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Claim the Pacific Garbage Patch as a Nation!

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posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 12:25 PM
I expect you couldn't claim it as your own independant nation as America will probably say the plastics belongs to them, therefore they own it

Good idea though. I have a mental picture of an island like the one that guy made out of plastic bottles, only on steroids


posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 01:15 PM

Sounds vaguely famuliar...

Let's help our country!

We propose a "treasure hunt" - find the debris island/s - and perhaps name them yourself - just like comets.

Just think: Debris Island #2 - (your name here) or something like that.

We propose this naming contest of this and future debris islands to commence now.

We propose this for this first one:

American Resource Island One

Wouldn't want them Commies sneaking in and stealing OUR island - after all, Japan sent it to US.

Perhaps we can track it/them like satellites and the military will grant us access to float paths and ETA America - and where.

Since this debris might be radioactive to some degree, (Gee, Wally, will the EPA/USGOV release this information before Christmas?), it might not be prudent to launch the The Raging Queen to sail out and claim such island for recycling just at this moment.

Claim it & Name it!

Besides, if you wait, the island will continue to come closer so as to make the return trip with ships laden with those valuable recyclables less costly. You just pull up along side an island with your sea-worthy MRF on barges, claim it, name it and go to work.

Just think of the possibilities!

Operation Survival

(How about the following for starters? (this is a work in progress - any input would be sincerely appreciated...)

We are a grassroots peace and environmental organization dedicated to sharing new ideas and vital information necessary for survival in this post 3/11 age.

We support converting our economy to safely fulfill human needs, creating a cleaner, safer and more humane world while working to make the connections between peace, social justice and environmental responsibility.

[color=magenta]Peace Love Light
[color=magenta]Liberty & Equality or Revolution

posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by uwascallywabbit

I love the idea.

Don't see it happening.

Those with sufficient $$$$$$$ are addicted and consumed by the globalist oligarchy's goals and schemes . . . dedicated to reducing the population to 200-500 million instead of eager to set up new nation states.

Nevertheless, it's a wonderful idea. Would love to see it happen . . . whether by a moneybags that truly loved freedom and responsible Republic sort of representative democracy . . . wherein the REPS could not serve more than 2 terms . . . or by a grass roots small $$ contributions mass movement.

Alas, I don't see either likely to happen. And were it about to succeed, I'd espect the globalists to sabotage or destroy it. They won't tolerate anything outside of their tyrannical system.

posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 03:22 PM
Just sweep everything under the rug - that is the solution!

No but really -

Why is it the case that when leaves fall on the ground, we do not consider it litter, yet when plastic and other man made items fall on the ground we do?

I'll tell you, it's because it does not fit into our living system.

When I went to India I saw people eating with their hands, and cleaning their asses with water. At first I thought it was disgusting, but at least their not clearing entire forests and producing chem/gas wastes to clean their asses and filling their dumps with plastic spoons and forks.

I saw one neat idea which was making food plates out of pressed leaves. That is one type of trash which is not too bad to just toss onto the floor.

Maybe all man made products should be like this - which fits into our living system without worry of any ill effects. It should be law.

We have the knowledge to make that happen.

posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 03:49 PM
There is a comic series called Great Pacific that kind of explores this idea for anyone interested.

A sneak preview of Great Pacific, a new science fiction comic about the Pacific Garbage Patch

posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 11:21 PM
thanks to all who replied.

i really enjoy crazy ideas (thats how i found ATS in the 1st place)

The post about that japanese tsumani waste just about blew my mind.

maybe... just maybe...

someone oughtta take a new salvage co. idea to kickstarter...

a ship with smelting and stack sorting capabilities with a GREAT BIG bowl scoop up front.

greatly simplified... everything in, and then a selection process, and then selective output... Plastic(s) here... alloys here...

further refining as needed. custom shape casting and mobile site deploy.

First order of business? VERY large pontoons. establish the City State which will serve as home base

then linkage, flooring, plumbing (and a host of other mundane issues)

a DEEP keel could provide a signifigant tempterature differential when opposed to a masted solar collector... said diferential could be used in a stirling engine to provide free electricity to the compound. the distillation required to desalinate ocean water would, as a side effect, provide hot showers...


fresh seafood.

