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Quando canto, canto per te...

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posted on Jul, 27 2013 @ 11:21 AM

The shadow of your love surrounds my soul

a sleeping silhouette in darkness can be saw

waiting again for you to wake up and see

what your love has done to me

every word I spoke is true


when I sing ,I sing for you

in white shadows stuck to your body

singing hearts can bring us closer ,still

I want to hold you but I never will

and I still remember you

butterfly touch of a wing

again for you I sing

with each breath of love

my heart records the roses in the wind

a gentle touch of petals

floating to the ground

dreaming that you're still around,

I'll make words of everything

till my love belongs to you

till my life is going through,

wind of hope losing my words

desert shadows always hurts


When I breath,I breathe for you

Angel voice,you tell me now

stars unfold ,glimmering light

sparking glow into the night

for my heart remembers you

arrows in my heart to die

everything it is a lie

but my love it is the truth

stretched wings of dying angels

tears of love folling like pearls

let my voice ,came to the end

soon my love you'll understand


when I sing,I sing for you....

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