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The Ancient Balance Within All Things. In One World, Of One People, And Of Divine Male/Female

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posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 04:21 AM

I speak to you all today; as one people of this planet.
I do not speak to you as Christians. I do not speak to you as Muslims.
I do not speak to you as first world people, or third world people.
I speak to you as one people. My people. People of this world.

For we are not so separate as is commonly believed. We are one.
There are those who believe Jesus is the answer, some who say Muhammed.
Those who see our truths and future in science and the Universe.
But all should know, that we are all one people asking the same questions;

'Who am I?' and 'What is the meaning of life?'
For we all can look at our face and we can recognise it as such,
All can look at our own hands and say; 'These are my hands.'
But how many of us truly understand what is within us asking these questions?

Who are we? What IS the meaning of life?
Why is our meaning any better or more correct to those of different beliefs?
Why does our God save us, but not others? Is that the actions of a loving God?
Are we all not this worlds Children? Do we not all live of the same world?

The answer to these very questions is in our blood.
All 'our' blood, not just those who are like ourselves.
We all bleed. We all bleed red. We all feel the same pain.
So how is that we find ourselves seeing others so differently?

No man is above his wife, just as no parent is above their child.
For even a teacher of old and wise years, can still learn from their students.
Wisdom is something that is learned through collective experience.
It is something we should all share as a collective. Not to be coveted.

Too long has the truth been hidden by those saying they love us.
Too long have the few held the balance of power in this world.
For it is only by their perception of wealth and power, that they are such.
And is it only be the perception of being weak and poor, such is so.

For money is only paper, deemed as powerful as we believe it to be.
Gold is merely as valuable, as the collective of minds who covet it.
For it is the truly divine who deems you rich and poor by your standards
It is the deeds and purity of our heart by which we shall be judged.

Those who have much and gave little
Shall be found short and wanting
Those who have little but gave all
Shall be those welcomed by the divine as Kings

For what is knowledge if it not taught?
Just as, what is a chance if it's not worth taking?
Just as, what is a dream if it's not worth chasing or losing?
We, all of us; can sense that this is not how it is meant to be.

We need to realise we are supposed to creatures of balance.
Just as day gives to night, and dark to light.
Just as joy is to fear, and hate to love.
So is man to women, and sister is to brother.

This is the true essence and balance of 'life'.
This is what life is, this is what all life is SUPPOSED to be.
There is no 'us' and 'them', 'believers' and 'non-believers'.
There is only 'We' and 'Ours'. We are one, not many.

A bird above our heads is just as important as the grass beneath our feet.
A plant is life of value as high as that of our own.
The wind blows across both of us, waters fall upon both our heads.
We both drink of the blood of this Earth and live through its pulse.

We lost the true value and understanding of life, when we lost our balance.
We forgot that the 'essence' of God within our spirits is that of both male and female.
We know only of the power and virtues of our physical God 'Father',
And neglected the love and nurturing of our physical God 'Mother'.

How naïve are we as a species to believe that all life would come from a woman.
Except that of the truly divine creation, from which all things came.
This has been suppressed from us as a species for far too long.
We are as Children being raised only under a Father who have become angry without love.

True balance and Wisdom was well known to the ancients like the Egyptians.
Male and Female held in the same regard, the two halves who together become one.
True power comes from the balance. By both true wisdom is gained.
Knowledge of when to form a fist, and when to give gentle caress.

For too much now have we fought, for we have forgotten how to love.
Why should we say another shall 'burn in hell' when they are of good heart?
No God was present when any of the books of man were written.
So how foolish is any man to say them to be of certainty?

We need to remember that for someone to be considered divine
One needs only understand more than you
Therefore I as a man, to you all may be considered truly divine
Though I am no more a God, or less a man, than yourselves.

We are all of us, powerful and divine capable creatures gifted intelligence
We are all of us, trained to seek the truth of all things
Yet we have stumbled upon the road through our 'faith'
By believing all that is told to us, we no longer seek further truth.

None should ever stop considering truth of all things
Just because they are told to have faith in something
For we all need to remember that;
Telling someone to stop asking the question is not the same as answering it.

