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Google Future Plans Include Brain Chips

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posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by Druscilla

druscilla this is what ive heard from voices via implants that get programmed..

This is the government put your hands up

Get out of our system (when i put so called materials over my body)

I have something special for you

female voice said "help me im being raped"

they call my name continuously like right now trying to get me to stop typing

they read what i read

this is a beam

take off your protective clothing

i cant chip that being, that being has something on something.


this is just a few things i hear, why would i both hear a feel things in rational timing relations that make it make sense, or am i just so dellusional and your so transfathumanisticly perfect?

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by truthermantwo

You've already confessed to being diagnosed as legitimately Schizophrenic in several of the dozens and dozens of threads you've authored.
You hear voices. You have a legitimate condition.
None of any of that has anything to do with anything going on here.
Nothing you say has any validity in the real world.

You've been diagnosed as Schizophrenic.
You've admitted to it willingly and openly in the public forum several times in many of the dozens of threads you've authored.
Please stop trying to convince people the voices you're hearing are real or have anything to do with anything being discussed in this thread.

I'm not attacking you by saying any of this.
I'm stating facts that you've openly admitted to.
It's disturbing that you flaunt this illness so wrecklessly in attempting to sell people on the idea that your delusions have anything to do with actual reality. Please, go see your physicians.
Get help.
Get better.


posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:30 AM
doctors dont even know how to cure voices, but then i guess people who claim blocking materials and chemicals work to stifle the telepathy and chipping abductions are all just crazy, im crazy, heck were a little crazy, government, its time to open the lithium tanks and flood the water supply.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by truthermantwo

Have you ever had a dream? My take on the people who hear voices is that the part of their brain that participates in dreams is not shut off when they wake up. What do you think about that? I've read that Schizophrenics have a disconnection between the lower parts of their brain and the executive parts of their brain that favors the lower part. So I wonder if you're hearing your sub-conscious mind or a dream? Sometimes I wonder if our brain -does- have multiple personalities, but somehow our executive mind zeroes in on one. You could be hearing any manner of things rooted in your mind, but I doubt you're hacking into some form of telepathy.

I've had a few moments in my life where I was on the edge of sleep. I can recall hearing voices in those moments. This doesn't happen often. I know that I can hear voices when I'm dreaming. And I know for a fact that when I woke up the people the voices belonged to were not present. Therefore, it was a dream. The "voices" have never continued beyond the edge of sleep.

What do you think is more likely? A mind that's spaghetti because the connections between executive centers and lower level areas are broken? Or telepathy? Or government spying or experimentation? I mean, it's commonly known that schizophrenia can induce "voices" in the sufferers. So...

Here: - Study: Schizophrenia's Hallucinated Voices Drown Out Real Ones...

The new research pulls together two threads in earlier schizophrenia studies. Many scientists have noticed that when patients hallucinate voices, neurons in brain regions associated with processing sounds spontaneously fire despite there being no sound waves to trigger this activity. That's an indication of brain overload.

But when presented with real-world voices, other studies showed, hallucinating patients' brains often failed to respond at all, in contrast with healthy brains. These studies pointed to a stifling of brain signals.

By analyzing all of these studies together, biological psychologist Kenneth Hugdahl of the University of Bergen in Norway found the simultaneous over-stimulation and dampening of brain signals to be two sides of the same coin. The findings help explain why schizophrenia patients retreat into a hallucinatory world. Now, Hugdahl wants to use this knowledge to help patients reverse that tendency. [Top 10 Mysteries of the Mind]

Here's a link to backup what I said about a disconnection between lower and higher levels: - Schizophrenics see through hollow-mask illusion ...

People with schizophrenia, which affects about 1 per cent of the population, are already known to be immune to certain visual illusions. Immunity to the hollow-mask illusion, says Danai Dima, of Hannover School of Medicine in Germany, suggests that the "bottom-up" process of collecting incoming visual information from the eyes, and the "top-down" process of interpreting this information is different in people with schizophrenia.

"The term 'schizophrenia' was coined almost a century ago to mean the splitting of different mental domains, but the idea has now shifted more towards connectivity between brain areas," says Dima.

The prevailing theory is that perception comprises three main components: sensory input (bottom-up); the internal production of concepts (top-down); and a control component, which covers interaction between the two first components. "Our study provides further evidence of 'dysconnectivity' between these components in the brains of people with schizophrenia."

