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HAARP Shutdown & "Meteorologist" Kevin Martin

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posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 02:08 PM
Most of you may be aware of - they have been mentioned here on ATS many times over. Although I personally think that is a bunch of malarkey, I subscribe to their Facebook page. Last night they posted a link to an article about the HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska being bought out by an individual named Kevin Martin from another website called "The Weather Space." Here is a screen shot of the original Facebook post , which has since been deleted. . .

Now let's take a step back - It's easy enough to piece together that the HAARP Status site is, in fact, run by The Weather Space site. Both sites are owned and operated solely by Mr. Kevin Martin. Click the link to the aforementioned article ( ) and you'll find an article that Mr. Martin wrote in third person, referring to himself as the purchaser of the HAARP facility after it "ran out of money."

After reading the article with much skepticism, I was drawn to the Facebook page for The Weather Space, where I found a post by Mr. Martin (since deleted after several negative comments) claiming he was headed to Alaska for "research purposes." Here is a screen shot . . .

At this point, I personally commented and inquired as to how Mr. Martin had funding to purchase a multi-billion dollar government facility. To my surprise, he immediately responded in a defensive and somewhat hostile manner. Below is a screen shot of my comment and his response . . .

Several other Facebookers jumped in accusing Mr. Martin of being a Freemason who comes from a family with "higher powers." Here are a couple of screen shots of those comments and Mr. Martins response to them . . .

A simple Google search will pull up nearly everything you could wish to know about Mr. Kevin Martin. He is a 28 year old, self proclaimed "rouge meteorologist" with no formal education in meteorology. In fact, to my knowledge, he doesn't hold a degree on any subject and his education stopped at the high school level. Below is a screen shot and link to a bio Mr. Martin wrote for one of his failed websites back in 2009, admitting his lack of education . . .

Mr. Martin also appears to be a known anti-government conspiracy theorist who once threated to sue The National Weather Service after they were forced to issue a public statement about his dangerously unfounded forecasts and copycat alerts which he created to mimic the layout of official NWS alerts. He is well known on the chem trail scene.

He personally runs several websites and at least 2 blogs, including but not limited to . . . (since removed)

Here is a screen shot from one of his blogs in which he claims to have professionally worked in meteorology for "15 years," which would make him 13 years old when he started . . .

Furthermore, Mr. Kevin Martin personally runs at least 20 Facebook accounts including, but not limited to . . .
Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin
Haarp Status
The Weather
Chemtrail Forecast Systems
The Weather Geology
The Weather Astronomy
TWS Tropical Weather
Southern California Weather
Many more can be found by investigating the "likes" of the Southern California Weather Authority page. Most are under SCWXA umbrella.

Mr. Martin is well known for begging donations off of his followers in an attempt to fund his various low-budget websites. Most of his Facebook pages have a "Donate to Network" link, front and center.

Once the puzzle pieces are fit together, one starts to wonder how Mr. Martin would have the expendable cash to "buy" the multi-billion dollar HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska when he can't even acquire the funding to maintain a handful of hobbyist websites or to get a formal education. This also damages his credibility as a "Freemason from a high powered family" - statements which Mr. Martin doesn't deny. One would think that a man with such high connections would have no problem funding a college degree or a few cheapie websites. Further more, how can Mr. Martin expect anyone to believe that the United State Government would allow a conspiracy theorist with no meteorological education to "buy" or conduct any sort of "research" at a facility such as HAARP?

The only confirmation that I can even find of HAARP running out of funding can be found on the website for the National Association for Amateur Radio. Here is a link to the article dated from just 3 days ago ---> . The article does not mention Kevin Martin or The Weather Space. It does, however, mention that research will continue to be conducted at the facility through winter of 2013 by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which many of you are familiar with.

Fellow ATSers, do you have an opinion on the supposed shutdown of the HAARP project or Kevin Martin himself? Do you believe that Mr. Martin is an outright liar, or could there be something more to this story?
Is there anyone out there with better research skills than my own that is able to spend some time investigating the shutdown of HAARP and/or Mr. Martin's connection?

Below are a few more sources for the little research I have done . . .

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posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 02:10 PM
Mods - Can someone please move this to the General Conspiracies Forum? I didn't mean to post it under "Off Topic Politicians." Thanks!

posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 02:36 PM
Yea, this guy is a wanna be that never had a chance. He is fully convinced "they" are spraying him and he touts his claim to be a meteorologist but in reality was hired as a weatherman until they found out his credentials were garbage, then he was fired.

It must be sad to have to manufacture stories to make yourself look important. Like tying a pork chop bone around your neck just to get the dog to show you some attention.

Here is a bit more about this dork.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 12:55 PM
All you need to know about Kevin Martin:

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