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Snitch (EWC)

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posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 12:43 AM
It was late at night when Randy vowed to find the snitch.

And he had less than an hour, too...

Weeks and weeks, his friends had been suffering due to the work of the mysterious snitch... and he was entirely tired of it. So sick of watching these people grovel and drink over their lost wages and profits... he'd give anything for this to be over...

Alas, the job was never done.

When you lived a life like Randy's, you'd eventually grow to accept that danger is, while flexible, always inevitable... and living underneath the law wasn't meant to be a day in the park.

Randy was a respected member of an organisation called the syndicate, a black-market society similar to the Chinese Triads. Business thugs, who'd made a living off of drugs, extortion, sex, and slavery...

The syndicate had been experiencing fatal blows lately... leaks of information. Somehow, the authorities are getting tipped off left and right, and many syndicate members now are facing jail time. Drug busts, labs falling, money confiscated...

It was a wonder they were still functioning at all.

The distressing thoughts swirling in Randy's mind seemed to provoke the flashbacks of the helpless girl... that little girl, he remembered... No! please no! PLEASE!

The memory of the helpless girl made his head throb.

He attempted to rub the oncoming migraine away, and failed.

The memories rarely allowed him to sleep these days, which, alternatively, kept him well wired on energy drinks. Especially now, nearly one in the morning, approaching the Hub--the club where he and his syndicate buddies often met.

Tonight was the night.

After entering the club, the blaring music hardly affected Randy's headache. He was fairly used to it by now.

He cleared his stringy black bangs from his face, narrowing his green eyes forward, focusing on the bar.

Randy located a lanky, long-haired blonde guy, sitting slacked onto the bar. The man he'd been looking for.

The blonde man's name was Jason--Randy's closest friend. So close, Jason considered them brothers... though Randy, despite his occasional thrill-seeking disposition, was the calmer of the two. Randy often enjoyed peace and quiet at the end of the day, while Jason could simply never live enough. Randy regularly suspected that Jason may have had a few screws loose.

Nevertheless, Randy approached Jason and claimed the seat next to him.

"What took yah?" Jason asked, twirling around his shimmering brown liquor in the shot glass he held.

"Almost fell asleep." Randy replied, sighing. "God f***ing help me, I wanna sleep at night time..."

"Listen, dude," Jason began, ignoring Randy's snide comment. "We gotta do something about this."

"'Bout what?" Randy said, stifling a yawn, knowing very well what Jason was talking about.

Jason peered around, ensuring no one was listening. He leaned closer to Randy.

"Whoever the f***'s been leaking our info." Jason said, trying very hard to remain as quiet as possible, yet still loud enough for Randy to hear him over the music.

Randy gave him a vacant look.

"What're we supposed to do about it?" He asked. "I got no clue who the hell's been leaking our ****."

"We can't keep this up, dude. You know I ain't making half of what I was making last month? All our suppliers are being cut down, all the cartels are being sabotaged.." Jason said.

"Yeah..." Randy said, nodding, although Randy's profits hadn't really changed at all since the leaks began.

"I might have to start working houses again..." Jason said, looking down, wearing a distasteful expression. "That was hell on me, man..."

"I feel you." Randy agreed.

Jason inched closer to Randy, so close he feared that he may be kissed. He pointed a finger in Randy's face in a very demanding way.

"We... are gonna FIND this mother ******." He said heatedly. "And I am gonna **** HIM UP!"

"Keep it down..." Randy said, motioning for him to lower his voice.

Jason looked around again, huffing.

A rapid tapping noise grasped Randy's attention... he looked down.

Jason's hand was hammering upon the wooden table, in a hard, jabbing way that looked almost painful. Jason seemed abnormally anxious.

Randy gave Jason a questioning look.

"You using right now, bro?" Randy asked him quietly.

"Heh. Using. Yeah. Needed something to calm the nerves." Jason said, nodding and grinning oddly.

It looked like, whatever Jason took, was doing anything but calming his nerves.

"You okay, man? Whaddid you take?"

"Coke." Jason answered emptily, staring off into the crowd.

It wasn't unusual for Jason to experiment with drugs, although it usually lead to trouble... bar fights, arrests, etc. Randy wasn't a substance user like Jason... which, of course, lead him to be the more rational, calm one.

"You SWEAR you're gonna help me hunt down this snitch-ass-bitch?" Jason yelled, drawing a few eyes.

Randy nodded subtly, becoming uncomfortable with the amount of attention Jason was grabbing.

