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posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 07:43 PM
Where's Edward?

All jokes aside, I hope this guy is alright... along with all the other whistle blowers. I watched an interview with Julian who sounded a tad under the weather. When is he ever going to be able to leave?

The Bolivian president made a joke about the suspicions of Snowden being on the plane. He said "It's time for me to go; Snowden is waiting for me,"

I gotta research that guy.

There's a thread about Putin's comments about US partners and I hope he's just playing international ball.
I can see why he would because we've got very important deals with them and I mean for the good of the planet... like the emergency response stuff but I'm really hoping he keeps his word about not turning Snowden over.

Pakistan insurgents= bad.
Afghanistan insurgents=bad.
Egyptian protesters=bad.
Syrian man eating rebels=good.

What the hell is wrong with this picture.

Why is it in every article about Syria the mention the death toll but who's counting the Pakis that drones kill every day? Who's counting the one's in Iraq and elsewhere? Are you reading the news? EVERY DAY.... more dead.

Been a while since I've been here, got some days off but I won't be here too long as usual anymore.

Not much time to bicker... so skip it vermon.

To everybody else... Howdy.


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