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Does anyone recognize this hand sign?

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posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 03:02 AM
I stated last year that I would make my last post & thread here on ATS but this topic I must clarify for all!

The sign that you ask about is the Jewish sign of the Mind, Heart, Soul representing the Spirit but also of Christ.

It relates to nature itself and the superhuman which is Positive in Mind, Heart & Soul over matter but experience negative aspects due to life itself which is why Jesus himself was human!

We are all Jewish!

The sign is the hands of GOD! They are also slightly webbed between each finger. He is entirely White!

(1 Th 4:16 KJV) For the Lord himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

This has happened!
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posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 03:18 AM
I thought everyone pretty much agrees that virtually all historical "evidence" from this period is flawed as it was used as part of a Romano-Jewish psy op (perpetrated in the main by Josiphus Flavius) to employ one of the most passive of the jewish messiah cults of the time to replace the old school war gods in the territories that were causing issues for the Romans.

Oh how it worked.....

Once humans would run into battle with their gods approval; now they had a god which told them to live meakly and turn the other cheek..perfect type of religous thinking if you are Roman and trying to invade and take over that persons territory.

In the story of Christ we eagerly take iin that not only did Jesus lose to the Romans but he did so without putting up a fight and therefore took the none existent "moral victory"- a victory after death where riches are found post life LOL/

It is believed that the initial psy-op was conceived to be used on Jews as they has their Abrahamic fire and brimstone God who gave their warriors a cause.and were making big trouble for the Romans in the Jewish Roman wars of 65-135 BC.

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posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 06:14 AM

Originally posted by Rosha
The *best* evidence Jesus was not Zionist is the fact that Zionist Jews REJECT Jesus and everything he stands for...

I see you continue to use some form of contemporary viewpoint on what it means to want independent rule for Jews residing in Middle East and cannot, for some reason, use your allegedly profound knowledge and multiple degrees, to understand that Jews in Jesus era wanted the Romans out and Jesus specifically preaches that God would establish his knew Kingdom in Isreal during Jesus' lifetime. Maybe you should call Univeristy of Phoenix and mail those diplomas back.

Also..considering pedigrees that qualify Jewish identity for a written in the flyer above..the Christian Bible actually claims that he did not have a "birth-father"...

The Bible is not a history book. Jesus obviously had a birth father, the Divinty aspect arose after his death rendering the remainder of your speculative geneological hypothesis moot.

That is speculation and is your specious reasoning and assumption in action.

To assume he was not Jesus takes a much bigger leap of logic and faith than I ever made.

posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 06:18 AM

Originally posted by Rosha

Originally posted by AugustusMasonicus
Just an aside...The record states that " "These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down " : Jesus said " The Kingdom of God is in side you and all around you ... "

To utilize your pattern of presumptive qualification -as- fact, then that statement, in essence, makes the earthly existence of Gods Kingdom already a present fact in JESUS's day as much as now.

I always interpreted that as the spiritual kingdom, the messainc aspect deals with the destruction and rebuilding of Isreal for those that Jesus preached would inherit.

Why do you think they offed him?

Every word he spoke was anathema to the future creation of a Jewish ruled, Jewish messiah led Zionist state acting as Gods temporal kingdom!

Gods Kingdom, according to Jesus's dictated words, was already 'here' and the Jews, Zionist or otherwise, didn't control that Kingdom..God did. Pointing that him killed.

See above. In a spiritual sense, the physical had not yet manifested. He was killed for be subversive to authority, both to the Romans and their proxies. Not because he was preaching some unheard of mention. As someone who claims to be a scholar on this subject you should have already known that Jesus was not the first person to claim he was a messiah or sent by God.

posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 06:21 AM

Originally posted by VeritasAequitas
Then, don't call him a 'Jew'.

Why? He was.

You can keep playing with the whole ethnocentric irrelevant apsect of it if it makes you happy.

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