"You SWEAR?"

"Yes! Now shut the hell up!" Randy shot back, swatting a hand at him.

Jason nodded, stood, and vanished into the crowd.

Randy turned away, leaning on the bar, anticipating whenever he'd hear Jason's screaming voice after putting hands on a stripper, intentionally provoking the security guards, stealing a purse, or throwing a chair... it was only a matter of time, now...

Randy felt like a babysitter with Jason. He protected Jason from men twice his size, bailed him out of jail, and even once rescued him from being mugged.

Still, Jason never returned the favor, or even so much as thanked Randy.

It didn't bother Randy, though. Jason was not a loyal, caring type of person... he was selfish, flashy, and ever consumed in the need to prove himself.

Randy was a syndicate guardian.

Jason was just Jason.

Randy had reasons for protecting Jason, reasons beyond reasoning, funnily enough.

And thanks to Randy, Jason was still breathing, speaking, and walking the earth.

He checked his glistening gold watch, which almost blinded him after reflecting the bar lights.

It was one-thirty nine in the morning...

And time continued to pass.

After watching the idiotic, intoxicated crowd dance their hearts out, Randy stood and weaved his way through the people, in search of Jason.

This bar was run by the syndicate, and owned by them. It wasn't a place where Jason ought to make a ruckus... and anyway, there were more important things to tend to...

At long last, Randy spotted Jason, sitting in a chair, receiving an erotic lap-dance from a nearly naked goth girl.

Randy approached him.

"Come on." He told Jason.

Jason squinted up at him.

"What for?" He asked.

Randy gulped, glaring into Jason's gaze, burning into him like a lingering flame.