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posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 02:12 PM
In all seriousness:

1. We cannot ignore The Pacific Garbage Patch (herein after referred to as the PGP).
2. The rarity of such a structure only validates what most already know:
A. That it is a historic monument of modern ingenuity.
B. That there is no other place as uniquely inhabitable
C. That is has a higher potential to survive nuclear war

1. Fish can be easily caught in the PGP's substantial array of soda bottle plastic

1. Because of the plasticity of the PGP, its floating mass can hold people, although perhaps not heavy objects.

Health Care
1. Because our primary source of food is fish based and aquatic objects:
A. The majority of medicine and health care must be revolved around fish and squid.
2. Medical instruments can easily be found in garbage bags full of used needles
3. Health care shall be free until a currency is acquired

1. Squid heads are the primary currency, as they are not common.
2. If you have no diving gear or squid heads, or die trying to obtain a squid head, you shall live in the poverty status (see housing).

Water Works
1. Because there is a massive pile of garbage in the ocean, all sewage shall be shot through a cannon as far away as possible.
2. It is advised not to swim in the water without a suit.

1. Floating boats
2. Submarine
3. Crews ships that bring in new citizens, mostly fleeing their country
4. Because no one will want to live on a pile of garbage, there shall be no limit as to the amount of people allowed on the PGP.

1. Lower Class: Plastic constructions, similar to igloos
2. Middle Class: Floating boats
3. Higher Class: Submarines

1. Citizens migrating to the PGP should bring text books for all grades and college level, on:
A. Mathematics
B. Social Studies
C. Language Arts
D. I forgot the rest

1. The primary language shall be a mix of all bordering Pacific languages
2. In lieu of that, the primary language shall be Dark Elfish

1. Burning plastic for fuel
2. Using whale fat for candles (and other things)

1. A lack of internet is classified by the UN as a humanitarian crisis, therefore there shall be no citizen lacking wifi due to emergency satellites.
2. Google balloons.

1. Democracy
A. Without democracy, other nations may be forced to impose it upon the PGP
B. Without democracy, other nations may (in addition to A., above) pillage our plasticity content for the use of synthetic energy and/or special treasures

Military Defense
1. Must be light weight
2. Must include nuclear armaments
3. Must include anti-ballistics and anti-nuclear weapon systems

Name and Flag
This is decided by a quorum of the elite upper class, as all other classes are assumed obsolete.

1. Finally, we come to criticism:
A. While some believe it will be acceptable to live on a massive patch of garbage, others feel that it will make the famed Atlantis have less meaning by the PGP's nearly identical reflection, only that it is a massive pile of garbage floating in the ocean.

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 04:14 PM
Great idea, but several issues.

One problem, the plastic itself. Someone might think all you would need to do is melt it down and cast it into some parts. OK. Even if that was possible, you are going to need a huge plastics factory basically sitting in the middle of the patch.

But it isn't even that simple. Not all plastics are the same. Not all plastics can be melted down. Some plastics, once set, do not melt. They will burn, but not melt. You cannot really recycle these plastics.

So now you have a huge plastic production facility in the middle of the ocean. Now you need a huge sorting facility in the middle of the ocean. You need a huge fleet of trawlers to go around collecting all that plastic. You need food, water, and other supplies for all those people playing around in the middle of the ocean.

If you couldn't tell already, just starting out we have billions of dollars in investments needed just to get this project off the ground. Not only that, but the environmental and economic drain of this project will surpass the benefit. Removing a bit of plastic from the ocean, vs millions if not billions or gallons of oil used for fueling and supporting this project.

There just isn't enough meat on the bone. It's like burning the rainforest down so that a single certain tree can grow. Sure, you now have more of this one tree and you can pat yourself on the back, but you forgot the entire forest of trees you burned to save those few.

Unless this was a massive volunteer job, with people using sailboats and rowbots to live and work in the middle of the ocean, it's going to be a loss economically and environmentally.

The better idea is just to send trawlers out there to scoop all the plastic up, bring it back ashore, and bury it in a landfill or recycle what we can. Even this would be incredibly expensive, and just think of how many fish and sea creatures we will capture by accident trawling the oceans with super fine mesh nets to catch microscopic pieces of plastic. Might as well let all the animals die in the plastic, if we were to net all that plastic we'd likely net every last living creature in the area as well.

Then there is the issue of plastic not being as strong as people think. The reason there are microscopic pieces of plastic in the ocean, and not large solid objects, is because plastic breaks down. Sunlight can destroy plastic and make it brittle and fall apart. I'd fear that even if you could turn all that plastic into a city, in short order that city would be reduced back into a pile of tiny chunks of plastic

There just isn't a feasible way to do what you want to do. If we had some sort of cheap unlimited energy this would work great, but if we had unlimited cheap energy there would be no point in doing anything other than simply cleaning the mess up and calling it a day, making a city from it wouldn't really accomplish anything.

So it can't work in today's world, and if there was a world where this COULD work, it wouldn't be needed, because we could simply clean the mess and be done, as our energy needs wouldn't be an issue.

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