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Defiance of Orbis {EWC}

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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 02:26 AM

In Defiance of Orbis

The story of Abel Knight.


It was an off day, here in the land of espionage and expensive tastes... yet still, somehow, a day like any other, and Abel Knight sighed.

Another day on the 31st floor.

Orbis was a gorgeous, impossibly beautiful place... with chrome-blue colored sleek silvery buildings, and a system of law and order impossible to defy, even by the most rebellious citizens it contained. It was a land where choice was understood as a privilege, where the elites knew best, and the citizens followed suit without a single question, comment, or second thought whatsoever...

That's just the way the Imperium liked it.

The Imperium was the top of the top, the head of all heads in the nation of Orbis... the elite government.

The Imperium was run by a handful of folks, and they controlled every RAC in the nation.

RAC stands for Regional Authority Center. Every region of Orbis had a local RAC, where people apply for vacations and update the information on their chips. Every RAC was in charge of keeping tabs on the citizens, their daily lives, their locations, and most importantly, to keep an eye out for anyone who could be considered a breaking threat.

A breaking threat was anyone, anything, or any trend that could possibly be considered rebellious or terroristic, or pose a threat to the security of Orbis. And one didn't have to do much to become a breaking threat...

The invincible Orbis, it was called.

Even skipping a day at work without applying for "off time" at your local RAC could get you listed as a breaking threat. Breaking your usual routine was not a smart move in Orbis... and it usually landed folks in hot water.

Abel sat behind his desk, his hands sliding behind his glasses, pressing into his blue eyes as he squeezed them shut, attempting to rub his usual morning headache away, and he only half succeeded.

As a respected head of the Imperium, Abel found that he could occasionally break the rules without even a slap on the wrist... tiny rules. Starting work late, breaking dress code, things like that. And he very much enjoyed it. After all, what would they do without him? They couldn't possibly dismiss him... he took care of some of their dirtiest business. As brilliant as he was, Abel was, when he found himself in a good mood, quite eccentric.

So, Abel could swipe as many enchiladas from his break room's freezer as he wanted. He didn't know who's enchiladas they were, and he didn't care. No one ever confronted him about it.

Moments passed, and the sun began blazing into the great big office.

Abel peered out the gigantic window--the entire wall was made of glass. It was one big, monstrous window, revealing the beauty of the silvery shining Orbis as the sun gave the city a blinding glare... it looked unreal.

His office rang with quietness, the only noise being the radio on his desk that he always allowed to play softly, at all hours of the day... each day, when he'd spend the first fifteen minutes relaxing in his big, black, leather easy-chair, rifle through the mess of papers on his desk, sigh, then stare out the glass at the world of Orbis outside... and it was a magnificent view from the top floor of his Region's Imperial Tower. He'd sit around for an hour or so before he'd think about starting on whatever work needed done.

Abel adjusted his long, black ponytail so it would lie easily upon his back. He gazed into Orbis again longingly, the beauty of the place suddenly reminding him of his daughter...

Sixteen years old, and growing. My, how she'd grown...

Time certainly flew. It seemed almost like yesterday when he was trying to shove her into a Transport at age five.. as he remembered her frantic cries of fear, he grinned, staring into the city, wishing he could somehow summon his daughter into his office.

They hardly saw one another anymore.

Abel worked twice as long as he used to...

Abel looked off, trying to remember his own first Transport ride, though he couldn't manage to.

A Transport was a silverish-blue pod that transported everyone in Orbis to whatever location they were assigned that day. Cars, bikes, walking, airplanes... none of them existed anymore. Now, the roads consisted of rails, almost like train tracks, where the Transports zoom through the city at over 200 mph, transporting citizens from one location to another, day after day...

Everyone used a Transport, every day.

It was illegal to walk on the roads... and also quite dangerous. A big, metal pod going 200 mph could rip through a human being like tissue...

As Abel's thoughts drifted away from his work, he continued staring into the great nation of Orbis, running a finger over the palm of his left hand, rubbing the lump.

Everyone had a small lump on their left hand.


Because everyone in Orbis was chipped.

