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Paradox Of Camelot- Memoirs of a First Year and a Day By Aurelius Emrys

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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 02:49 PM

Texas, USA
B and N retailer

"D@#$ book, stay on the shelf," Emrys shook his head and put the book back on the shelf. "Mr. Castaneda I hope you can hear me. Your book should quit jumping down at me." The B and N employee shakes his head, "Second ring of power.. "

An older man with a cane comes around the corner, "Sir, I couldn't help but overhear you."

Seeing the customer he had missed, "I am just being weird sir. I thought since reality was not working maybe the Book would listen."

The old man walks reaches up to the book. He takes it down and smells it, "I have my own weirdness.."

Emrys laughs as he shakes his head.. "Not weird just unique.."

An older skinny black man walks around the corner with a chunkier girl, "..write him up."

They pause as they see the old man..

The old man looks at the name tag, "Aurelius but which one should I start with?"

"Sir," the heavier set woman adds. "I'll be glad to help you while Mr. Aurelius.."

He holds up his finger, "No.. You cant answer my question." He gives her and the skinny man a look of disdain, "Whats your names. I am not a happy customer. This young man was just telling me about how this one Nagual avoided a trap by merely observing a trap set in masonry.."

Aurelius looks at the skinny man, "Gleason I was about to recommend he start at the beginning with the first book in the series."

"Well Dorthy can," Gleason spoke.

"Actually I will tell you what.. What is the number to your corporate office.. Would you either please write your names down so I can complain or talk with the young man later."

They both see the look on the old man's face. They walk away..

"Make sure after your done helping the Gentleman come to the back room. We need to discuss an issue," Gleason gave an evil smile.

As soon as they are out of hearing range, "Thank you sir. I do not like them.. Really do not like them.."

The old man looks at Emrys's face," You will be fine.. Oh the book says you were not paying attention and skipped a few step.." The old man walks away, "Detail.. " The old man walks up to the Customer service section and gets the number for corporate..


Hours later
Outside B and N

"Hey you wanna go with me, Aurelius. I am allowed to bring a guest."

Looking at his roommate, "Shane.." Taking a deep breath, "Why the hell not. Free drinks?"

"Yeap it will just be a few minutes.. I will tell you when we get there.. How was work?"

"Shane they are all morons. They got there jobs either on there knees or because a piece of paper said they had the skills.. However their applied ability seems to be a course they did not require in business 101.." As they walk around the outside of the mall, "You know we should try to find a way back into college.. At least the women would be easier to access.."

"Like you would know what to do with them Aurelius," Shane laughs.. "Just remember.. Be on your good behavior."

"I promise to be me," Emrys smiles.


two hours later

A woman with long Red hair smiles after Shane leaves," We bid you welcome Aurelius."

As she gives him a hug an older male comes back after he shuts the door. "This will be a problem. Kia you know what the rules are supposed to be. At least two visits and a get to know session."

"Sage dont growl at momma. Him being here was no accident. It is why his friend brought him."

"Kia.." The old man smiles, "I am not growling just doing my job. Besides I broke the tie in the kids favor. " The Sage give Aurelius a hug, "Welcome to the Guild of Love and Light.."

After giving back the hug, "I am curious why was Shane turned down?"

"His path has taken him to some very bad places. We dont feel his energy will mix well with the group.."

"Kia dont crowd him." A heavy set blonde walks up. As she hugs him," I have to show you my diary entries brother."

Emry's says nothing and merely looks at both with a smile.

"Fine Cole.." Taking Emrys hand, "We need to tell you something. I am not sure where you are at in this lifes path. However.. Both me and Kia have been searching for our lost brother. You see during our previous reincarnations little brother. We always find you. Sometimes you stay.. Sometimes.."

"Sometimes you go on before we do.. Other times your spirit takes you elsewhere.."

The Sage looks at Emrys, "It is true. Shane doesn't know it. I have read the Journal entries and you match all the descriptions the women recorded from dreams and vision quest. The answers you gave matched all of the ones in their journals.. I bid you hail and welcome brother.."

The Sage hugs Emrys again, the energy shifts. Pausing before answering," Thank you Sage."



"Igon, do I need to bring anything," Aurelius smiles. "I dont want to be a burden on you. I mean shouldnt we somehow compen.."

