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Nerdy US Murder Statistics. Nothing Controversial, I Was Fooling Around for Fun.

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 08:12 PM
Dear ATSers,

One or two people have paid me the compliment of saying my threads were worthwhile. (Of the rest of you, I shall not speak.) This one, however, probably isn't.

Sometimes I get lost in tables of statistics, and thought I'd share these. I just wanted a break from conflict and deep analysis.

The information comes from the FBI's 2011 Uniform Crime Report System and the expanded tables I used can be found here. (Expanded Homicide Data Table)
Granted UCR isn't perfect, but I thought it would be useful. One of it's problems is that it doesn't include cases where large amounts of information are missing, so the totals don't match from table to table.

Keeping in mind that it's hard to ignore all the charges of racism flooding the boards lately, I thought it would be remiss of me to skip issue. Remember that Blacks constitute about 14% of the population. In a theoretical world where everything was identical, you would expect Blacks to commit 7 murders for every 43 that Whites commit. Likewise, there would be 7 Black victims for every 43 White victims.

Without further delay, here's what I saw.

Victims by Race and Sex:
5416 Black males
4079 White males
1745 White females
910 Black females
(EHDT #1)

Victims by Race and Age:
Under 22 - Whites 1174 - - - Blacks 1668
20-29 - Whites 1479 - - - Blacks 2596
(EHDT #2)

Offenders by Race and Age:
Under 22 - Whites 1038 - - - Blacks 1803
20 - 24 - Whites 904 - - - Blacks 1435
17 - 24 - Whites 1403 - - - Blacks 2381
(EHDT #3)

Victims and Offenders by Race
White victim - - White offender 2630 Black offender 448
Black victim - - White offender 193 Black offender 2447
(EHDT #6)

Justifiable Homicide by Civilian Using Firearms:

2007 - - - 202
2008 - - - 219
2009 - - - 218
2010 - - - 236
2011 - - - 201
(EHDT #15)

I know I'm supposed to have an opinion but really, the information from EHDT #1-3 doesn't need any further comment.

EHDT #6 surprised me. 193 Blacks murdered by Whites in 2011? That's not the impression I would have taken from the Media, politicians, or Reverends.

EHDT #15 also surprised me. I had gotten the impression that people were gunning others down hourly and claiming self defense. 200 cases in a year? Nationwide?

Anyway, I'm always open to comments, but I wanted to try a different sort of thread. I hope the numbers are of some use to you in your discussions.

With respect,

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by charles1952

Thank you. S+F!
Just goes to show how biased some positions are. Granted, the justification of many positions depends on whatever data set they're working from.

Some agitators in the black community, for instance, would have us think we're in the middle of a open anti-black race war or something. Granted, on the opposite side of that, racist whites would have us think that minorities are actively plotting to erase the white 'race' through breeding and outright murder.
Every fanatic is going to choose whatever statistics they like the best, or whichever highlights a seeming bias against their position so they can play 'victim'.

Fact of the matter is, Whites are killing Whites, Blacks Blacks, Asians Asians, Hispanics Hispanics, etc.
Sure, there's blurred lines where one will kill another possibly even deliberately so because of their race, but, all in all, for the most part, statistics would seem to indicate that like on like is the most common cause of death when it comes to the racial argument.

I personally get really tired of the race argument. It wearies me.
I identify as both Asian and White in drawing from a wonderfully diverse heritage. Often enough, I check the "Other" box.
In the end, we're all just Human.
As someone once said; "Can't we all just get along?"

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