Chipping was a first priority here in Orbis whenever a new baby is born... chipping even comes before cleaning the baby, or giving it shots.

Everyone's chip contained their medical records, their serial number, their age, weight, height, qualifications, and every other form of individual information imaginable. Without a chip, one would not legally exist in Orbis.

But that, of course, was a ridiculous thought.

Living without a chip? Ha!

It was impossible.

After all, outside of Orbis, as everyone knew, was a place known as "dead land."

It was the radioactive ruins of a once-wicked world, the world of the past, a world that annihilated itself with war, bombs, fire and brimstone...

It was uninhabitable for human beings, or any other living creature. Within the walls of Orbis was the only safe, livable place left on the planet, after the great war...

Well... that's what's taught in the schools of Orbis, anyway.

Abel, however, knew better...

Knock knock knock.

Abel blinked, his mind snapping back into reality. He glanced at the double doors across the office.

"Yes?" He said.

"Sir? May I come in?" Came an easy, light voice from the other side of the wooden doors.

Abel recognized the voice; it was his assistant, Jules.

"If you have nothing better to do, sure." Abel said, slacking back in his chair, placing his feet atop his desk, relaxing. "But I should warn you... I have nothing interesting going on in here."

A slim, skinny man slipped inside through the doors, then gently pushed them shut. He was a clean-cut guy, who had dark, shiny brown hair, slicked back behind his ears, and like Abel, he was wearing a black suit.

Like everyone in the Imperium.

"Come to skip some work time?" Abel asked, smirking. "I have scrabble."

"Sir, I have... news." Jules said.

Abel narrowed his gaze at Jules. He knew, almost at once, that something was wrong.

"Yeah?" Abel said, his tone darkening.

"Another breaker, sir." Jules stated, holding up a thin collection of papers.

Abel's expression went blank, his eyes cumbersome, looking serious behind his rectangular glasses.

A "breaker" was a short term that many people used to describe a breaking threat.

"Another one." Abel said with an empty voice.

"Ah... afraid so, sir." Jules said, looking down.

Abel eyed him.

"Where." He said darkly.

"Well-er-here, sir." Jules replied.

There was a long, painful pause.

Abel glared into Jules heatedly.

"Here." Abel said. "Breaker. Here."

"Yes... I'm as shocked as you are, sir." Jules said, sounding terribly uncomfortable.

Breaking threats occurred with citizens... but never within a RAC, or God forbid, within the elite Imperium itself. This was unthinkable.


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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 02:59 AM

Abel swallowed, looking down at the papers upon his desk, cupping his hands together, wrapping his fingers around one another. He bit his lip, his expression becoming grave.

"Who told you this." Abel asked.

"Erm... Upstairs, sir." Jules answered.

There were 32 floors in this Imperial Tower. Only a select few of the elites were above Abel himself... Abel had very few superiors.

"Leads?" Abel said.

"A... a radio signal, sir. Very faint one... its read by very primitive technology... a HAM radio, sir. So tiny, its been slipping through our security for God knows how long. But they found it earlier today, sir... they're attempting to trace the signal's source now." Jules explained.

Abel's heart began to pound.

"This isn't good..." He said aloud, looking down again.

"I know, sir. The Freeworld's got a mole within us... it... I just can't believe it." Jules stared at his feet.

Abel examined him.

"Who do you think it is?" He asked Jules, his tone softening.

Jules met Abel's eyes, looking lost.

"I... haven't got a clue, sir. You know... I rarely talk to the upstairs. And... well... really, you're the only one here I communicate with on a regular basis." Jules said. "I... wouldn't really know who it could be, sir."

Abel nodded, resting his stubble-dotted chin on his hands, his index fingers tracing over his mouth.

"Go on break." Abel said a moment later.

Jules took back.


"Just... go on break. I want to be alone." Abel demanded, turning away, staring out the window once more.

Jules nodded, then turned and left the office.

It was understandable, Jules thought, heading down the hall, towards his personal desk... a breaking threat within the Imperium meant a lot of red tape and work for Abel. Jules didn't blame him for being upset.