Igon laughs and holds up his hands, "Emrys.. Just chill.. Your a very special exception.."

"I know.. You voted to not let me in. I want to make sure before I left if we are cool."

Igon shook his, "And thus my own Karma.." Igon reached over and gave Emrys a hug, " Welcome my brother. She is right empathy and a projector."

"I just do not want to keep using your resources. I mean the paperwork and other things are not free. " Aurelius smiles, "All right.. I leave my BOS hear.."

"And do not share your reading list with Shane.." Igon smiled, "You will do fine.. Rest and relax. Your starting on a journey. It should be interesting and fun.."

"Thanks Igon.."


Aurelius's apartment

"I just feel like it is fine.. However I cant shake the feeling I missed something.." Emrys shook his head, "Shane why did they not let you join."

"I didnt want in. I am a solo Practioner not a coven drone.." Seeing that his emotions were slipping out, "When you get your list of things I will help you find them. Allright.."

Yeah right, looking at shane. Aurelius gives his fake poker face, "That when they get it to me. They said something about none of the first years BOS 's leaving covenstead."

"Really," Shane sounded surprised.

"I have to build mine at covenstead. Then I am to put it into sacred space.." Aurelius grimaced inside.. Never changing his face, "When you were waiting for me to get off of work. Did you see and old man on the phone at customer service."

"No I did not. but I was reading this," Shane holds up a book.

"I assume five fingered discount, "Aurelius shakes his head. "Never mind do not answer that. Why the Witches Almanac?"

"I am a rogue not a thief. This book followed me home." Shane smiled, "Besides we will need this book. It is used for your spells casting.."

"OK.. If your say so.."

posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol



When this started
I had withdrawn from college (EET)
I paid more attention to trying to live then the school

Me and my half brother were no longer talking
The job at B and N was going nowhere

*the book did keep falling off the shelf.. If I ever meet Castaneda I really want to deck him then buy him a drink.. I do not shoot the messenger however!!!!!

*I only saw the old man a few more times

*the smelling of the book is an actual magi skill..(note is my opinion test yourself) it involves


Synesthesia (also spelled synæsthesia or synaesthesia, plural synesthesiæ or synæsthesiæ), from the ancient Greek σύν (syn), "together," and αἴσθησις (aisthēsis), "sensation," is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.[1][2][3][4] People who report such experiences are known as synesthetes. Recently, difficulties have been recognized in finding an adequate definition of synesthesia,[5][6] as many different phenomena have been covered by this term and in many cases the term synesthesia ("union of senses") seems to be a misnomer. A more accurate term for the phenomenon may be ideasthesia.

*I missed the warning from the universe

The impeccability thing comes up again and again..
It would have made some things easier

It is binary grading fail or pass

passing is then measured in other test.. cheat all you want.. go ahead.. skip a step however and the bill is compound interest on you!

*I missed the signs of something else from the sage of the group

To this day I have no regrets
I do however have this lesson burned in my mind

It is still with me that he was the deciding vote

The first warning bell was the pausing I made and a very small whisper

*With in a few hours of being in the group

I was lying to protect the group

In all honesty with myself.. The person Shane was based on I disliked instantly.. I gave him a chance and we were friends for a little bit of time..

* Yes I became the member of a coven just like that..

Went somewhere and poof
Learning from a wide variety of traditions

I listened to my gut and made the decision

* Their were a few more people present then I mentioned but they hung back
Apparently I was a small issue
I did find out later on the parent group did look into it

and I was approved by them as well
(it comes up a lot later on but the high Priestess did not know this)

So know I would not change things... Every mistake and failure was a lesson
Hard knocks university

I have used every glaring mistake to my advantage later on
It has saved me several times

And in fact has saved other people

The process of learning the art of listening to the universe as it speaks

edit on 21-7-2013 by ripcontrol because: learning to listen

posted on Aug, 9 2013 @ 09:24 PM

Secondary Ritual site
Roughly four months later

"So far it has been more like Sunday school," Aurelius answers. "Today is church so to speak."

The Elder laughs, "I am going to borrow that. Emrys what do you think of how things have been going?"

"Do you mean in coven or in my personal life, Large Moon," Aurelius takes a drag from a cigarette?

Taking a moment to look at Him, "So they have been the same?"

