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Joseph McMoneagle and AUTEC

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posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by LEL01

Anyone willing to view a very short powerpoint presentation and take a quiz to see if you were paying attention is deemed a worthy National Archives researcher. The CIA terminals are on the 3rd floor in the library. This is all free to the public, including the parking. You will get a photo ID badge that is good for one year.

I only copied UFO document on the CREST server when I was there about 4 years ago, and it is a copy of a newspaper article about UFOs in the San Luis valley of Colorado. I think I put it online, but don't have the link handy.

There are many links:

CREST search page


US citizenship is not a requirement to use NARA. I met some Germans who were doing Nazi research on the CIA PCs. Note you can search the CREST server online. That is, the index is on the internet, but not all the content.

Presidential libraries also have declassified documents. The obvious choice would be the Clinton library since Clinton was POTUS during the Groom Lake environmental lawsuits, plus Clinton and the staffers were really into UFOs.

posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 10:15 PM
I can't comment intelligently on the remote viewing aspect of this thread, but I can tell you a little about AUTEC.

I used to be in the Navy as an avionics technician. One of the places I was stationed during my enlistment was Naval Station Mayport, in Jacksonville, FL. I was in a helicopter squadron at the time, HSL-42. The primary mission of our helicopters was to fly off small ships, like a cruiser or a destroyer, and see over-the-horizon. This information was data-linked back to the ship, effectively increasing the ship's radar range up to 160 miles (the max the helo radar could see). The horizon limits radar and line-of-sight communication to about 30 miles. Other missions the helicopters were capable of doing was gathering electronic intelligence, search & rescue, and launching missiles at other ships or torpedoes against submerged targets.

I've been to AUTEC twice. We would usually take 2 helicopters there. Our helos would fire their .50 caliber machine guns at targets off the coast of Andros Island, and/or drop torpedoes to hit certain, elusive targets. The torpedoes were dummies and recovered by another helicopter, specifically outfitted for that purpose, permanently stationed at AUTEC.

Andros Island and the Bahamas sit on what is called the 'Tongue of the Ocean'. The islands are on the edge of the continental shelf which quickly drops off to much, MUCH deeper water. It is an ideal place for submarines to play war games with other subs and our helicopters. It is surrounded by beautiful, vibrant reefs that extend out from the coast quite a ways.

The Island is also practically an untouched paradise. The beaches are pristine (you can still find conch shells, even with the conch's in them), the vegetation is still native, and it teems with wildlife. There are a few towns there, but they're quite small. There are mini apartments on the base where permanent workers live. The galley (cafeteria) there is outstanding.

Granted, AUTEC is a very secret base. There are roving patrols and monitoring equipment all over the place. However, I would submit that this is normal given the type of activity I witnessed. Submarines and anti-sub technology are one of the most closely guarded military secrets. Even in Norfolk, when a sub is in port, you can't go near it; you will be shot. I saw several submarines while I was there, boomers and attack types. They were usually surfaced near the island, but not actually docked.

Now, that isn't to say that there isn't unusual activity there. Personally, I never saw anything strange. However, I did meet a base worker (an American civilian) who told me about these things on the island called 'blue holes'. These are vertical caves that are full of water. You can see pictures of them on Wikipedia. He told me that these blue holes on Andros Island actually went down and ultimately emptied out into the ocean, off the coast. Well, that would be VERY unusual. Sometimes the blue holes will start growing horizontal caves as well, but they would not be able to reach the ocean. At the time, I really had no idea what he was talking about. Unfortunately, this precluded me from asking any intelligent questions about these phenomenon. It wasn't until a few years later that the memory finally 'clicked' in my brain, and I thought about the significance of what that gentleman said.

This is not to say that there are not other very strange things going on in that area. Remember, we are talking about an Island that is in the Bermuda Triangle. Given the underwater traffic in that area, which is substantial, it boggles my mind that they haven't (supposedly) found Flight 19. Are they using AUTEC in any way to monitor, help, or communicate with aliens? It's certainly possible, but it would have to be either off the coast or deep inside the island, away from prying eyes. The main part of the base is just too busy... helicopters, civilian base workers, transient naval personnel, etc.

I was also stationed at NAWS China Lake, way out in the middle of the Mohave Desert in CA., so I got used to looking for unusual activity and noting it. But, that's for a different thread.

I hope this is informative.
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posted on Aug, 1 2013 @ 10:27 AM
Thank you Gariac and Synallaxis for all of this information, I can download some of the files and look to see what's in them myself now. I looked at Blue Holes and found they are water filled sinkholes, have you any ideas about why they would have a cable going down into a blue hole/sinkhole ?

In the UFO Hunters video ( not in the OP's video ) there's an ex- AUTEC employee, he claims a land mass was detected on his radar out at sea where there is no land. His compass went haywire at the same time, then it all went back to normal. Another ex-employee claims he saw a long USO, I will post a link so you can watch it, they tell it a lot better than I can.

The ex-employees are at the start around 3:50 into the video.

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