Jules sat in his chair, then began typing on his computer, resuming the work he'd started earlier in the morning. He typed for twenty minutes or so before anything took his attention from the computer screen.

"Is Abel in his office?" A voice asked from nowhere, startling Jules.

Jules looked up, only to see a burly man towering over his little desk, with three other suits standing closely behind... and if he hadn't imagined it, they were standing with a couple of armed guards too...

"Y-yes." Jules said without thinking, staring up at them, flabbergasted. "What.. uh... what business have you got with him? Would you like me to call him out here?"

"No, no... that won't be needed, thanks." The burly man replied, then began towards the hall, which lead to the double doors of Abel's office.


Jules stood, blocking the big man's path.

It was frightening; Jules was less than half the size of this enormous man, who now, was staring him down like a dog. It almost looked like the big man was considering picking Jules up by the throat and swallowing him whole.

These men were from upstairs, Jules knew, and the last thing he wanted was to anger them... this left him with an awful feeling of awkwardness as he stood between them and his boss's office.

"Ah--Mr. Knight doesn't want any visitors right now, sir." Jules said, instantly feeling foolish. These men are Abel's superiors. They don't care what Abel wants.

The big man grinned.

"Heh. I bet he doesn't." He said bearishly.

Jules squinted. What did that mean?

"If you tell me what you need him for, I would be more than happy to call him--"

"You ever wonder why he always has that damned radio on?" The big man asked.

Jules paused.

"Ex-excuse me, sir?"

"Abel's got a radio in his office he never turns off." The big man told him. "Know why?"

Jules remained silent, looking bewildered. It can't be...

"He's still in his office? He hasn't left?" The big man asked again.

Jules suddenly shrunk. He didn't reply.

"Did you tell him anything?" The big man badgered, pointing a great, big, sausage-shaped finger in Jules' face.

Jules said nothing.

The big man and his followers shoved past Jules, then headed towards the wooden double doors, a pep in their step. The big man sent an enormous palm into the doors, thrusting them open with a huge cracking BOOM.

As the elites flooded into Abel Knight's office, no noise stirred apart from the rigged, musical HAM radio upon the desk. Abel Knight was nowhere in sight.


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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 03:29 AM

Adora couldn't know what was going on.

Here she was, in the middle of an ordinary school day, when all the sudden, armed guards begin chasing after her... thank goodness for her, she was able to make it down to the lobby...

Her oceanic blue eyes sparkled with fear, her short, crimson-red hair sticking slightly askew... she had been running, after all. On her way to class, she was suddenly ambushed by the school's security guards... they pointed their guns at her... and fear had overcome her. What was she supposed to do? Of course she ran.

Just as she rounded the corner, about to bolt out the doors, two hands clamped onto her shoulders, yanking her to a stop--she snapped her eyes shut, preparing for the worst--the guards found me--no--no!

"Adora!" Abel yelled, clutching his daughter tightly.

Adora opened her eyes, looking positively shocked.

"Let's go, sweetheart." He said, his heart hammering.

"What's going--"

"Later, baby.We have to go." Abel told her, grasping her wrist and escorting her out the front doors of the school in a speed-walk.

They must have been after her, he knew... judging from the look on her face...

The two of them marched across the concrete in front of the school, towards the rail line. A Transport was sitting on the rail line, its door standing wide open, and the inside was empty.

Adora gave it an odd look.

There wasn't supposed to be a Transport at the school at this hour...

Hijacking an Orbis Transport was tricky business, Abel thought, glaring at the Transport.

The Transports of Orbis were controlled by folks miles and miles away, almost like a video game. They ran entirely on electricity, not oil or gasoline. They had no steering wheel. To be able to highjack one was quite an accomplishment indeed.

Abel had been researching it for quite some time... this was the first time he'd ever actually done it, though... and a long time coming, too...

Abel lead his daughter into the Transport, then, the door shut, the Transport activated, and it shot down the rail line with an intense, bullet-like speed.

The two of them sat in silence for a moment.

"Daddy, what's going on?" Adora's timid voice broke through his frantic thoughts.

