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Disclosure - is it possible and to what extent?

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 05:14 PM
What type of disclosure do you expect? No doubt there should be documents with references to some unidentified objects, but I seriously doubt there is any plausible explanation in them. Anything you might have heard of or watched on TV is pure speculation. If we knew how to interpret these phenomena, we would be able to build new types of aircraft or spaceships already. Imagine a prehistoric man looking at a plane flying by. He'd probably think of it as a giant bird of unknown species. And if you tried to explain to him that there is a person inside, he would still think that the person is inside the bird. There is no way to explain something unless your technology is on par with what you see. That's why an explanation of UFO phenomena at this point is hardly possible.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 03:04 AM
reply to post by mrkeen

Mrkeen, I think you're making an important statement here.
The question on whether we are on par with things we are to witness in terms of technological advancement.

From what we know, from what the research has allowed us to see, we can safely assume that the aliens are

1) Way beyond us in terms of psychology (Virtual reality scenarios, mind-scan, hypnotic suggestion, etc)
2) Way beyond us in terms of technology (UFOs making 90-degree turns under Mach 73 and capable of effortlessly changing their operating environment (water, air, space), etc)
3) Completely alien to us in terms of their society ( reserch points towards an insect-like, hive mind society)

Disclosure of contact with such a civilization might be overkill in terms of social and technological progress. What you are talking about is the cargo cult, that is deification of technology we dont understand. This can be applied to us already - look at how many sects use aliens and UFOs af their "gods" and "guides". Hell, entire "contactee field" is full of such guys claiming these beings to be our "leaders" "spiritual teachers" etc. It's like a Fatima sighting - misinterpretation of suprrior technology.

Maybe we are still on too low level to even consider such contact to make sense. Also the fact that people are heavily opinionated on the entire "UFO proof" case doesn't help things a single bit.
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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 10:52 PM
Great thread Jelonek.

I don't think disclosure will ever happen. I think there will be a time, long in the future, when the human race becomes advanced enough to travel out of Earths atmosphere, to one of our near by planets, like the moon.

Then and only then, will we "officially" be Greeted by the others out there.

At this point, ET's cannot "talk" with us. It is like me trying to have a conversation with a Bear or a squirrel. The majority of humans are hard wired to "Fight or Flight"... This makes communication pretty much impossible.

I do think that they realize we are "intelligent" beings. We might have people on earth like Einstien, who is capable of understanding their math, by he might not be able to "psychologically" handle being around them. And then, we might have humans who don't fear them, but might not be smart enough to comprehend, and relay messages they have for us to other humans.

I think the government has made "contact" with them in a elementary sort of way. Governments will send fighter jets after them, and probably retrieved down alien spacecraft. I'm sure if a craft went down and we retrieved it, it would not surprise me if the ET's sent a recovery team to pick it up. The recovery team might have had an emissary aboard, that communicated to the "military" something like, you can keep this craft, just stop shooting at us, and maybe added a specific type of warning.

I think some of the warnings have already happened. The reports, from the Youtube series "Disclosure Project", when military commanders at the nuclear silos reported UFO's flying over the ICBM's and turned them off, or made them go into countdown mode then stopped it at the last second. I think that would signal LOUD AND CLEAR to any government, we are light years ahead of you. I've read reports of UFO"s blowing up rockets being tested, and UFO's flying next to fighter jets and doing circles around them, then making the jets control panels blink out temporarily.

I think the main reason Governments will not fully push or back the "Disclosure" movement, is it would alter the balance of power, and the "psychology of power" that the governments currently hold.

After I saw my first UFO, in 2000, it shattered me psychologically. I was in college, and I skipped classes for about 3 weeks, and almost fail my classed that whole semester. I would have failed everything, but it was during the summer semester and I was taking just a few courses. All I did for three weeks was sit in the spot, and started at the mountain that I was looking at that evening, and my brain was going through every scenario it could conjure. Once I realized it was ET, it put a whole new light on the "abduction" experiences I had up until that point.

The governments have to know this is how millions of people would react The governments, the corporations, and the churches, can not afford, in my opinion, to have 100 million in this country alone, to just take off work for 30 days because they are in shock of what happened. The "official announcement" could very easily lead to a mass chaos scenario. And they have probably run this through Washington think tanks and reached the same conclusion.

So, as for Full Disclosure for the "masses", I don't think It will ever happen. The possible mass psychological breakdown of full disclosure, that could possibly lead to societal breakdown, is reason enough for any government, worldwide, to make sure. that the REAL truth never ever ever gets out.

Just my opinion, of course

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 04:21 AM
You do know that emotional reaction to UFO almost always means hidden abduction experience?
I think you're right. No one wants any alien civilization to rock their boat. Governments want power, money, domination. Allowing people to see that the governments themselves are just puppets and are powerless in the face of aliens would mean total breakdown.

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