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RFK Papers Archive release meaningless

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 01:02 PM
Making the media rounds today is the not so stunning news that 7200 formerly classified documents and papers from the Kennedy library are being made public today. In the I told you so department this is just the beginning of a coordinated effort to 'come clean' about the Kennedy years in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of JFK's death in Dallas.
The bulk of these documents concern Robert Kennedy's warning that a plan be in place should the Soviets begin to arm Cuba. This warning-that is no secret to even those with casual interest in the period-suggest a memo dated 7 months prior to the discovery of offensive tactual weapons in the Soviet backed regime of Fidel Castro.

Everybody ready---Yawn

Also, and more important, is the release of documents about discussion between secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and Jack and Bobby Kennedy pertaining to Operation Mongoose. I know some are having a hard time stopping laughing at the thought that this operation was any kind of secret-and needed to be released to the public to 'come clean' about the Kennedy years. This boondoggle was exposed in the Clay Shay trial in 1967 and has been the butt of jokes about the far fetched plans the CIA come up with like the exploding cigar and the tonic to make his beard(Castro) fall out. As far as I can tell the object of this is to soften the expected outrage when the public in general learns of the blatant stupidity involved in Mongoose.

I guess John Citizen may be shocked to learn that the 2 million in 'hit money' the CIA gave thug Johnny" Roselli for the prearranged 'rubout' of Castro went straight into the pocket of Santo Trafficante who did absolutely nothing. About this time Santo's psycho goon squads began their infiltration into the City governments and police departments in both Chicago and Dallas-both future assassination sites. Their infamous 'icepick through the ear form of death by natural causes' was a highly motivating factor in cooperation.

There will be more of the same in the coming months as the findings of the ARRB will needed to be 'leaked' to the public in someway to diffuse the already know information that will be released by prominent researchers to counter the wave of Oswald did it all propaganda being put fourth by the Hollywood elite beginning November 10th.with a 5 part miniseries.

This all coincides with the release of another rosy, cheerful and mom and apple pie bibliography of the Kennedy family. Have we reached a thousand yet?


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