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My first Ethereal Experience and the Cascading Iron Man Dream

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posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 08:07 AM
I thought i would share two of the more unusual dream related experiences i have had at least in my own experience. The reason i am sharing these is because they were some of the more "real" experiences and seemed to happen right on the verge of waking consciousness, enough so that the memory recall was more than graphical and left me a tad confused.

The first one, the ethereal type "failed OBE" started of as a vivid dream. I was on a toilet in an old unit that i lived in a few years prior and i had a bad case of explosive diarrhea. So i am on the toilet and it is filling up, it starts to touch on my "cheeks" and it just wont seem to stop.

Next thing i jump up into the shower and try to "aim" down the drainpipe and that is when it became lucid for me. I realized wait a second this cant all possibly fit inside me i must be dreaming and then it stopped. I started to get a bit excited because i had never actually taken control in a dream without waking up immediately. I started to get excited and thought about girls. As soon as i thought about changing the scenery i ended up becoming conscious in sleep paralysis.

This was a little unusual for a SP as it felt like i "came back" to a 9.0 magnitude quake. Instead of panicking and thinking i am suffocating which usually happens in SP for me, i thought oh crap this is the end of the world lol. Well i was not laughing at the time i was contemplating my death in all seriousness.

Anyway for some reason i did not wake up in the usual sense but i was able to adjust my view to be perceiving the side of my bed rather than the roof. That was when i noticed these "things" down near the end of the bed. Honestly they, and i say they due to the fact it seemed like more than one of these, outlines of the head and shoulders in light type constructs. It was almost like lights of rope in that particular shape standing shoulder to shoulder but they were overlapping and their shapes see through.

This was the point where i was starting to become confused, still puzzled over my poo dream just before and now i was looking at what i cant even really label other than what i just attempted to. Then i heard this yell, it was so loud and what i can only describe as "hot wave" in terms of feeling but it totally rattled me. Whatever it was yelled "Oi wake up" and my sensors overloaded and i wake up with a pretty fresh recall of the events right back to the toilet dream. I thought the words used could have only come from something in my head already but then what were these light rope type figure heads that seemed to want me to wake up.

This next dream is a quick recall. I do not remember too much but i suddenly become lucid and was floating in mist next to a large bridge. There were two "adversaries" with me and one of them sent a shock wave at me which knocked me back over the over side of the bridge. That is when i put my arms out and let all the "iron man" modules assemble over my body. This was about the coolest thing that has ever happened to me in a dream by the way because i would normally wake up as soon as became lucid.

Anyway now i was fully assembled and i could see the two adversaries closing in so i started to spin and unload lasers in every direction. It felt so real i actually spun out not sure if i hit any targets but started to fall and there was no bridge on the bottom but a massive black pit of space. Tumbling into this pit i did sh!t myself and panic, at that moment i woke up and i was floating two feet of my bed. Right then i was thinking what the far'que. Before i could process any thoughts other than that i got sucked "horizontally" outside of my bedroom and down the hallway. This actually happened so fast i got vertigo and just before i went into the front door i woke up again.

I never thought there would be a day when i would be pinching my face to see if i was awake but i kid you not that morning i still was not even sure i was awake for about five minutes after the "cascade incident".

posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by TheomExperience

Those would have left me dizzy as well, particularly at the end where it was nonstop action. I've had a few lucid dreams and I completely understand the part about getting too excited and waking up. I have noticed that when I do wake up, I'm usually still dreaming, just 1 reality check away from fun time.


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