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Crytpo-Gram Newsletter - Snowden / NSA / Cyber War and more!

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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 12:33 PM
Mods, this seemed the fit given the topic and content for getting beyond the dis-info laid before us. Move if needed.

I just came across this by way of a site I frequent with leaky type information and thought I would share it. It's a newsletter and covers a wide range of topics raised in the overall Snowden issue but quite a bit outside that as well. What is written is solid and interesting to my thinking and it takes a few minutes to get through. However, what is more valuable are the links at the end of each segment, giving paths to more in-depth information as well as solutions in a couple instances for whatever problem the segment is discussing. Some examples:

A sample of Overall Contents:

In this issue:

-Blowback from the NSA Surveillance
-Evidence that the NSA Is Storing Voice Content, Not Just Metadata
-NSA Secrecy and Personal Privacy
-Petition the NSA to Subject its Surveillance Program to Public Comment
-New Details on Skype Eavesdropping
-Pre-9/11 NSA Thinking
-How the NSA Eavesdrops on Americans
-NSA E-Mail Eavesdropping
-US Offensive Cyberwar Policy

and a bit from one heading:

Evidence that the NSA Is Storing Voice Content, Not Just Metadata

There's been some interesting speculation that the NSA is storing everyone's phone calls, and not just metadata. The first link, below, is definitely worth reading.

I expressed skepticism about this just a month ago. My assumption had always been that everyone's compressed voice calls are just too much data to move around and store. Now, I don't know.

There's a bit of a conspiracy-theory air to all of this speculation, but underestimating what the NSA will do is a mistake. General Alexander has told members of Congress that they *can* record the contents of phone calls. And they have the technical capability.

( Followed by additional resources: )
My previous skepticism:

I'd first clicked on it, thinking it was a different Newsletter printed by No Such Agency and really wondering how the heck a July '13 edition would already be public..even at the original site I was on. It was with some confusion then, I found it was a thing someone else was putting together.

It was finally with pleasant surprise I got done with it though and figure I'll add this to my list of sites to check back on.

Whatever others do with it, I figured the contents of this edition were timely and certainly worth sharing. It's no quick thing, but a useful one, I'd think. Enjoy!

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Wowzers wabbit.. I like the site. I obviously havn't gone through all the content from just that one newsletter piece, actually only just a tiny bit of it.. I have explored some of the site now and recommend people check it out. I am now listening to the guy, Bruce Schneier, talking at google from june 19th this year. So far very interesting.

Here is the video I am watching:

Bruce Schneier: Talks at Google

Smart Guy who obviously thinks above my pay grade with the whole digital arena.

I really like this guy.
Thanks for the heads up.

Quote around 24 minutes in:

"... Here's a way to think of it. In our country there are 2 types of laws. There's constitutional law which regulates what governments do, and then there's law that constrains what corporations do, and they're kinda separate. We are now living in a world where each group has learned to use the others law to get around it's own restrictions. If the government said 'you all have to carry tracking devices 24/7, ' they could never get away with it..... Yet we all carry cell phones. If they said every time you meet somebody 'you must register a new friend,' we would never allow it, but we all go on facebook."

Really like this guy.
Right after that quote he recommended this Onion piece on facebook and CIA.. Haha so perfect. Here's the video he just told me to watch:

And this topic is now off the front page..

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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 01:51 PM
Hmmm... After watching the video, I have to ask. Are we sure it's really satire or a captured broadcast from an internal intelligence TV channel with their own news show? I could almost see that too, for pure laughter on what they got everyone to do by choice. It's so close to accurate. lol.....

I know it rolled off the front page quick, but title and forum ought to mean the people most interested in such a thing will be the ones to find it, looking in the forum highlights itself, right? Some of what I post, I keep that in mind for and this little discovery seemed valuable enough to add in here as the sort of info index it would seem to present.

I'm glad it's helpful and interesting!

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by Dustytoad

Here is the video I am watching:

Bruce Schneier: Talks at Google

Smart Guy who obviously thinks above my pay grade with the whole digital arena.

cutting edge.

I wonder If he reads ATS?


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