"Well Sunday school so to speak has been a matter of studying the material available. Ritual has been interesting but nothing major."

Large Moon pauses, "Nothing interesting. Have you considered you might be subconsciously holding back?"

"Yes I have. I am counting just now by the way," Aurelius adds.

"It has come up you do not participate in all of the activities." Large Moon smiled, "I find it interesting that several of your sisters are interested yet you seem to not be."

Laughing as he took a drag, "I'm straight if that is what your hinting. I just prefer not to stick my ink in the Company well. I have to learn to deal with women outside my normal social network."

Large Moon looks at Him, "No your BSing me and yet.." Pausing, "Interesting. You really had no clue did you?"

"Sheltered most of my good sporting years," Aurelius gives a smile. "As for the other parts, work is ok. I have friend who is a manager.. He got me the position as bookkeeper."

"Good for you," Large Moon nodded his head. "And your Excuses for not participating in the other activities."

"I think they are pretty good ones. I see no reason to blow money on chemical inducements. The damn smoking thing has been expensive." Taking another Drag, "As for Alcohol, between money and being underage. Not so great a thing."

Large Moon nods, "So how is the woman issue coming along."

A big grin breaks out across, "I did have this one woman come over. We came so close to doing something.. I however," Aurelius paused. "Something was off and I had no clue. So I tanked the whole affair."

"You told her no," Large Moon gave a very interested look.

"We were both Virgins. I could not get passed my instinct of red flags."

"Thats Very interesting." Taking a drag of his own cigarette. "I'll tell you something. I am running the rit tonight. I want you to drink something I make you." Seeing the look on Aurelius's face, "A Jack and coke. We are summoning an old god who loves to party. I want to see how your energy changes." Looking at the young pagan, "You have moved a lot in the last four months havent you?"

"Large Moon, three times," Aurelius acknowledges.

Two hours Later
Outside the Sages house

"Your bad, you know that," The female elder shook her head.

"You to ladies are Lesbians there is not a thing I could do At my current skill level that Black and Decker could not do better." Aurelius pats his high Priest Kia on the Arse.

"What do you think you are doing," Kia looks at Aurelius.

"Feeling up the goddes. Hey Igon you owe me ten bucks she did not slap me," Aurelius shouts out loud.

All three women burst out laughing.

"Large Moon," The Heavier set of the Three ladies spoke grimly.

Waving a finger in response," Nope ladies. Do you know see what Kia was reffering to?"

Both Ladies squinted there eyes. The heavier set one spoke again," It is there.. "

"I'll be damned," Her partner responded. "How did we missed that?"

"It is just the enjoyment from the Libations ladies.."

"Aurelius dear go tell Igon he is cut off for the night. Send the guardian over good sir," She puts her hand on Aurelius's third eye.

As he walks away, "I told you."

A week and a half later
Outside Walmart Parking lot

"You know at first I thought it was cool that you did not sleep with Jennie." The older bald Steve shook his head," Now I wish you had been the one to sleep with her."

"What," Aurelius looked at Steve?

"She has been completely psycho. She is stalking me, calling my girl friend, my ex-wife.. Hell even here she has turned around and been written up for following me around and threatening the other women here."

"Da#$. I guessed I dodged a bullet," Aurelius laughs..

"It is not funny. She pulled a knife on me earlier today," Steve shakes his head. "I sent her back your way.Please for the love of god, do not tell her no.."

"Sorry man, the moment has passed," Aurelius shook his head.


Aurelius New Apartment
later that night

"Can you please sit in on the poker game with Deana," Miguel ask?

"I dont have any money," Aurelius shakes his head.

"Here I will spot you. I just need another guy."

"Fine Shane, what time will they be here?"

A knock comes from the door, "Now."

Aurelius grimaces till the door opens. He sees one of Deana's friends Hillary, "Why you brought Ragamuffin with you."

"Thats not funny, Aurelius. You know Deana, I am gonna enjoy taking these little boys money," Hillary gives Aurelius an evil look.

Aurelius looks at Hillary as something catches his attention as he squints.

posted on Aug, 9 2013 @ 10:30 PM

Best D#$% poker game ever played
Hour or three Later
(I was not counting)

"How in Sam Hell did you draw a full house," Hillary frowns.

Aurelius gives an evil Grin, " I summoned the Gods of poker to help me." Aurelius closes his hand causing the Energy in the room to change slightly.

