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Lead Scholar Rankings

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posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 10:32 AM
Lead Scholar Rankings

For completion of a level 1 project, all participants will receive 1 point. For the completion of a level 2 project, participants will receive 2 points. Level 3 participants will receive 3 points and level 4’s will also naturally receive as many points. To see how project level's work, please see this thread: A guide to the Research Forum 2013. All Project leader's will receive 1 extra point upon completion of a project.

Lead Scholar's:

SonoftheSun 3 Points

MamaJ 2 Points

Sonnny1 2 Points

beezzer 1 Point

Daedal 1 Point

Druid42 1 Point

okiecowboy 1 Point

Trexter Ziam 1 Point

This list will be regularly updated upon completion of a research project.
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