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Obamacare’s Branch of the NSA

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 02:43 PM
Community organizers will use a Federal Data Hub to sign up people for subsidies — and even ballots.

President Obama has had a poor record of job creation, but at least one small economic sector is doing well: community organizing.

The Department of Health and Human Services is about to hire an army of “patient navigators” to inform Americans about the subsidized insurance promised by Obamacare and assist them in enrolling. These organizers will be guided by the new Federal Data Hub, which will give them access to reams of personal information compiled by federal agencies ranging from the IRS to the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. “The federal government is planning to quietly enact what could be the largest consolidation of personal data in the history of the republic,” Paul Howard of the Manhattan Institute and Stephen T. Parente, a University of Minnesota finance professor, wrote in USA Today. No wonder that there are concerns about everything from identity theft to the ability of navigators to use the system to register Obamacare participants to vote.

Abomination of the soul

What could possibly go wrong here?

Sounds like the biggest consolidation of your information to me as well.

What get benefits based on what party you vote for?

Entirely possible.

Given benefits determined by if you never said anything bad about the government?

Entirely possible

Seen that with the IRS already.

despite the fact that navigators will have access to sensitive data such as Social Security numbers and tax returns, there will be no criminal background checks required for them.

Are you kidding me?

Those 'community organizers' are not going to have background checks or even high school diplomas?

And those people are going to have access to YOUR MOST SENSITIVE information.

Did I read that wrong?

Oh geez what a joke!

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 05:08 PM
I'm so sick and tired of the crap this dude pulls. And the rhino Republicans who join hands with the Democrats and skip down the street.


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