My reply to the OP is below...

In regards to the OP, I'm creeped out by brain chips. You all probably suspect that this kind of power will just snowball into increasing intrusions into our "private" thoughts. We've already seen this to some extent with "intelligent" camaras at some businesses that watch bystanders and look for erratic behavior. And there's talk about "mood scanners" being installed at locations like banks or airports that could detect people who're about to commit a crime. All of these things are coming closer to reality because the technology is improving. Once they're able to cheaply put chips in our brain, it's not a leap in logic to suggest that they might start monitoring thoughts more and applying more pressure on thinking "acceptable" thoughts. At the root of this motivation is fear. Fear of terrorism. Fear of murder. Fear of crime. Fear of others. Fear of losing control.
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posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 01:50 PM

I'm not going to define myself by the way I might maybe possibly could potentially die.
I jump out of airplanes for fun.
I go sailing solo by myself.
I go on wilderness excursions solo, by myself, as far off-trail as I can get, for sometimes a whole month!
I do some no ropes solo rock climbing in the wild if it's necessary to get where I want to go.
I've been swimming with sharks!
I've been swimming with dolphins.
I've done cliff diving.

I have done all of that except cliff diving and swimming with sharks, but the sharks one is on my list. In case you have not paid attention, that is all I have been asking you to continue doing, live your life. but do so without an added layer of technology embedded into the very organ in your body you cannot replace, repair, or live without. Why add something into your brain that requires a very attentive level of oversight and possibly careful maintenance after years and risk paralysis, the ability to speak, or lung function. It is not rational. You claim running from technology is not rational, but humanity has gotten to where it is today from thousands of years without it. In fact life was simpler and less stressful. You may think living on a farm and having to collect eggs and milk goats or cows is stressful, but that is only because you were born into an age of mechanical slavery.

These machines require lots of maintenance and replacement parts. CPU's on computers fail routinely all over a city. They have to be replaced. You may never notice the damage because it is in an isolated box inside your equipment. What happens when a chip fails inside of your brain? It is unfathomable you would be absolutely thrilled to volunteer for such an experience. This is not the same as traveling at high speeds in the car, because they are designed with safety features to reduce injury in the event of an accident, and you also have a hospital that can treat your injuries. How exactly do you plan on treating your brain after a chip has shorted in caused burn damage and destroyed whatever surrounding neurons and synapsis surrounding it?

I just want you to answer that. I Have survived a near fatal crash from a DUI into a utility pole, and now have a metal rod in my leg. I am thankful for that. I have no idea how you are going to explain to me though how I am going to survive a piece of technology that goes haywire on its own inside my brain... either due to poor manufacturing or from wear over time. Another dangerous procedure to replace it maybe??
Assuming you even survive it to begin with, and if you do survive at what cost?

Your condescending examples really cannot at all compare to the fact you are embedding tech directly into the organ that regulates every life functioning system in your body. I want you to give an example of the longest lasting piece of technology or machinery that has either never failed or needed a replacement part? you wont find it. Now apply that to a piece of equipment in your brain with the potential to do just about anything to your body including death upon failure, because that chip will not last forever.

And for the guy hearing voices, seriously keep that to yourself. Somebody here may get spiteful and report you to your local PD or the FED as a threat to yourself and others. There goes your civil rights.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by truthermantwo

I see both sides of this arguement and am not entirely sure where I stand. In the one hand I'm not terribly concerned with "mind control" as a result of such a technology, but I'd be more concerned with them downloading my thoughts like files. At some point if such a thing is possible you would have to build a sort of vault in your head to encrypt your hidden thoughts.

I like the concept of digital telepathy and the ability to share such vast amounts of information internally. That concept is at the very least intriguing, but in our corrupt world, is it safe? Hard to say, I'd guess probably not but in an ideal world, the concept is a grand one that is full of potential.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 02:06 PM
Imagine being part of a global intelligence, to be able to link up with millions of humans at once, A human hive mind

We will be unstoppable Mahahaha Mahahahaaaa (evil laugh to fade).
Bring it all on it sounds cool.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by DYepes

Cars are crash tested? Oh? I guess that makes them completely and totally safe to drive around all DUI right?
DUI? and you talk about this overwhelming concern for your brain cells?

