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Are people running out of new stuff to post on ATS

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:07 AM
for the last week nearly every single post is a repeat either about the Syrian war or zimmerman or a sighting of a UFO in Russia i see these repeated at least 5-7 times on a daily basis,dont people ever check to see if something has already been posted.?

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:13 AM
Ah crap that reminds me I have a thread to write!
No everyone just got all tied up in a topic, check out the Viking Jewelry, that's new!

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by SupersonicSerpent

I agree with you on this one....if it is not Zimmerman, or some thread dealing with racism, then there is really no new subjects that are ABOVE TOP SECRET to post on here....

The Forum has gone to ranting instead!

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:19 AM
I guess you just have to look around a bit.

I thought this was a good thread, about a new instance.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:21 AM
(looks up from reading) Oh? Sorry... I was just finishing up with reading a thread a Moderator wrote yesterday which duplicated at least three others ..and I believe had searched first before trying.
(In case anyone thought the challenges with the site search were all user error or

....and to answer your question? a matter of fact? The last week or two has been like a desert without water for some of us writer types. There's been a few times where across all my regular "fishing holes" for new stories to share (about 6 I check a few times a day), it's been just what you say. Same crap and buckets of it. Almost everything else is worthless filler or overrun stories like the Royal Baby. I'm surprised the world didn't get headlines with the first Royal Baby poo, the way it's been all Baby, all the time in some places.

* In all seriousness, I say this on behalf of all the big contributors here too, not just myself. If what you see posting new threads and topics is not to your liking ...and you aren't inclined to write stories or major new threads yourself? (which is fine..many/most people don't consider that pleasurable, as some of us do) PLEASE.... just throw out some new places/story indexes to go fishing for new and interesting content?

I mentioned I cruise about 6 sites every day ..I'd love to make that 8 or even 10 if people know more to check with credibility and track record for being solid with their material/fact checking.

...Ask and ye shall have something to read!

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by SupersonicSerpent
The news has been extremely slow, some regular contributors go on a hiatus when the kids invade ATS for summer break, no big new political scandals's a slump. Just part of the usual cycle of things here. Don't fret because when it rains it pours- it won't be long before things pick back up again. Besides, Wrabbit2000 has been posting like a mad hare most nights trying to keep us busy, search out some of his threads- that should tide you over.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:36 AM
I think you also have to remember too that it is the Summer holiday period for many people, so a lot (but not all) of the "serious" contributors here are either away or do not wish to create a thread without the participation of other contributors that they value.

Also, there are quite a few members here that are fairly new and are not used to how ATS actually works in general (regardless of the Ts and Cs (i'm sure 1/2 of ATS members have never read them)) so may make the mistake of repeating topics that have already been discussed without using search.

Hey, it happened to me this morning, i thought that i was creating a new thread after reading the topic firehose and once it was posted saw another topic on the same subject right down at the bottom of the page. (so i deleted mine)

Kindest respects

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:50 AM
Yeah, it has been really slow around here lately.

Like Wrabbit, I do surf at about 8-10 sites for new stuff, and also look at new sites (new to my awareness) - found a couple this morning that seem interesting, and debating whether to start a couple threads on it or not.

I think it's partly the time of year - not just with longer days and summertime - but July and August are sort of the "doldrums" for much of the USA. Down under, they're in the middle of winter, another "blah" season, I guess?

I'm so sick of hearing about TM/GZ I can hardly stand it. I've been trying to learn more about Egypt, and just finished reading Dirty Wars - and even those 'stories' are beginning to seem just MOTS.

I have been going to Cryptozoology and UFO forums lately...but, I agree - not much happenin' lately.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 11:09 AM
There's always new stuff to discuss, the real issue lies in whether people are willing to actually put in the work.. in my opinion of course. Not everyone has the patience or the time to thoroughly research a topic, put something together, post it, and then keep up with the replies. It's for that reason why I think we do see a lot of "drive-by" posts and threads. It's not necessarily because some are lazy, although some are, but It's because we live in a busy age and we're all busy people.

We can all come up with new angles to cases and we can come up with new theories and stories too. End of in that respect, we just can. It's just finding the time to do so. Personally I'm quite lucky that right now I have a fair bit of time on my hands, so I'm putting together a long thread discussing a theory and I'm trying to put together a case to debunk it too. I can do that as I have the time and I have the will to do it as It's a favourite conspiracy case of mine.. If only everyone shared that privilege.

Also, I think think It's worth pointing out as well that we can't really fault those for wishing to discuss popular topics of the time either. It's popular for a reason and people do care for it too.
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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

oooOO that's better Rising, for about 5 minutes your avatar was all white and glaring and couldn 't see your name.

Sorry, back on topic.

Kindest respects


posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by SupersonicSerpent

Do what everyone else does: sit on Reddit and wait for a cool story to talk about, post it for stars and flags.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 01:34 PM
That's how it is around here ... it goes in waves .... all I can say is ...
'start the interesting thread that you want to see'.
Corny ... I know .... but there it is.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 01:36 PM
Yea this site was great entertainment, and knowledgeable until doomsday didn't happen, then everything went to rubbish.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 02:42 PM
Just because a thread has "zimmerman" (as an example) in it does not mean it is the same thread! It could be pro or con. It could contain new info. It could have a different take. It could be a rant.

A hot topic is going to be talked about for a long time.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 04:36 PM
"Hot topics" are talked about over and over and over again on pretty much every message board, and it has been the case for ATS as well.

There are always some great threads that pop up, but sometimes you have to go to the individual forum sections to actually find them since a large majority on the "Recent Posts" list will be pertaining to said hot topics.

Given that it is a forum of participation, if you have a thread which you think will be great, post it!

It is likely it wont receive much response if it doesnt meet the standard criteria of A) Something to complain about or B) A huge media topic.. but.. there are definitely people on the board who actively look for those sorts of things. And there is no telling what might come of a thread you make, even if its not directly communicated on ATS itself.

So, if you are a member who thinks things can improve, you have more than enough ability to participate in the change yourself! Though, there is no doubt that complaining about it is much easier than being a part of the solution (in every aspect of life). I think thats why you see such threads thrive. They are simply easier to participate in.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by SupersonicSerpent

2012 has been and gone.
The aliens have disappeared.
9/11 is old news.
The NWO are on a hiatus.

In short, business is slow for conspiracy theorists. Who would have thought we would have our own little recession.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 08:31 PM
I was surprised that I didn't see a thread about Zimmerman helping pull that family of four out of the overturned car yesterday but I guess I'm not surprised.
I'm so tired of those threads I wasn't even tempted to start one.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 08:33 PM

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by wildtimes
reply to post by badgerprints

This story?

That's the one.
T be honest I didn't look very hard.
Not that I can complain much.
I haven't been able to come up with anything original that's not already in a thread somewhere.
Maybe I should post an "ATS isn't the same as it used to be thread"
I think those are compulsory at least once a year or so.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 11:45 PM
Do trash cans ever stop filling with garbage?
The answer is no.

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