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Being against collective force, and against the NWO ...?!

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posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 03:04 AM
I just might be in a bad mood today, but I feel like blowing up at various people for various stupid things.

I guess I like systems. I like to see how things fit into a larger system- I like to understand. I also see everything as relative because of this- everything has it's place depending upon the system it is in (the context).

I find that most of our personal struggles and inner conflicts are simply born of self contradictions- opposing ideas that we hold, and that battle with each other. Sometimes we just don't see how we are opposing ourselves.

One of them on this sort of grouping (conspiracy theorists) is the repeated mantra of hating socialism- collectivity, and also hating that 1% in power. Makes me want to pull my hair out!

The argument could be made that what you actually support is something in the middle- that is my ideal.

And yet even I recognize that to get to that, if you believe there really is a small minority that are currently ruling over us and abusing that power, the only way to get them OUT of that power is to use collective force!

Then you could go on to create soem sort of balanced system if you want. But to complain about those who are abusing, us, while ALSO refusing to bond together and use "socialistic, communistic, collectivist" type of force, is like cutting off your arms and complaining that you can't pick anything up.

I have friends in real life that are posting big statements about the abuses of the current US administration along with ones about the evils of socialistic countries. All I want to say is- I live in a "socialistic country" and they get out and use their power to stop the government each time it does something they don't like. And it works.

So sit in your chair and whine about what your government is doing. See how that works out for ya. At least you are not in a socialistic country

*spit* in the dust.

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 07:19 AM
good rant .. as for me have neither need nor use for any of their systems ... walked away from the idiocy years ago .. find it quite amusing now to sit back and watch them all argue over who's system is best ...
maybe one day humanity will outgrow such primitive behavior ...


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