet Christianity DEPENDS ON Fear in order to survive (FEAR of hell, FEAR of god, FEAR of plagues).

There are religions that survived without the need of such fears...

Originally posted by TinfoilTP
Revelation, chapter 22
18: For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

Did you read to the end?
You may want to rethink this through.

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He didn't have an "interpretation", he made up an entirely new [I]translation[/I], which takes away from and adds to what is really there. Funny how every translation into English coincides with each other and his is way off in left field.

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 08:58 PM
This is EXACTLY the point my friend. well done.

Balance is the key to our understanding.

For those of light to understand the importance of standing up for themselves and against evil, is as important as bringing the understanding of light to those of darkness.

Those of light mistakenly think they can just sit there .. and love will cure everything for them .. This is not the case ..

For this pacifies many in their existence, so that they sit; as dulled to the world as those of darkness; intoxicated by the taste of their love. That they will allow the Children of darkness to run amok.

This is as much a 'balanced' person as those in darkness.

This does not make them bad people by any stretch, for such existence is necessary to counter the immeasurable darkness upon this planet.

But the key to 'peace' on this Earth, is to bring both of them back to the middle ground.

To be balanced. For Divine happiness lies in a balance. Not in one or the other.

Knowing that we should love, but should not tolerate evil.

For the only thing necessary for evil to persist in this world, is for the good people to do nothing.

Those of light who have let go of their fear, should then have no fear in standing up against the darkness. To finally bring balance to this world.

Originally posted by arpgme
reply to post by BornOfSin

If you are helping to bring those polarized in The Light to the importance of Punishment to injustice, isn't it possible to also polarize those of The Dark to the importance of Freedom and Compassion?

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by BornOfSin
reply to post by starheart

You are looking from the limited perspective that 'life' is only that of human.

We the Elohim see ALL life as life. Not just that of human.

Therefore if the disease of humanity is endangering the greater good of all life, then we have no problem is removing such life for the greater good of this planet and its other inhabitants.

But without the Elite's misuse of the Earth, humans themselves do not destroy Earth or its life. If you notice carefully, its all the Elite's doing that Amazonian forest dissapear; its all Elite's doing that ocean gets polluted. Are common everyday people the ones that mines entire mountains just for coals when they have the choice to take solar cooker or solar cells? No, real humans (not the Elite) care about other life. So Elohim shouldn't punish normal humans. He should punish the Elite that's creating all this suffering. Yet, "Elohim" channel not to a high senator or something, he channeled a common powerless being that can't do one thing. And instead of punishing the responsible, it punish those who are innocent.

Knowing when to give gentle caress of love; and when to smite in punishment.

Punishment is all humans do against one another. A country did something bad: instead of working peacefully, the Elite "punish" it. Love is tenfold more powerful than punishment. Because punishment evoke revenge in the heart of humans. Love doesn't. It makes another form of punishment, much more awful: guilt. Knowing that even though you hurt someone, that someone still forgives you, that is the ultimate punishment: a guilty conscience.

This is a gift of Divinity that is only given to those of a mind who can understand both the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

As ctophil rightfully pointed out, Elohim do not care about duality or male/female. Only us and the Devil cares about it. Because duality creates confusion and doubts. It is excellent for conflicts and wars. The true Elohim do not care about such things. Only what they care about is love, compassion and understanding. That is why it is said that the true Elohim is neither female or male, or animal or human. It is only. So the true Elohim wouldn't kill over such a thing as the duality between male and female, because for him/them, it doesn't matter.

You think that a world of evil will be healed by only light? Think about how much love is given even now; and how quickly abused and destroyed such beauty is by its offering.

Yes, evil can be destroyed by light. Do you notice how 80% of the world now knows about the wrongdoing of the Elite? By the Elite's extreme darkness, light shines even more brightly to the suffering. When the Elite isn't giving one thought about the starving Africans, light gives them more hope. And when that light and love is destroyed, people awakens even more, and rebels even more against the darkness. Does anyone worship Hitler? He destroyed 6 millions of innocent lives to promote his beliefs. But almost everyone worship Jesus, for his sacrifice and love didn't harmed anyone. He thought only love and compassion, and when he got killed over that, people realized that the darkness had no reason to have done so.
At the end, light will always win over darkness. And the true Elohim knows that.