"BS," Hillary speaks. "You just got lucky."

Aurelius shakes his head," Like I said. I am cheating and using magic." He squints from where he is laying on the floor as he looks at Hillary.

Shane gets a big grin on his face as he looks at the other two ladies, "Well if Aurelius wants we can make it interesting. We can make it strip Poker. You can buy chips with your clothes."

"First you have a deal. Second Aurelius there is no such thing a magic." Deana gives a worried look to Hillary as does Savana. "Listen this time we deal the Cards." Hillary takes off her shoes, "I want twenty Dollars in chips that should be enough to wipe them out."

"Make it thirty chips Shane. They need all the help they can get. I am going to the kitchen for a drink," as Aurelius walks by Hillary he shakes. As energy goes up his spine, "Anyone want something else?"

A few more hours later
Still the best D@#$ poker game ever

The three ladies are down to their last hand.

"D#$% it," Deana tosses her hand in.

Savana sighs and tosses her cards down,"I fold. Hillary I hope you have the Cards."

Stane looks at his hand, "I have got nothing." He lays his cards down, "If they win this time we have to go to bed."

"I go all in," Hillary looks at Aurelius.

Aurelius looks at Hillary, "Hum.." He plays with his chips for a minute, "I am in. Deal the Cards Deana I want to see the last of the River."

Hillary silently goes yes as she sees the river flip.

The eyes in the room turn to Aurelius. He waves his hands over the cards, "Hillary my dear woman. I am willing to let you.."

"No deals. I have got you and we have won." She arrogantly turns her cards over, "Full house, Queens over Kings." She gets in Aurelius face, and violates pokers number one rule. She reaches to grab the cards as the light hits her form.

With his eyes closed, he takes the side of her face and kisses her. As she flips over the two kings he had, the static shock makes her eyes goes wide. She closes her eyes and returns the kiss. He whispers, "Two kings my beautiful misbehaving angel."

"We won," Stane happily speaks.

Whispering into Aurelius's ear, "Why did you kiss me?" She Starts to get up and Aurelius pulls her to him and kisses her again.

"And just were do you think you are going," He ask her.

She blushes as the static from the Carpet shocks her again.


Some time in the Afternoon the next day
Around my care cup being broken time

"I have to go home," Hillary smiles as she dries off from her shower. "My boyfriend is supposed to pick me up for dinner tonight."

Aurelius kisses her,"It is a shame."

"I'll be back," Hillary Grins. " That .. I would not miss tonight for the world."

Deana knocks on the door to the bedroom, "Are you two done.. Hillary your mother and Boyfriend are both looking for you. I told them Shane was having to take a look at your old clunker of a car at my house. Which is true. Savana is going to have to give you a ride home."

"Did they buy it," Hilary reaches over and Whispers. "You better be here when I get back tonight."

Reaching up Aurelius steals another Kiss, " You better.. If you have to I can meet you at the mall. I have Rit tonight. Or class. I dont really care. I will be thinking of you.."

"You know I still dont like you," Hillary kisses Aurelius again as she finishes getting dressed. "Tonight, say about nine."



"It wasnt that hard I just summoned the ene," Aurelius was interrupted by the Guardian.

"I have to ask that everyone except the Priest and Priestess go inside."

"What could he hav," The other student looked down when the guardian looked at him.

As they left the smoking area, "Whats the big deal. All it was," Aurelius paused. "Did I do something?"

"No my dear child just revisiting the Karma I have accumulated," Kia shook her head.

"Hang a minute," Igon added. "None of us taught him that. "

The Sage shakes his head," What was your main thought."

"I could not keep my eyes off of her. To be honest I wasnt really thinking. I saw a flame like aura around her and she seemed to pull me to here. I couldnt look away.."

"Did you try and reach out to her," Kia asked.

"She seemed to pull me to her. Her Body language wasnt matching her verbals. So For some reason something said kiss her.."

Igon laughed,"Ok.. I think I can see what happened." The high Priest gently tapped the back of Aurelius's upper back.

A loud popping causes Aurelius to see stars.

The high Priestess catches Aurelius, "An energy damn? Never mind.."

"The flow will be normal in about a day or two," Igon laughed again. "Me thinks the universe is a foot. I will drive you to meet her tonight."

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