There is a wisdom in this world which we overlook, which answers all things, if we ask.
I see the truth of the divine in everything that surrounds me, every day.
The Earth speaks to us of the most ancient and pure knowledge of our collective at all times.
We need only ears open to hear. Eyes open to see.
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posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 04:22 AM
We now need to look at our world and life intelligently
With the gifts of our mind that all 'our varying Gods' gave to us
We need to begin to understand the collective truths of all man
Not those speculated within books by men who 'believed' they understood God.

For non have correctly captured the essence of our divinity
They have all been corrupted through greed in their interpretation
They have all become a shadow of the message for which they were intended.
None are without flaws contrary to being divine, therefore none of them can be said of God.

We need to look inside ourselves, as one people.
For this is where we shall find the truth of the divinity.
This is where it has always been.
This is where it shall always be.

We do not need any Churches or Books to know the divine.
We need only the world around us.
Open your eyes and ears to the miracles around us all;
And ask yourself; “Why have I seen this? What is the message for me?”

Love those around you unconditionally, understand their flaws.
Give whatever and wherever you can to those who have fallen and need it.
Compassion for those who are broken, cause none with love, can not be fixed.
Respect all life around you, taking only what you need to survive.

Come together with good people to prevent evil, regardless of your differences.
For it is by the collective action of the good people, that evil shall be beaten.
Respect those of difference to you. Including those of your own family.
Just because your heritage dictates a path, does not mean you need follow.

Examine all avenues for peaceful conflict resolution.
Though a heavy-hand is sometimes necessary, it is not the only way.
So too should you examine the virtue in your own motivation;
'Am I acting as one of pure heart, for the good of love and life?'

And most importantly; give back for that which you take.
For we are creatures of balance, in its purest essence.
We come from the Earth, so shall we return to the Earth.
Therefore as we take from it, so too should we give from it.

This is in all things; physically, emotionally and mentally.
We are all responsible for our own place and balance in this world.
If we can not stand as a proud person of good heart in balance,
Then never can we stand as such a person under true divinity.

Remember, that nothing which is buried shall not be uncovered
Nothing that is hidden shall not be found.
All those who have eyes, let them see.
All those who have ears, let them hear.

The water-bearer of Aquarius has come upon our lands.
The Western star now shines bright in our darkest night.
The fires of the past Age shall now be extinguished by the truly divine.
The true King, not of England comes to sit upon their throne, with his Queen in balance.
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posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 09:15 AM
Thank you for being loving one.

posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 01:09 PM
I like it! S&F

Yes, our Mother has been suppressed and hidden away. This is because those in power, those who set up religion and currently run it are greedy and they want to profit off of Her as much as possible, and they have for thousands of years.

To include our Mother in their teachings would mean them having to admit Her divinity, and people would never take advantage or disrespect divinity. They would also lose their one main selling point: heaven. So they have turned Her into a "whore" and bleed her resources dry and pollute her any way they can and suppress Her beauty and place within heaven.

Mother Earth is just as much a part of God as Father consciousness, but people are blinded to that fact because of religious indoctrination. They have lost their eyes and ears in place of blindness and deafness.

The universe (heaven) is based on balance, and religion has shifted that balance in favor of greed and power. They have suppressed half the message, and we see the effects of that shift and suppression today.

posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 03:20 PM
I am going to re-post some of my wisdom in here. I'm sorry if you have read these Enlightened. I am trying a fresh approach to see if I can have a 'positive' thread free of fools.

I have decided that no more am I going to let those of lower vibrations unbalance me in here.

I am going to get forth the messages I am supposed to. That I wish to.

There is no point me giving discourse of 'what is wrong with the world', Unless I offer a better solution.

Getting angry at those who spit hatred at you, only serves to make you as foolish as they.

Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

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posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 03:26 PM


In long forgotten days of old, there was a city of renown above all others. A city made of gold, in days of stone; of which no other could conquer. A city of peace and grandest beauty. Where love and happiness were rule of life.

Its strength was that of Dragons, mighty wise and old. From grace of the wild beasts who loved them came the bounty of their lands. As dragons heart was pure, no other lands would they call home.

Their came to be a Princess named Elmira with a heart to love, too innocent and trusting. Born of those who were charged with protecting the blood of the Dragon.

Once whilst she was out riding did she fall from her Dragon over the forests of East, which grew too thick for her loving Dragon to land and retrieve. For three days and nights did she suffer, alone, starved and injured, till she feared that she were lost.