"Later, baby." Abel said tonelessly, without looking at her.

A bit of time passed.

The Transport traveled down a curvy line, which seemed to, after a few minutes, run along the back road, behind many buildings. Adora watched, fascinated by the new area.

The Transport drew closer to a monumental, jagged-shaped silver building.

The Imperial Tower.

"Where are we?"

"This is my work, baby." Abel said, fighting down the mad desire to punch out one of the Transport's windows.

"Why are we at your work?" She asked.

Abel remained silent, though he could feel Adora's questioning, child-like stare upon him.

"Isn't this the back side of the building?" Adora asked, facing the window, examining the place. She'd never been to his work before, but she was sure that every Transport was supposed to run along the front of the buildings, not the back. There were no Transport stops or blue signs at the back of any buildings.

"This Transport isn't supposed to stop at my work... its just making a pit-stop here." Abel explained. "That's why its in the back."

"Why not just take the Transport that leads to the front?" Adora asked. "What are we doing here, anyway? Why are we--"

"Later, baby." He said. "Get ready, we have to get out in a second. And listen to me, sweetheart... stay by my side, and keep up with me... and be very quiet, you understand?"

Adora gave her father a concerned look, nodding.

The Transport began to slow, and once it was in line with the Imperial Tower, it stopped.

It was strange; it stopped in the middle of a rail line on a back road. And even stranger, the door didn't open itself as it was supposed to.

Abel stood, placed his index fingers on two rectangular creases on each side of the door, pressed them down, then forced the door open with one great heave.

Adora had never seen anyone open a Transport door manually before.

After prying the door open, Abel stepped outside, onto the chrome-colored road, then gestured for Adora to follow. He grabbed her hand and pulled her swiftly out of the Transport.

"Come on, baby." Abel kept hold of her hand, leading her off the road and into a nearby field of grass, which lead to the back of the Imperial Tower... and the entrance to the burrow.

Abel hadn't been to the burrow in ages... it was a secret place... perhaps the only place in Orbis that could be considered "off grid."

But, alas, here he was.

Now was the time.

"This way," Abel said, leading them out of the sight of the cameras.

They headed towards a broken up, thick metal door at the bottom of some worn, wooden stairs leading underground... underneath the building.


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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 03:55 AM

Abel lead Adora into the smelly, dark basement... he lead her down a narrow path, in which it was nearly impossible to see, and after a few minutes, they reached the old elevator.

It was obvious that Adora was afraid to enter such an old looking elevator, but nevertheless, she followed him inside. Abel pressed a button, the elevator doors closed, and it began to descent downwards...

After a moment or so, it stopped, and the doors creeeeaked open, only to reveal an endless, black hallway.

Abel knew how very far underground they were now... still, after taking time to go get his daughter, he suspected that his former superiors may have been hot on his trail...

They stepped out and began down the hallway. It was a narrow, dark hallway, which gave off an odd, mildew smell, the moist air filling their nostrils.


The noise was distant... very far off, yet the noise of clanking metal bounced off the walls...

Abel stopped on a dime, grasping hold of Adora. He perched, listening intentely.... fear settled in him... they're already down here...

"They're here..." He muttered to himself.

"Who?" Adora asked in a frightened voice.

Abel took a moment.

"Come on sweetheart... stay with me. Be quiet." He told her, then continued down the hallway, a vice-like grip on Adora's wrist...

They continued down this hallway for another few minutes before another Cllnk was heard from somewhere else in this smelly, underground labyrinth... this time a bit louder, a bit closer... Abel marched a little faster, determined to reach their destination before their pursuers could find them... You're not getting my daughter...

After a bit, they emerged in a large, dimply lit room. This room looked much more like the rest of Orbis than any other part of this place... it was, despite the low light, shiny and chrome colored, sleek and clean, and there, on the other side of the room, was a Transport... Abel's Transport.

He knew he'd have to use it one day.

The one and only escape Transport in Orbis.