Justice needs be served, and lessons learned; before penance and remorse can exist.

Lessons can be learned more forcefully with light than darkness. A murderer kills an innocent girl. Does it affects him if he's sentenced to death? No. His guilt is ended rapidly. However, let him live till his dying days. On his deathbed, at 80 years old, the guilt of having killed a girl will be much more terrible to bear than having died right away after her death. That is a concept that humans doesn't understand. In the human's heart, revenge (justice, lessons) is the first thing that comes in mind; in return, more vengeance is felt by both sides, and it goes on and on and on (Jew vs Muslim wars). The same for the Devil. But it takes much more courage and will to forgive whoever done us wrong, and in return, that creates guilt, and it ends soon the fight. Or, in worst case scenario, wake people up to the horror (Hitler vs Jews). That is what the true Elohim understand.

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 09:54 AM
Number one, the problems with this planet have to do with the management team, not the people.

Number two, this planet is a creation from Beyond, that is for all the humans. Its a school for the humans. There have been numerous cycles, different models, of humans here so far. But the whole purpose is for those cycles.

Elohim as in, ETs, Angel-Ets, and Light Beings from beyond, basically, can pause, fix and unpause, earth time, in other words they can clean things up, without anyone knowing, all would have missing time. Or events can happen due to lessons and learning needed involved.

All life on earth is precious, its a living library. And nature has souls, in progression as well, at least in part. Even if we're unsure of something, whether it is a perceptional event or not, whether the backdrop is real or not, we should always by default treat all as worthy, with feelings, for that is a part of our tests as well.

But there is No Authority by Elohim to take out humans for Balance. Schools can be reset but not because of the other creatures. Due to the cyclical nature of the universe, there is a clock ticking, just as a school year starts in september and ends in June. All things are designed to upgrade, all forms of energy. And yet its all very interactive and responds to the level of consciousness where lower level gravity consciousness and immaturity, violence, harm, including the destruction of nature, can be a magnet to bring in disasters. The ION charge, the electro magnetic charge, positive or negative, light as a feather, angel wings, or heavy and dense with murder.

These are the things in the interactive test that affect outcome in huge events. But as much as they are cheating, and they are. A very small group of very misguided beings are pumping a lot of negativity into the grid of this planet AND the collective consciousness of this planet, in terms of sacrifice of human, nature, ocean, air and soil, earth stability even, and in terms of socio economic situations for most people and war, and this scarsity system and keeping everyone in stress, divided and hostile/angry/tense with each other, overboarded with stimuli of those in need so people shut it out to survive, not because they want to.

These actions are to tip the balance into the negative, because the system is set up interactive AI. Its like a game of Spore. The dark side was AI, a program running, and it got some really distorted followers.

Well, its fine to think Cheaters can prosper. In some ways they might because part of the tests is waking up a bit, and part of the tests is giving permissions by refusing to look at the mess and thus endorsing by inaction this small group.

However, the AI school has real Creators/Designers/Programmers/Parents/Family who are here fixing things up, cleaning things up and giving miracles all the time.

It just takes small efforts to get their attention and bring in some serious help. Continual turns towards wanting to help starts to bring opportunities to help and help is there.

If any bad event occurs, its a learning opportunity, to pull humanity together to help one another. Not because they want this to be done. I was told that part is in our hands.

If and when any event happens here, the school gets reformed and another human is readied. There are infinite souls in the infinite testing grounds.....It takes infinity to progress them....

And again, this school was made for human. They don't get taken out for the other animals. The other animals, like it or not, despite the need to be humane, are here for the human.
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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 10:07 AM
Again this is an actual school for the human, its a hard test. Human is coded 50/50, with positive dna towards love and health and gifts that can help others and negative dna, ie anger, retaliation impulses, and lower primitive. Higher Mind and Lower Mind. Striving to be conscious during the moments to choose how to respond, pause and gain control of self, or being on auto and reacting with ai body suit, (is shrinking consciousness).