Upon angelic beauty of Princess fallen, came a woodsman and his sons; who by way of lives in cunning; saw way to treasure in that they'd found.

For as long as Men and Dragons had roamed the land, legend had spoken of the power contained within blood of the Dragons heart. For any who drank of them this blood, see it bound within them to theirs.

Seizing opportunity that they might hands with fill of treasures, they came to her and spoke; “We shall see you safe from Forest, if you feed to us of your Dragons blood.”

For the innocence of the sweet Princess had been broken, she made deal with wicked man, unconsidered of their cost.

Upon delivery from darkened forest, she took a blade to hand. Slicing her palm she turned to them as honour of promise made and told them; “Drink now and know the cost”.

Each in turn, the three men drank her blood and in them took its seed. Then from them rose and took to the sky; Dragons of darkest black, bearing teeth sharper than any before.

After lengthy journey did the Princess come upon her lands and found its skies corrupt. Where once light of noble Dragon had flow, now here did she find them black.

What once had been her home, now lay before her in ruin. What once was mighty, now no more than dust. No farmers did she find in field, no shop could she find kept.

Returning gaze to sky, she saw what had brought her home such cost.
Three dragons perched upon the crest of mount cast fire upon the world.

Weeping tears of regret she fell upon road to nowhere. Where she sat for many days.
Though many passed, most had no eyes to see her tears. Till no more tears had she to weep.
Then weakly had she pleaded after all her tears were gone.
But so many failed to hear her words, she found longing gone to speak.

Then came upon her a small and simple man of the North dressed in humble clothes.
As he knelt before her, from his sleeve he tore and then with water did wipe her face.
Then from his water did he make her drink, till again she found her voice.
Looking to him through broken eyes she asked; “Why have you given this to me?”
“My Lady I am one of those who are sad to see the treatment my fellow ”
This world it wasn't made for them and me, its the product of many hands.
And although some times it may seem harder to love, than to hate.
Our goodness is judged by that we give, not that which they take.”

“Now I've known love for some time now, and if there is one thing I have learned.
Its even the gentlest of tears with time will dry, though the pain inside still hurts them.
And even when they've pleaded so long, that they've lost the will to try.
If you listen with pure heart carefully enough, then you're certain to hear them cry.”

She regarded him through faded eyes and found hope in a pure heart.
Though his face was tired and his skin was scarred, no gentler man could pass.
The Princess asked the man; “Why have you come here today?”
The man answered pointing East, “To see the fabled Dragons slain.”

posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 03:26 PM
She regard in his belt a dagger, crafted of cheapest steel.
Came had he with no sword of renown or armour crafted for Kings.
Sensing her heart he said; “My lady, though my dagger may appear to you as nothing, see it now having bested all known manner of steel so to in it place your trust.”

She asked of him; “And who then do you fight for man, as I see no crest upon you.”
The man answered; “Fight for heart do I my lady, for mine and any knowing need.
I come as one knowing dark in times of need, when which none stood for me to fight.
For of Seven years did I train of battle, so I may Defend of me and mine.”

The Princess looked of his face intently, lest recognition failed to find.
“These lands are my home of all my life, yet never of you do I recall.”
The man answered; “These lands are foreign to me, as never before was I here.
My home lays across great sea, from greatest distance have I come.”

“For of Seven years as blade was taught, did I also learn ways of love.
Though I may be of different lands and trials, the pains we share are same.
And though I may fall here, not a man of your land, my blood be no less red.
No injustice or horror should be turned from our eye, lest inside it find its power.”

Though she had no more tears to cry with pain, her eyes welled with that of joy,
Welling of a spring deep within her of waters that no manner of hate could destroy.
For like the noble man before her had said, no light shall ever be covered by dark.
For even in the darkest nights shall you see, but the tiniest flame light your path.

So take of his blade did she now and again see her palm bleed for man.
“Then drink of this my fearless knight and see no Dragon ever have you beat.”
Trusting her words did he drink her blood and his blade did turn to grand.
And from him sprang the greatest of Kings that had ever graced the lands.

His armour shone with brilliance that no claw, nor flame could dent.
His scars became a strength of which, the mountains themselves would bend.
For as the men of the woods had drank, and of blackest beasts were consumed.
The one of heart had so become, man of whom no such beast shall be immune.

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