It was not an ordinary Transport, either. All Transports in Orbis were a bright, silverish-blue color... but this Transport was a little bit smaller, and it was colored a glimmering jet black. It sat on a rail line that ran down a peculiar, dark tunnel at the end of the room...

"Come on, baby." Abel said, starting towards the Transport.

"Wait." Adora responded, halting her step.

When she didn't follow her father, he turned, facing her, giving her an alarmed look.

"Baby, we have to go." He said in a frantic, hushed voice.

"Why?" Adora asked. "Where does that Transport lead? What's going on?"

"Kiddo, we don't have time right now--"

"Daddy, just tell me what's going on!"

"I can't right now--"

"Please!" Adora pleaded.

Abel gave a nervous glance to the hallway from where they came, looked at her, and sighed.

"I broke a rule, baby... at my work, I got in some trouble. Now they're after us, and we have to go." He told her.

"What did you--?"

"No time, come on."

Abel wrapped an arm around her torso, pushing her towards the Transport. He pressed a button on the outside of the Transport, and the door shifted open. It did not open from the bottom up like ordinary Transports; the door slid to the side, revealing a fresh, spotless interior, with black leathery seats so new they still smelled like skin straight off a cow.

"Get in."

Her father shoved her into the Transport.

Adora stepped in, then turned to him, giving him a questioning face.

Abel gulped, his breath ceasing... it hurt.

It hurt. It was unbearable.

Adora blinked at him.

Oh good Lord. it hurts.

Abel hit his knees in the Transport's opening... Adora gasped...

He knew...

They were here...

"Baby... t-take this." He said, slipping his hand into his pocket and pulling out a small pocket knife. He tossed it onto the floor of the Transport, at Adora's feet.

Adora looked petrified, trembling, looking into her father's eyes for any form of security, explanation, or hope she might find in his gaze.

Her father stared into her, his eyes profound, burning into her, his glasses askew... he appeared positively serious.

"Cut the chip out of your hand the second you're out of here... and destroy it." He ordered her.

Adora looked frightened.

Her father swallowed, giving her a last, faint smile.

"I love you."

He slammed his hand on the big, square-shaped button on the outside of the Transport, and the door closed, sealing his daughter safely inside.

Adora banged her hands against the door, though there was no way to open it from the inside... she began to yell for her father, shouting at him to open the door, though no sound escaped the Transport.

The blood underneath him became a puddle, and he sat, kneeling in it, ignoring the crimson blotching his clothing, watching his baby girl cry and beg for him to open up... my baby girl...


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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 04:04 AM

A man in a white coat, followed by a few armed enforcers, stepped out of the hallway... the man carried a small, hand-held firearm... they found me.

He watched as the Transport emitted what sounded like a great rush of steam, then, it started down the dark rail line, and Adora continued thrashing her little fists against the inside of the door as the Transport flew down the black tunnel and out of sight...

Abel let a morbid grin spread over his face... So, kill me. So, you shot me... so the hell what. You lose. My baby's on her way out... you lose... hahahaha...

As the black Transport departed, carrying his daughter to safety, Abel allowed his eyes to drift shut, releasing a cloud of breath, hearing the men approaching him from behind... his smile grew...

Come and get me.

His daughter was out of the line of fire, and whatever fate he'd now face was well, well worth it...


Abel bent over, the pool of blood surrounding him suddenly very thick...

The damn fools! The invincible Orbis, indeed... ha! The Freeworld outside of Orbis is prosperous with free, wonderful life... my baby girl will be the first to see it, too... you lose, tyrants... you lose... my friends out there, take care of her...

With a final, heavy breath, darkness took over... and Abel knew no more.


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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 04:39 AM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Oh I like that. The way you have married this segment so well with the previous installment is impressive, and it really fills out the character of Abel, about whom we discover little, in terms of his inner workings and way of thinking, in the first part of the story. Its really satisfying to read, and fill in those blanks at the same time.

I cannot wait to see where you take this from here. I am literally perched on the edge of my seat right now !

posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 05:32 AM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Yes i also enjoyed this story. I felt the tension as she was trying to escape. And im wondering where your gonna take this now, No pressure!!

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