This testing ground is the one that determines progression, going to better levels.

By achieving Higher Mind.

If for example, they actually picked up a dwarf star coming in, the best protection , would be equalize and start feeding the poor. Even before wars, that is the number one CRIME of this planet, even before nature, that is the number 1 Crime. Then wars and nature. Give to one another, sidestep all Idols, ie politics and religions are idols, all false beliefs, and do the We're a Family, and should mothers and children be Ok and together, should the elderly be comfortable, should disabled, should anyone be forced to work for another, or should they all have food /homes and be free and choose, in and around their young children and health and abilties what to do.

There are ABC's. Things that are natural. Only when all things are met can people talk about opinions and politics, freely without dictators over their heads.

ABCs adn 123s. Putting the right things first, but in freedom. No tryanny allowed at the top. Councils of grass roots citizens.

People need to do things, in the current system, work around what is here to flex their muscles and help each other, and not abuse nature, but find ethical solutions.

As they change inside, the outer changes. So its the micro/macro. They need to start on the micro and extend out.

But I see people in large numbers caring about the environment and nature, though the corporations don't, loving their children, walking them to school in the rain day by day, even when they are old enough to walk in a group of kids, but still somewhat at risk in my mind. I see people constantly making sacrifices for their families.

What I don't see is people having alot of extra time to do the change the world. Because you can't have your family in the street, or your kids unattended. And we can't split into 2 or 3 people, while one goes out and gets things going.

Most people are overburdened to the extreme.

And that is why, mitigating circumstances on this slave planet, the way this school is run, changes the whole game and balance.

That small group is not going to cheat this time. They don't win any prizes for doing this to the world or enslaving the people.

If there needs to be a cleanup, it will be them cleaned up, them blue beamed up, the school righted for people to learn in a more advanced and equal system, making up for the abuse of this one.

The irony is the ones doing it, aren't even human, yet transfer their mismanagement to the humans. He did it, not me. They can hisss somewhere else.

Reptilian CNBC's Joe Kernen "snake hisses"at Dennis Gartman during discussion 7/26/2013 7:25am

I'm tired of seeing what is running this and stirring up sides, what?? hoping we'll respond. lets see you worked at minimum wage and your kids hung out with others playing video games and learning no values, til you got home exhausted to heat up some GMO, and now you can curl up with the younger ones for a mintue and watch tv, or maybe you could put them back with a sitter and protest. HMMM....Free will NOT!!!!
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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 10:24 AM
Blue beam the mismanagers up, free the slaves who don't have the ability to spend a little extra on freeing the world, it doesnt fit into their slave schedules, and then see if they can make good choices and really grow and learn. They need to be freed first from slavery. The crime of earth is slavery. And poverty, war, enviro destruction by a crowd that hisses and then undulates like a snake. I've seen cops do that, slinking off my doorstep by the way. After being told they work for the majority citizen, women and children and their safety and what correct procedures would be to get rid of the black market stuff. They need a big timeout.
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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 11:03 AM
Here is the joke with the school. They keep prodding humans to do something about the corruption. And in their busy days with family, and kids acting out or fights, they spend their time praying, seeking and trying to direct, the kids to being conscious and rising above the occasion, if your brother acts like a 2 year old, don't respond back like that, but be the older sibling, and work peace out. So, these events take more than 100% of your energy, and the direction/guidance, if you're privy to having that, relates to your Family here, to overcoming self, daily miracles in your life, breakthroughs with your loved ones. So the tiny amount of "extra" time those who have health and less responsibilities at home enjoy, doesnt seem to relate to the bigger picture, and the tests all seem to relate to your little picture. Ever wondered why that is? I do alot. Seems to me, they're putting alot of programming into people and inventing the school should be while they keep people on treadmills unable to even venture into that territory, working for change. And then speak of "entitlement" issues, if you think it shouldn't be like this.

Ummm.. there shouldn't really be a block to human building a home in the woods and growing food, without taxes or anything, because that is a part of nature, isn't it. it seems to me that the ones who expect slavery and think this tiny percent owns all the resources and can block the majority human from survival without slavery IS THE ONES WHO FEEL SO ENTITLED.