Electrical discharge inside your brain?
People get HIT BY LIGHTNING and walk away and are FINE!
Any current in these devices will be nano-scopic infinitesimal by comparison.

Besides that, do you REALLY think any kinds of implants and augments aren't going to be tested, retested, shorted out on purpose, blown up, melted, overheated, and subjected to extremes that no human being would ever survive alone?

You act like anyone that does this is sticking a fork in an electrical socket.

Your Fear Mongering and Chicken Little-ing only serves to make you look weak and scared.

The tech isn't even totally viable yet other than a few forays into prosthetics. There's still about some 20 years to go on this.
20 years? hmmm.
Windows 95 wasn't even out yet 20 years ago. People were still using pagers, and cell phones were a luxury or something installed in someone's car.
Now look at us.
20 years from now?

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by Druscilla

And what lies await for us in the digital realm will be unimaginable – imaginable on some levels but the future is truly technologically bright. Some of this conversation reminds me of Alistair Reynold's book 'The Blue Remembered Earth' in which there are ethical conversations over neuro-surgical implants with elephants and sharing their thought patterns. Fascinating and exciting stuff.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 04:48 PM
All I have to say being the "good little conspiracist" that I am is follow the money. Brain chips? Brain mapping project? I smell Big Money in somebody's future!

Google + Government Grants + Obama's Brain Initiative project = Big $$$

I'll bet dollars to donuts Obama's stock portfolio is heavy heavy with Google stock (and probably Qualcomm, too).

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by queenofswords

Forget the money and the conspiracy and embrace the technology. Can you (honestly) live without your Internet? I can't because it is the globally interconnected feeling it gives me. I transfer my thoughts to all four corners of the world in an instant and imagine how that could be improved through augmentation?

Yes, new technology brings risks but those risks are worth taking. What is a life if it is full of regret?

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 11:41 PM
Druscilla, all your arguments fall flat because every example you cite has no direct connection to the vital organ that regulates every aspect of your ability to even exist as a life form. No cars are not DUI proof, but I am still here debating with you aren't I? And I am not crippled in the process.

My chances of surviving a car crash even at 50mph is still higher than a microchip shorting out in the brain. Again, even if you survive the inevitable failure of a device that does not last forever, probably not even 20 years, what will you lose in the process? the ability to see color? A 50% reduction in hearing?

Now I know you are just going to counter there will be plenty of technology to treat these issues, but that just takes you back to these layers of stress you are adding on to your life. Continue to expend your efforts and exhaust your resources to pursue a fix for something (your brain) that you broke yourself (fried chip) trying to fix something that was never broke to begin with (your brain).

Why do I need to add a chip to my brain, when I am perfectly functional now. I can walk talk and interact. I have guns and a crossbow to hunt my own food. I can fish for my own food. I have a green thumb. I enjoy football, basketball, baseball, tennis and soccer. I love climbing I love swimming. I am perfectly adept at growing my own food. I did not need an easy button (brainchip) to learn any of this. I read and learned from others, my father particularly, just as all of humanity has done for its entire existence. I am passing these skills to my sons.

if you truly believe that your children, your children's children , and so on will need a brainchip in the future to live a human existence, you really don't want to be human. You are chasing a non-human existence. You are chasing the existence of a machine, a robot. You already admitted you are chasing immortality as well. So who is really scared, me who welcomes the end of my mortality, or you who are continuing to chase a cybernetic existence and confessed to pursue a fix for your inevitable demise.

It is not me who is scared in a cave, it is you. You are fear the end of your life and hope to reach immortality in the cave of your own mind, which will be nothing more than an illusion you live inside your head. That's a lot more like hiding in a cave than me, who will be enjoying the merits of fishing on the coast with my boys, and tossing a football during downtime outdoors. Why? Why do you want this? you do not need this. The consequences outweigh the benefits. I don't even care about the hacking anymore, which will always still be a variable. You are tearing your own brain tissue for a procedure you do not need to live as a human, creating risk right there on its own. And eventually you will still need to replace the chip just due to age and wear (like a pacemaker) subjecting yourself to yet another invasive procedure with risks.

