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The devolution of perception. 360 degrees of separation.

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posted on Jul, 6 2013 @ 06:37 AM
Our reality, our true reality, was smashed to pieces, the mirror was shattered, the circle was squared, the crystal was cracked.

We separated from nature for debatable reasons that do not matter now. It matters not if it was evolution or ET intervention/manipulation, it was done and there is no going back. What we have been through will be a lesson if we learn something from it. It doesn't matter if it was good or bad, what matters is that it was worth while.

Upon leaving nature for the unknown road alone, we were suddenly capable of processing, interpreting, storing and sharing information. This can be seen as a gift or a curse. On the one hand, we were able to communicate and share thoughts, ideas and experiences, perhaps to compare the experience and to find a common truth of what IS.

On the other hand our capability of manifesting our ideas through acquired knowledge only took from nature, and the man said it was his, this bred greed which in turn perpetuated the taking from nature, with ungratefulness.

Maybe it was neither a gift nor a curse, it was just a ability attained, and how we use it defines what it is.

We gained intelligence and embarked on a journey of discovery. We took reality to pieces within our adventure of exploration, we put names to everything so we could remember what a thing was. We drew diagrams and symbols to show how it fitted back together. We took the whole and sliced it into 360"degrees". 

From these 360degrees our "perception" of reality is created. This was symbolised by a circle, a empty circle, a loop, a hoop, it had no beginning, no end, it was empty but whole. We are taught that a circle is zero, but it's true value is priceless. When first created it symbolised everything. 

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again."

In geometry, a icosahedron  is a polyhedron with 20 triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices. A regular icosahedron with identical equilateral faces is often meant because of its geometrical significance as one of the five Platonic solids.
It has five triangular faces meeting at each vertex.  It is the dual of the dodecahedron, having three pentagonal faces around each vertex.

This original circle morphed into the icosahedron then the dodecahedron, when the 360 was divided by 12. It was no longer feminine, the straight lines removed this aspect. Zodiacal Astrology and gregorian time are just two products of this division, the less edges used to make a shape, the more perfect it becomes, as simplicity equals perfection.

The original circle only had one edge, imagine these shapes inside a sphere, the further away the shape is from the edge of the circle, the more of the original information is missing....

The most perfect shape that can be made using as little straight lines as posible is a triangle, using only three lines. Drawing a triangle in a circle you can see how much of the circle/original information is locked out....

The next shape closer to perfection its outline is made of only two curved lines, the feminine is reintroduced to round of the knowledge/information.

Finally we reach perfection again with the creation of a circle from a single line....

Man has perfected himself in his own eye, but look how far away from the original he has become. Look how much information is lost.....

This parallels/symbolises a dumbing down or disconnection of the divine. A controlled demolition of conscious awareness. A perfect creation by man that is far from perfect, more a freak, as fundamental information and truths about our divine heritage is kept locked out and beyond the reach of those who are "told" and believe "this is how it is". A multi layered cage has been constructed within our minds, and esoteric knowledge about the outer layers has been released to hush the enquiring minds who want to know more.

Without a doubt this cage exists, and without a doubt it keeps us within,.... Within the compound of our mind, confined by our understanding of what we sense, perceive, expect and know.

I sense there IS much to perceive, and Im expecting to know more.

Beyond the original circle we separated from, everything is infinite. All is one, and in harmony with the great song of the universe. Within the cage, our perception is manipulated by the ideas of others, as the words they utter claim to speak the truth of what IS. 

The cage layers are within the mind, and are comprised of limited knowledge of the creative aspects of the material realm, reducing the infinite possibilities we are capable of imagining to a selection of ideas confined to the knowledge contained within the separate layers of the cage. Most of this knowledge is based upon the false light that creates the false reality we call existence.  This knowledge is a lie and through belief the trap is triggered. The way out is via truth, It IS there, hidden amongst the lies.

Spirit science. The flower of life. 

Spirit science. Human history movie. (watch from 8mins 30sec to 9.40)


Prefix, De= remove.

gree= Superiority; mastery.

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