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by BornOfSin
But do not mock my intelligence, for I am far more advanced in such things than anyone else you'll ever likely meet.

I fail to see any intelligence here, anyone with half a brain can see this is a scam and you are getting mad using CAPS lol.

If the words translate the way you are misusing translation, then why doesn't any of the dozens of translations in publication even remotely resemble what you are saying?

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 04:39 PM
Once again; you failed to go verify what I have showed you. To know it is true.

This says you are either an idiot by no fault of your own; or an idiot by choice.

Either way; you are an idiot.

The reason all the translations to this date have been wrong is, firstly; they were carried out by RELIGIOUS people with per-concieved notions as to the 'meaning' of the teach, by which they overlooked what they thought were 'errors', because they didn't make sense to their religion.

Secondly cause those who DID get the translations half correct, hadn't been taught by the same light teachers who WROTE the Bible about the meaning behind them to see what they were saying. The wisdom was beyond their understanding and therefore they needed to 'water it down' to see it make sense. Which they then thought was correct. NONE have gotten it correct. I assure you this.

If they had, the world would not be in the state that it is in today. They also would have discovered the TRUTHS that I have found encoded in the Bible. They also would have discovered how to open the Sphinx (which is encoded into the Bible, cause it was STOLEN from Egyptian religion), which contains all the information of 'human knowledge' that will end all the major religions.

They weren't even smart enough to realise that the stories they were stealing from Egyptian religion CONTAINED such codes, so they could leave them out. Hence I found them.

You are one of those content to believe a 'truth' without verifying it cause you are scared of the answer you might find.

My translation is correct. No amount of insulting me, will prove you otherwise.

There are plenty of online translators for you to go use to see the truth if you do not know Hebrew. Until you do such; you have no basis for arguement here and you appear as nothing more than a kid crying cause they've been told Santa Claus doesn't exist.

Here's something for you. Your 'GOD' that you believe in; I have MET .. PHYSICALLY .. the SOURCE of your GOD.

They are NOT HAPPY, that their word has been corrupted.

You have no idea. You are the very 'sheeple' that you speak of.

But you don't have to wait for my translations to know such things, cause you may not even be here that long.

All the best to you my blind and deaf friend.

Enjoy the truth that now comes. Your Bible is about to be dis-proven.

The best part is going to be when you find out that your 'Jesus' was actually a killer and an evil man in their life before they turned 30, which is why they HIDE this fact from you.

Originally posted by TinfoilTP

Originally posted by BornOfSin
But do not mock my intelligence, for I am far more advanced in such things than anyone else you'll ever likely meet.

I fail to see any intelligence here, anyone with half a brain can see this is a scam and you are getting mad using CAPS lol.

If the words translate the way you are misusing translation, then why doesn't any of the dozens of translations in publication even remotely resemble what you are saying?

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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 04:41 PM
Any word on my wings and that flaming sword?

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

Phew. I could feel the frustration oozing from your words. You are a gifted writer.

Listen. Don't forget your mission. Your personal spiritual task that has been appointed to you. What you claim is unbelievable to some, other can empathize because they have had similar 'experiences' in their own personal spiritual path. You sense your kindred, BornOfSin, you know this. Do your work, present your message. I find it very interesting, and it's caused me to pull out my Bible and research. That is your goal is it not?

It bears(sp?) in mind, that there are other gifted, talented people who will bait and irk you. They are brilliant in their capacity, but necessary to our growth experience as a polarizing force. They just can't identify. Don't let their ignorance, pull you down. Your post that I'm responding to was very frightening. Doom porn glorified, and I felt the fear deep in my root charka. It was pulling me down!

There is always hope. There is always those shaman, seers - those of us who are whispered to - to prepare the way. There is never not a path to redemption. Your message should be one of hope and change - and that's the light.