I am so not afraid that I choose to opt out of a brain chip, for whatever trivial reason someone believes they may NEED (want) it because I do not feel the need for immortality or telepathic communication by risking the damaging of my life regulating organ. The end game is physical isolation by virtual interaction.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 03:17 AM
reply to post by DYepes

One of your problems is that you're still working from a 20th Century paradigm for your understanding of electronics.
You haven't even stopped to consider that the human brain already operates at around 20 Watts; enough to illuminate a very dim conventional light bulb, yet, more than enough to power itself, as well as other devices.

You keep thinking that the brain isn't already shocking itself, How do you think neuronal communication works?

In 20-something years when this technology is available, your own brain will BE the power source.
The brain is constantly shocking itself.
That's how it works.

Your argument about electrocution is like complaining about explosive combustion inside an internal combustion engine. It's like complaining about getting a fish wet.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 04:13 AM
well you know druscilla, I am just going to draw the line here and agree to disagree.
I will continue to watch this discussion, but likely with very limited input at this point as I have exhausted pretty much all of my opinions and theories on this matter without running in circles. I have made all my points, you have made yours, and its up to others to make their choices, as clearly we have both made ours.

It was pleasant to debate this with you in as respectful a manner as we did, and I think we both can come away from this with a better understanding of how different people see the world and themselves.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 04:13 AM
reply to post by Druscilla

the problem i have with both implant chips or microwave imaging or anything else deluded robot chicken scientists come up with is the right to my own thoughts being my own. The only reasons why they want to spy on our thougts through these so called newer technologies is to beef up security, gather personal information, commercialise with more precision, and stalk individuals that go against their forceful way of thinking. I would rather shoot myself while waiting in line for one of these chips than walk blindly into a lame-***future full of distracted brain chipped-freaks. But isn't it coincidental that external technologies are going to be just as equatable to having a chip anyway, it wont matter will it then?

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 08:48 AM
"A majority of Americans report that religion plays a "very important" role in their lives, ... "

I don't think we have to worry about this happening in the next 20 years because of the above quote. One could also say,

"A majority of the world's population report that religion plays a "very important" role in their lives, ..."

World religions by percentage, according to The World Factbook Christians (33.32%) Muslims (21.01%) Hindus (13.26%) Buddhists (5.84%) Non-religious (14.09%)

This won't change much in the next 50 years. No brain chips, it goes against the odds. The "people" won't just "go for it", A majority will fight this tooth and nail.
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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 10:37 AM
I think the future would need not only augmented flesh but also a download of personal experience to survive as "earthlings".

I dont see this as a bad thing .. per say ..

I also think there is an inherent drive to outwardly create things that would further the benefit of the race as a whole.

There is a reason that we have the capability and creativity to go Beyond our physical limitations.

We are in Fact Biological Programs that have limitations. We now have the avenue of limiting and/or suppressing some of those Limitations. We could in fact reach a point that We as a species reach a point that there are very few limitations in our development.

I would ask a question here for you guys ..

Would you allow yourself ( mentally and with a vile of DNA ) to be uploaded and then put on a probe that would travel 200 years to another planet that had another race that could clone you and then recompiled/download your thoughts and experiences into/onto that same person that you were?

All you would need is a Codec of re-animation right ? Simple as we are already doing these things as simple life here on Earth.

Now suggesting that you are "recreated" in the same form and experience but now on a different "alien planet/system" which is much more evolved.

Would you do it ?

What Im saying is that there is no way to stop technology .. there are pros and cons. The direction is only a moment in time in the Rung of things.


posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 04:04 PM
ok, who is to say however that the being inside your body now with your personal awareness would simply reappear with it? The energy of your former self will have already returned to the universe, so whatever they clone, may physically be exactly like you, but the awareness would simply be a new being, maybe with memories, but it would not be its own memories. You will still have passed, and essentially your clone would be a new person that just happens to look like you.

Give up, nothing is forever. Just accept it.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan

Now the question and concern .... a chip in your head that can access all that information ... what if the company holding all that information wants the flow of information to go the other way? Instead of YOU accessing your chip to get the information, the powers behind that company decide to flow things the other way and put information into your chip/brain?

In Russia, Google searches you!

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 06:41 AM

Originally posted by LarryLove
Yes, new technology brings risks but those risks are worth taking.

I draw the line at giving corporations and other entities access to my brain via
invasive hardware/computer devices. That's not a risk worth taking.

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