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UN Declares November 19 to be World Toilet Day

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posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 09:31 AM
Weekly Standard - UN Creates World Toilet Day

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to mark "World Toilet Day." The day will be celebrated November 19.

"The amusement and laughter likely to follow the designation of 19 November as 'World Toilet Day' would all be worthwhile if people’s attention was drawn to the fact that 2.5 billion people lacked proper sanitation and 1.1 billion were forced to defecate in the open, the General Assembly heard today," a U.N. press release reads.

My first thought ... flush the U.N. It's a corrupt cesspool and cesspools need to be flushed. It'll do the world a load of good to be rid of it. The money saved from dumping the corrupt U.N. could instead go to helping people get
clean water and clean sanitation services.


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