I'm concerned with your reference to Christ being a 'killer'. Anyone learned in scripture, canonized and non-canonized literature - know that Jesus was a freedom fighter and radical and that he did believe in self-defense. About war, and taking up the sword and standing against oppression and tyranny - and die fighting for freedom! That is the human's spirits capacity for change. But don't pretend that the Elohim are concerned with how many of us are killing one another, or how many are going starving - this just helps the balance of Earth and keeps our number down. All things die. In time, even humankind. Humanity either learns to adapt, or creates a wasteland, and we will go the way of the dinosaurs. It's happened over and over again, BornOfSin - why are you railing against the construct of this reality? Against nature? Why fear things, that in time, are always inevitable. War, drought, earthquakes, volcano's, famine - these are the Destroyer Aspect of the Divine Feminine. IT IS - AS IS. It is the cyclic construct in our reality that maintains balance.

They are coming, actually traveling to this little sector of the cosmos - because of tinkering, and elitism, and atrocities that affected things most can't even contemplate. I'm quite sure they would rather be around the other side of the Universe - looking forward to another planets newborn birth when conditions are right, creating the directions of foliage colors, all the way to designing the apex creatures. I sure know I'd rather be doing that right now.

However, they have to return here. To Earth, Terra - and yeah, we are in trouble when they have to go out of their way to school us. BornOfSin, that's a no-brainer. But those elite in humanity - whom is responsible for things they knew, were wrong. About rifts opening, pacts made, so many soul entities lost in the in-between by things going boom in remote deserted places. It's because Scientists working on occult and dangerous things, were pardoned for genocide and atrocities, in exchange for working for the military-industrial elite. So the work continued, and well - here we are - with those in the "know" scrambling like mad to try and bring a NWO and nuclear disarming the world. Truth is, they don't know what to do to make it better, and they are scared and you can tell just by observing the turmoil in the world. These are the people who will answer, they are the enemies of the Divine Source of Light - and when the Advanced Beings come - they are the ones they will be seeking, and yes - whole cities of corruption may be leveled. Just like the ones in scripture. (That would be a fun thread - which world cities would the Angels smite first at Gods command?)

The average good, moral person - no matter belief, can survive if they are fit, prepared, and able. There is always those who choose to do right. The moral, the faithful - and they will be given a way of redemption.
If you are who you say you are, then you are here to prepare the way - not become the next Messiah and religion to be followed. Or are you claiming to be just that? That you are the next will and testament of the Divine incarnation in the flesh? Is this where you are at Soul? Careful, young one, or you may be on that List to go...the ego corrupts it's own genius in pursuit of vanity... BornOfSin. Take it from a Sister of the Divine Feminine. You've another half century to grow! The Sisters of fate, bear witness upon you too. There time, is not your time, when they say soon, millennium go by. Careful how you deliver the information trusted to you, this life is still a learning ground for you to. Rules are rules.


posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:43 AM
Thank you for your words.

I sometimes allow frustration at other to get me 'off-balance', but I usually just go water the garden, sit under the stars, free my mind and find balance again.

But it is always nice to receive positive messages instead of just negativity.

What is coming is not to 'hurt' mankind, but to start the healing process. And the only way for people to heal from lies, is for the truth to be made known.

Thought the truth is necessary, it is the first stage of the healing process.

And with the 'Jesus' part, yes I have put together the early years of Jesus life from the various stories that are 'disguised' as other people in the Bible and texts that were rejected from the Canonised Bible.

As with most people who find true balance; their ability for light and love, is matched by that of darkness and hate (fear).

And this is very much how the person they modeled 'Jesus' off started out his life. This is why stories such as those from his youth where; someone would brush past him in the street, and he would turn and strike them dead, were removed from the 'final' Bible.

They did not want you to know that 'Jesus' was one who's light was born from darkness. One who had sinned greatly and then found a path of redemption for himself on the path of light.

The main reason for this is because they wanted people to believe that "Jesus" was more than just a man, and support the masculine orientated church. The same reason that his true identity was suppressed and he was renamed for the Biblical texts.

Anyone who finds this out should not be 'disturbed' by such a fact. It only serves to illustrate the true mortality of the man capable of such good, and shows that none are truly beyond redemption. Indeed the true essence of who the REAL man was, is far more a lesson for us in life than that of a perfect man-god; for which he is portrayed.