"I think I might have an idea who the snitch is."

~~~~ To be continued~~~~

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 01:21 AM

Jason's face went grave, his eyes shining.

He reached his feet, shoving the stripper aside.

"Who?" He said at once.

"Come upstairs, man. I'll show you." Randy said, then began towards the stairs.

Jason, entirely dumbfounded, followed suit.

The two men climbed the stairs at the back of the club, the music slowly fading from ear shot.

After they reached the second floor, Randy lead Jason into the employee lounge room.

It was a gorgeous room; red and black decor, with an enormous, wall-sized window overlooking the rest of the city, the lights illuminating the black night sky. The entire wall facing the city was made of glass, so all the employees were able to enjoy the view.

"What the hell're you talking about, you know who the snitch is?" Jason asked, closing the door behind him.

Randy didn't speak just yet... he marched up to the glass wall, staring into the city with a profound, cumbersome expression, releasing a deep breath.

"How long have we been friends, Jason? 'Bout ten years now, right?" Randy said, his back facing Jason.

Jason blinked.

"Dude, who's the snitch? You just told me you--"

"Ten years, we've been friends. And I had your back, did your work, wiped your ass for you." Randy continued, his voice steadily growing louder, talking over Jason's.

"What the **** are you talking about?" Jason said.

Randy turned to Jason.

"Why the hell would anyone put up with you? Huh?" He asked, his tone raising.

Jason stared at him. He'd never seen Randy so heated.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Jason asked him, growing frustrated. "What're you--"

"I don't have the patience for trash like you. But for ten years--ten. ****ing. YEARS. I put up with you."

Jason was completely bewildered now, his face twisted in confusion, his mouth agape.

"Cassidy." Randy murmured.

"What...?" Jason asked.

Randy's hand slid into his leather jacket, and he pulled out a glimmering, silver Colt 45.

Jason's eyebrows raised... he looked shocked, staring at the gun...

Randy aimed the barrel squarely at his chest.

"Her name... was... Rose... Cassidy."

He didn't do it, the trigger pulled itself... and again, and again again again... ear-splitting bang bang bang bang bangs rang throughout the place, and the bullets tore through Jason like he was tissue... oh, how wonderful... ten years... ten long, agonizing years of preserving this jackass... and here he is.. I got him... I GOT HIM!


It was Randy's 21st birthday when he'd get the greatest surprise ever.

His family lived in a particularly unfavorable neighborhood, and the crime rate was through the roof. Still, it didn't stop him from walking home... nothing stopped him... not until the day he heard the cries of the helpless girl...

"No... please no! PLEASE!" She shouted from a distance, and Randy recognized the voice.

Panic overcoming him, he slung his backpack onto the sidewalk and bolted forward, following the cries, as they grew louder and louder, nearer and nearer...

Randy turned sharply, headed down an alleyway... and there, he spotted it.

Rose Cassidy, the helpless girl, lying still, bloody, and naked upon the cold concrete. She'd just died, right before he showed up.

And her body was not alone...

As Randy's heart began to hammer against his ribs, his vision blurring, a second person was lying in this alleyway... a wirey, thin blonde man, perched over the lifeless naked teenager... caught in the act, pleasuring himself with her mutilated body...

When the blonde man caught sight of him, he stood and dashed down the alleyway and out of sight... Randy's breath cut thin, his thoughts leaving him, the ground began to spin, and he fell to the ground....

He awoke several hours later in a daze, in a hospital with police officers standing over his bed.

After telling them everything, the police did anything but returned the favor.

The rape and murder of his sister, Rose Cassidy, went unsolved, and the case remained cold...

Years passed, and the hate-driven Randy adopted a name for himself in the ranks--an undercover agent. A legend, to his fellow FBI agents. And as an undercover officer, he was able to, with time, join the syndicate, earn their trust, and eventually, track the man who was responsible for his sister's death... and that man, that wicked, twisted, sadistic, evil, abomination of a man, a long time coming, was finally, finally dead.

And here, the hot gun clenched in his hand beneath his tightening fingers, trembling, he couldn't tear his eyes from the body of the dead, bloody Jason lying on the floor before him... oh, so many years, peddling drugs for him, bailing him out of trouble... all for this moment... all, simply, for this moment... and so, so worth it...

An eternity could have passed before he checked his watch again... 2:00 on the dot.


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posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 01:31 AM
The sirens became audible outside, the lights flashing through the glass.

The authorities were surrounding the place, he knew.

Another bust, just as he'd planned.

He was a snitch, after all.

It was almost as though an entire planet had been lifted from his shoulders... a massive breath escaped him... now, he could finally relax...

Randy let the gun hit the ground with a thick thud.

He knew damn well the authorities could be shocked to find Jason dead, but being a fed, making a cover story wouldn't be all too difficult... as far as the police knew, Jason attacked Randy, and Randy killed him in self defense...

Randy prepared for the zillions of questions that would hit him after the feds raided the place, though now, for once, he didn't much care.

He didn't intend to continue. His undercover work was done.

Ignoring the flashing red and blue lights surrounding the bar, Randy faced the glass wall, overlooking the great city with sheer ambition in his eyes.

All over now.


AAAAAAND that's my first entry. Sorry if its kinda short, or if it seems kinda cliche. It all came off the top of my head, and I gotta get a little sleep tonight, so I rushed it a little bit.

Also, this story was inspired by this song. Its an awesome song, give it a listen;

Also, if you wanna be SUPER dorky about it, read the story as you listen to the song (lol)

Thanks, ATS.

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 03:57 PM
Well i enjoyed it! I dont normally read the longer stories because im incredibly lazy!
. I got the feel of the story nicely. Well done!...I did try to be super dorky but that music just totally destroyed my concentration

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by TheDoctor46
Well i enjoyed it! I dont normally read the longer stories because im incredibly lazy!
. I got the feel of the story nicely. Well done!...I did try to be super dorky but that music just totally destroyed my concentration

Saaaaa'll good! I'm trying to win a contest.

I'm the same way with other stories, and I have to be in a very particular mood to really allow myself to be sucked into someone else's story. When I read a novel or manga, I don't think "Damn, this character rocks! I wonder what's gonna happen!" No... I think, "Why am I reading this instead of working on my own story and showing them up?"

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Well its a while since i read a real book!. But i actually was forced to join the library this week because i needed some documents. So i have no excuses now not to read!. So i guess i will be upgrading from wheres waldo!
....And good luck with your entry

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 04:22 PM

Originally posted by TheDoctor46
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Well its a while since i read a real book!. But i actually was forced to join the library this week because i needed some documents. So i have no excuses now not to read!. So i guess i will be upgrading from wheres waldo!
....And good luck with your entry

That'll do it! And thank ya.

The reason "Less than an Hour" gave me inspiration for this story was because he PLANNED that murder, down to a T. And he had less than an hour to execute his sister's killer before the bust. The whole story is drawing up to that moment.

Sorry for the random explanation... but... eh... me loves writing.

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 07:19 PM
Thats a ripping good yarn! Its well laid out, the plot twist well placed, its a well balanced bit of writing and the pace is, in my opinion, pretty damned good as well.

Both thumbs up !

posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Do I detect a strong competitive nature?

Good job!

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