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dreams about problem with the sun

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posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:14 PM
I wanted to share with you 3 very strange dreams I had this year. The first one I had was 11 months ago and the second was a couple weeks ago, the third 3 days ago.

The first dream: I was in a hilly city like Duluth MN in autumn (I had on a light coat) and I was running frantically up the hill cutting through parking ramps to reach a warehouse. I got into the warehouse and was surrounded by strangers I didn't know. There were no windows and just the one entrance. Everyone in the room was fixated on a clock on the wall. We were all waiting for a specific time to occur. When the time passed everyone was too scared to go outside and look. I realize next I've been in this warehouse for days (I remember men getting on each others nerves and fighting). Next I was sitting at a table with a cash register drawer. I proceed to start laying the cash out in piles counting it. Every time I was done counting more would appear in its place. i kept counting more and more until I'm fed up and I realize it has no value. That's where the dream ended. I had posted this dream on glp to see what people thought - I titled it "A really real dream about a cme"

The second dream: I was in a beautiful 2 story house in the suburbs. In the house were all my friends and family - they were int he living room- I remember thinking it was a party. I was in the kitchen looking out the window to the back yard (there was grass on the ground -no snow- but I couldn't make out the season). I looked up at the sun and it suddenly began to dim (to black), then get really bright and then dim again over and over again. I began to freak out and jump up and down screaming for people to come to the window and look at the sun. My own boyfriend walked passed me and ignored me. I continued to look up at the sun and saw 2 strange (what I thought was a star trek clingon space ship) planes come out from the back of the sun and make large arcs around to the front and start heading towards the earth. Next thing I knew the sun split into 2 equal halves and morphed into 2 giant men made of sunlight. The men were huge and were dressed as ancient roman warriors. They were made of the sunlight -even their clothes and facial hair. The giant warriors began to battle with swords also made of sunlight in the sky and then I woke up.

There are quite a few insights I have made regarding the dreams so far. To begin with, why did the planes make the angled arcs? It occurred to me without the angle I wouldn't have been able to identify them. I spent some time online after I drew the planes on paper and tried to find them. I had been wrong they were sci fi at all - they were real. They were US Northrop B2 stealth bombers. I know this for certain.

I know the men I saw were angels - I don't know how. They didn't look like I thought. No wings and they were men with beards and looked to be in their late 30's. And why would they be dressed like roman soldiers using outdated swords?

I could go on and on but I think the other part that was weird was when I looked at the original dream post, I turned out this was exactly 11 months TO THE DAY that I had the first dream (second dream was on 6/27). Needless to say this was very creepy.

My understanding is the 11 signifies incompletion. I was waiting to see if I had a third one - which I did

In the third dream I was driving west toward my sisters house in the evening. I could see the sun was going down at the time but not touching the horizon yet. suddenly touching the horizon just to the left was a second slightly smaller bright red sun. I didnt see it till it touched the horizon. I called my sister and said its real, the second sun is real and its red!!! For some reason it was well known a second sun was a topic but everyone believed it was and illusion. My sister tried to calm Me down and tell me I was wrong and it was lens flare. I said no Im driving I have no camera its not lens flare its real I see the second sun with my eyes!!! Then I woke up.

I am growing concerned about something from the sun affecting the US specifically. I know we arein a very active sun cycle so I can see why it would reach my subconscious
I feel that the angelic realm is affecting our sun some how in the physical realm. I remember these dreams extremely vividly. Unlike anything Ive ever seen

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:29 PM
So a dream about.. Angels, niribu, and sun going out!? Welcome you'll fit right in. Your post might be closed as this is intro forum. Go get your 20 posts and make your own thread! Welcome!

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by Isittruee

I know, I have no way of posting my own thread yet it sucks

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by wingedmo26

Just scroll around a forum with subject matter you like. Only takes 20 quick posts. They won't allow one liners though. So make sure you say more then "that's cool". I'm sure a mod will link rules soon. Can't wait to read more though.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:40 PM
I dreamed of large rabbits taking over the earth. So it must be real aye.

Seriously, it's a dream. I've dreamed of being Superman, but I still can't leap over tall buildings..although I can leap over 4'5" fences from a standing crouch...

It's a dream, it's means you have a vivid mind and subconscious. Your not a prophet. It's just a dream.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:46 PM
I totally understand it could just be my subconscious! I just am creeper out u know?

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by wingedmo26

You may want to copy & paste your OP,
if you plan on making a thread about your dream in the future.

This runs the risk of getting deleted because it is an introduction.

But, all that aside - welcome to ATS!

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 11:12 PM
Well, at least we know you sleep soundly and have some intense dreams. After a while on ATS your dreams will get a little more diverse, spanning a wide range of subjects.
Welcome to the site. We'll fix you right up, tomorrow night is bigfoot dream night.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 11:21 PM
reply to post by wingedmo26

Your third dream sounds a lot like comet C-2012 Ison which is expected to become brighter than the moon in December-January. When you saw the sun setting and saw a second sun maybe what your saw was the comet as it was coming from behind the sun.

Anyways cool dreams it was interesting reading them, thanks for sharing.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 11:33 PM
But I thought ison was blue/green...not red? I think its weird the first two were about cmes and the third about an entirely new sun all together. I have found lots of other dreams about a second sun but I don't see any that r red. The red really stood out to me the most.

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