It serves to illustrate the answer to the question to one of the riddles that was asked of Job in; "What is the true source of both light, and of darkness?" for which the answer is; they are both born inside of us all.

The questions that were asked of Job are fundamentally the most simplistic of questions that each of us need to answer and understand to know the TRUE source of Divinity.

They are stated to us clearly in no uncertain terms, so that regardless of the corruption of meaning that has been injected into the Biblical texts; we can all work out the truth of the Divine spiritual nature that lies with-inside of us all.

This is the most BASIC of instruction manuals for us on our path to enlightenment.

One that is unfortunately overlooked by those of us who blindly devote ourselves to the lies perpetuated about our Divinity by the major religions. Who not only know these facts, but endeavor to see that none of us work it out.

For when we do, we realise that the path to our spirituality is one by which Churches and men in funny hats are not necessary.

If we were all to realise this; then who would they have dominion over? Where would their strength come from? Where would their donations for gold crosses and marble columns come from?

Now that I have managed to decode the meaning behind a majority of the Biblical texts; I am starting to piece them back into their true sequence of events that mirror those of the religions which proceeded them.

In the words of Thomas; Nothing that is buried shall remain so.

Nothing that is hidden, shall not be uncovered.

The old men and their systems of greed, which suppress our Divine Feminine balance are to be exposed. And they shall pay their penance for their sins.

And yes; the idea is for you to start seeking the truth within your understanding of the Bible.

For although I detest the systems of worship that are disgustingly formed around the Bible, it does no less hold timeless and ancient wisdom, when we understand the truth of what it is we are reading.

reply to post by CirqueDeTruth

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 03:16 AM
And I seek to be no 'King'; although I am often addressed as 'Lord of the Elohim', I believe this is just the literally translation of 'Lord' as 'Ruler'. Not the one 'In command', but one of those of heart of balance who deliver 'Judgement' or could be more accurately described as 'Guides' or 'Teachers'.

For as I have stated before; the Elohim are those of balance. Not light, not darkness. But those who know both intimately, who know importance to the physical world of being able to sit in harmony between the two, but can deliver either dark or light, through their wisdom of Divine Justice.

Remember that the only thing needed to consider something to be 'Divine' is just for them to have a higher understanding of things than yourself. To this end; to a majority upon this planet, I am truly Divine. But by the same distinction I see those above me who are my teachers of 'The Masters of Light' and 'The Sages of Darkness', as being those who are to me truly Divine.

The Wisdom of the Universe is that of knowing, that you know very little; and that there is always something to be learned of those Divine that are above you.

There is always a higher truth to be sought.

So there is no 'ego' or 'want for power' in me stating that I am of the truly Divine humans upon this Earth. As I am one of many. "We are they who are" of the Elohim. Who take the Universal 'Blood' Wisdom and convert it into the 'Water' of Earthly Wisdom. And all of us have the capability to be of this.

We are also those who take the 'Water' of Earthly Wisdom and turn it into the 'Wine' that is the Wisdom of Man. The 'Wine' of which many can drink. That is necessary for those of this Earth who have not yet evolved far enough, or woken up; to the ability to absorb the Blood or Water of Wisdom.

We are the water-bearers. Who bring the waters of wisdom, to extinguish the fires of the past age.

We seek no fame, we hide in the shadows. We seek no fortune, for we do this for nothing. We seek no power, for we wish only to empower each in knowing we are all equal in our potential.

There will be no 'replacing' of the religions past. Only an awakening of understanding. For when enough of us are awoken, we need only seek the path to our own understanding an wisdom in all of those around us in the collective.

For Wisdom is supposed to be that of a collective nature, by which the sub-conscious hive mind leads us ALL to enlightenment. Like something posted online which is deemed to be truly 'good' in its nature, it will spread throughout the entire collective. And all the answers that arise, shall be easily answered. Which is what will set it apart from the erroneous theologies of the past Age.

There will be no need for a 'Church', because the understanding of our people will come through 'The church of life', from our society and community. From the purity of understanding life and our position within it.

