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Rank the News Outlets:

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posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 12:23 PM
I'm interested to see which news outlets are favored by ATS members. Collectively ranking sources may provide some insight into the ideation of the membership, and the reliability of a news source.

Although many would argue that NONE of the mainstream networks and websites are reliable, most would agree that they are still vital to getting information. Big stories are covered with more resources, the professional connections are better.

And at a major outlet, we can find what message is reaching the greatest numbers of people.

So, the ranking system will work like this:

In order, list your ten most used news sources. ATS as a newssource will be excluded, because we're attempting to evaluate other sources.

The number one ranked on each list will be given 10 points, the number ten ranked will be given 1 point.

Every so often, I'll add up all of the scores on the thread and report the results.

Feel free to add commentary on your choices, and debate with others on theirs.

My list:

1. The Times Union- my local paper, I use it more than any below. Probably the only 10 points it'll receive in this survey.

2. Bloomberg - everyone start throwing tomatoes. But I use the major outlets for market and economic data as much as story coverage, so there ya go.

3. Huff Post- I like the widespread contribution and links

4. NYTimes- gives you an indication of the prevailing political ideology better than anyone.

5. Fox News- I like watching Bill O' Reilly, sue me.

6. Al-Jazeera.- I check in a few times a week to read editorials from "the other side."

7. China Daily- similar to above.

8. CNN- Every Sunday I watch Fareed Zakaria GPS. You can say he's globalist scum, I find him to have a larger perspective than most.

9. The Economist- this is one I'd like to use more.

10. Forbes- I use the lists of companies and billionaires a lot, and the commentary can be pretty good.

All mainstream propaganda here. I'm sure many use alternative sites more but I rely on all of you for that!

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