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Blocked on YouTube By Alexey Navalny Russian Supporters Whom are Afraid of Debating & Truth.

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posted on Jul, 6 2013 @ 01:40 AM
Blocked on YouTube By Alexey Navalny Russian Supporters Whom are Afraid of Debating & Truth.

On YouTube i have so to speak an account and in which just a few hours the guardian has being promoting Alexey Navalny as the main figure of the Leftist Russian Opposition which the Opposition is also backed and supported by gorbachev a traitor of the Russian people.
Someone whom didn't do anything for Russia during his presidency other then betraying the Christian Allies in the Balkans. And letting Clinton bomb Bosnia with ease.

The guardian had posted an article in tiled Russian opposition leader vows to destroy 'disgusting feudal system' in in which student of Yale University Alexey Navalny is vowing to destroy 'disgusting feudal system' and at the same he is condemning Vladimir Putin's government.

"My colleagues and I will do everything to destroy this feudal system that exists in Russia – this system of power where 83% of the national wealth belongs to 0.5% of the country," he said. "Not one of us has the right to neutrality," Navalny told the court (video) in Kirov, 500 miles east of Moscow, where he is standing trial on charges of embezzlement that are widely seen as a means of silencing Putin's most virulent critic.

Ironical enough the guardian, then decided on using a more unreliable, unjournalistic source to post the video from they actually used an YouTube source a user calling him/herself kirovles123 whom has only posted this video.

Russian opposition leader vows to destroy 'disgusting feudal system'
The Video has around 4,371 already 126,342 have seen it around 1,586 comments has being posted the majority of the comments have being Pro Alexey Navalny if your agaisnt him or the Russian opposition whom want blood you will be blocked even if you mention the Opposition is being supported by America.

The Rest of the comment are utter stupid there actually Comparing the Egyptian Revolution to there Organized Revolution in Russia here's an rough translated text of one comment.

Egypt will not be stupid youngsters and fringe-losers that support any of degenerates, unable to do anything other than take offense to power because of its worthlessness))

Ну и Вали в Египте, и забери насрального с собой.

And this comment is rather laughable according to Артем Фел who just joined YouTube. The situation is interesting, if we do install Alexei, it means they are afraid of, then it is possible to struggle, all then that wouldn't be not lost. If he is sent to prison, it will encourage a surge of discontent in the country and fight the power will be a must. And some Pro Alexey Navalny Russian Supporters are quoiting about an article made by Forbes magazine.

This is isn't major as some of the users shouldn't be taken serious at least not with the Alexey Navalny Russian Supporters there are some good comments agaisnt him. But its rather ironic that you would get blocked after mentioning either John McCain, Yale University or the fact that the opposition is organized by National Endowment for Democracy.

Its pretty clear that the Alexey Navalny Russian Supporters are afraid of debating and the truth about there opposition.
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posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 08:02 PM
Well Alexey Navalny will be serving a long prison sentence now for speaking out against Putin and the Russian governments mass corruption, as they say... another one bites the dust

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