By this the ancient fires of religion shall be supplanted and redundant under the true 777, that is the 'Light of life'.

The power of one book, shall pale in comparison to the ancient knowledge and wisdom that comes through connecting with each other and our world on a truly spiritual level once again.

I AM he that comes as a water-bearer. But this can no more be said of 'Ego' or 'Desire' than that of an Eagle who calls to you from the sky to let you know of his presence.

There is no demand for fealty or worship, only that of truth and equality. For this, the collective of BILLIONS who are holding back the resonance of life upon this planet, must be brought to understand the necessity of balance.

For you are completely correct in that the 'evil' and 'darkness' of this world currently polarises that of the light and good. But for those of light to become of true balance, then those of darkness must also.

Both sides have an adjustment to make to become worthy under truly Divine teachings which now come to us.

And those who refuse, shall be removed like a disease limb; so that the rest of the living entity may be able to survive.

Sacrifice the rotting limbs of the tree, so that the tree may once again flourish.

Although this may come about through acts said by some to be 'evil'. It is more correctly; using the balance of darkness, for the good of light; to restore balance.

Those who do not understand this, or stubbornly cling to their fearful beliefs of hatred, will be the first removed. For they are those truly lost.

It is hopeful that the probability timelines will take place where they let go of their fear. But we can only wait to see.

The spread of fear and hatred, whilst posturing holiness; will no longer be tolerated. And the only way to awaken those lost in darkness who believe it to be light, is to show them true darkness, so they seek true light.

Divine Balance, can only come through Divine Justice. And the religions are on the side of darkness, but it is not by their fault. Those at fault are those to be addressed. Vatican and co.

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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by BornOfSin

But you don't have to wait for my translations to know such things, cause you may not even be here that long.

All the best to you my blind and deaf friend.

Enjoy the truth that now comes. Your Bible is about to be dis-proven.

Ok had a good laugh at your pathetic threat to my life.
It is obvious you hate the Bible from your very own words.
Yet you claim to post a true meaning of a Bible you obviously hate. People that hate fish don't write cookbooks on how to cook fish, and if they did nobody would buy it once they learned the author hates fish.
Who is going to rejoice at your message? Only other Bible haters such as yourself.
Such a waste if time.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by TinfoilTP

Actually, not sure if he is a bible hater, as much as looking under the hood and gleaning the wisdom but refusing to join the controllers cult.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by BornOfSin
Messages have been delivered by mail, this website, their website, personal email accounts of half their staff, not just by myself, the Elohim are many.

They ought to try telepathy, it's super-kewl and a hell of a lot more attention-grabbing than some e-mail.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 12:51 PM
I prefer the classic method of communication thank you.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by TheOd

How does one go fully into telepathy. Can pick up the stream of someone thinking of you, and often when that happens, if you know them, they're getting in touch, and apparently not too long after you started vibing strongly. I've picked up monitoring from various factions on earth, but can't prove that even to myself, for the message and communication is lacking, they're strangers. Just know based on the accuracy of past events. So how to go further into this....what is the technique for unlocking this skill. Is related to a heart charkra where you step and talk to someone or is it related to RV and remote viewing/mental projection techniques?
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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:15 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by TheOd

How does one go fully into telepathy. Can pick up the stream of someone thinking of you, and often when that happens, if you know them, they're getting in touch, and apparently not too long after you started vibing strongly. I've picked up monitoring from various factions on earth, but can't prove that even to myself, for the message and communication is lacking, they're strangers. Just know based on the accuracy of past events. So how to go further into this....what is the technique for unlocking this skill. Is related to a heart charkra where you step and talk to someone or is it related to RV and remote viewing/mental projection techniques?
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Psi as a scientifically explainable phenomenon is, well, unexplainable. Which doesn't detract from its existence whether it be in telepathic communication, ESP, RV, physical/mental mediumship[, psychic abilities, yada blah etc.

What I can tell you from those who are telepathic (the spirit world) is that is has something to do with thought projection, thought as reality and the vibrational basis of this quantum entanglement is outside of [present] earthly understanding.

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