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BREAKING: Massive Fire Reported In The Basement At The JP Morgan Gold Warehouse On Wall Street, 20 F

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 04:44 PM

Originally posted by bryono
depending on how hot the fire gets it could melt it but to lose any gold from it would be absolutely from not digging it out of the rubble, if its insured it should be covered, the ins company would then technically own the gold being covered by a cliam... if theyre dumb enought to say the gold that melts into the rubble isnt worth digging out and smelting id like to know which dump they plan on using for the debris.... but no the gold will not burn away, melt into the ground maybe, but no the temperature to melt is high and vaporising it would be pretty god like to happen... other than stupidity and acts of god the gold shouldnt see a big price change

while most of what you say is true and common knowledge, the price of gold can very well change if a lot of it disappears from the market.

not as in "melting" but as in "being hidden and no longer accessible"

it is my firm belief that the price of gold remains over a grand because a lot of it being horded for a rainy day... or in other words, a complete rewriting of the monetary system. Why would they do this? to write off their debt.

The creation of the IMF and IBRD was to rewrite the financial situation as the British sterling fell as world reserve currency. This was being planned DURING WW2 and was called the Bretton woods conference and was being wrapped up by the wars end as world wars tend to follow very closely with major currency fluctuations. The US dollar became world reserve currency and was backed by the gold standard until they did away with that in the 70s and a lot of evidence points to this having to do with investments in other things such as oil and having the need to rack up a lot of debt for it's "future plan"...which is to continue dominating the market entirely.

They could do a lot of things in rewriting a monetary system and this includes re-introducing a gold backed standard which would explain world wide hoarding of gold off the books. It also acknowledges some future phasing out of the use of oil and bracing for that while still trying to control and bank on it as much as possible before this change takes well as trying to stall that change. we see this in many issues, such as the suppression of clean energy and also blocking cheap Chinese solar and wind products, because US industry knows it does not have that market cornered yet.

there are a few big reasons to make gold disappear from the market... and if JP morgan still had gold in those vaults, it would NOT be tying it's name to it and it WOULD be trying to lay it off on some offshoot while still having obvious ties... so i haven't ruled out completely that JP morgan is exempt in this story.

what's happening in the world of stocks and currencies is very interesting... and i still do NOT believe that China is just going to sit back while the West rewrites the rules and declares global bankruptcy because of it's recent awareness of both public AND private debt to the Chinese.

this is why as i always mention, Japan is very key in all the guessing as to what is going to happen, because after the bretton woods conference, strangely as we were setting up a so called new administration in Japan and allocating a lot of work to the Japanese industry, even if people are not aware that Japan was making parts for US products WAY before that became common knowledge... the main four basket currencies included the yen... even though we had just defeated them as an enemy. that is the dollar, the pound, the Euro and the Yen.

It's strange...from sewing machines to cars... many american products started being manufactured in Japan after WW2 whether people want to realize this or not. They think Japanese cars starting hitting the US market heavy in the 80s and this was some new thing...when Japan had been producing American parts LONG before it became widely known to the public.

SO...with all the debt that Japan holds in the US... if the dollar collapses and there is a war tied to this currency war, Japan and china could fight over the spoils of that debt that both hold...and Japan sides with the US.

we already see them arguing about US backed territory exchanges and this could get MUCH more interesting.

In the meantime, they will hoard gold and wait for the other shoe to drop and the victor will restructure the global market. You'd think it won't happen for a very long time and this could be true... but we are already seeing the symptoms of their currency war. That is startling.

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 04:47 PM
You'll notice this never happens at Fort Knox, as there is no gold to burn there.

(post by helendshelly removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

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