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Collision of thoughts

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 01:25 PM

"In the numbness of thoughts, indifference and the lack of harmony of life, brings the collision of thoughts."

Lately I have observed the disappearence of harmony,and the appereance of the collisions of thoughts.

Just like two trains violently colliding on the railways the same way thoughts can collide inside the human mind.

Empty faces walking on the streets is the best proof that such a phenomena has began to became wide spread.

Inside those minds is a permanent collision of thoughts,and the silence around these people is the best proof.

Because the biggest noise can be found in the deepest silence even if it cannot be heard.

No point on abscissa can be constantly located as the collision is permanent,and the thoughts cannot flow in harmony in the same way.

This is way in which they constantly return inside those minds and they are colliding with the new thoughts which the mind through the feelings are trying to give birth to.

But this way the old thoughts doesn't let the new thoughts to come into the light of the world.

In a positive way.

And then many thoughts colliding brings chaos.

And from billions of people brings chaos to the world.

Therefore it is important to harmonise our thoughts to flow in the same positive way,to make Life a little paradise on Earth.


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