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(EWC) Neighborhood Watch

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posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 02:27 PM
06-28-2013 / 06:05- First call to dispatch. Neighbor reports what appears to be a homeless person rifling through their trashcans and recycling bin. Suspect apparently hitting every residence on "trash day". B&W to check.
06-28-2013/ 07:10- Report of officer down. All available to assist.
06-28-2013/ 07:50- First responder reports shooting of possible trespassing suspect. Ambulance dispatched.
06-28-2013/ 08:30- Suspect deceased. Coroner notified. "Officer Down" alert cancelled.

06-28-2013/ 10:12- Call taken from another neighbor, same street, concerning vicious dog on the loose.
06-28-2013/ 11:47- Dog cornered by three officers and shot. Animal Control notified.
06-28-2013/ 12:12- Owner of vicious dog ordered back into house after taking pictures of police action.
06-28-2013/ 13:30- Investigators meet heavy resistance after request for phone confiscation is refused.
- SWAT called.
06-28-2013/ 15:00- Negotiations fail. Report of elderly woman shot while brandishing broom. Officer feared for
his life and the lives of his fellow officers.
06-28-2013/ 15:30- Coroner notified.

06-29-2013/ 08:00- Report received of possible under-age purchase of alcohol. B&W to check.
06-29-2013/ 08:15- Car reported to have fled scene. Chase in progress. Multiple units.
06-29-2013/ 10:11- Report of fleeing car losing control and overturning on freeway off-ramp. DOT notified.
06-29-2013/ 11:17- Three teenagers arrested for disorderly conduct. Car towed to impound yard. No alcohol.

06-29-2013/ 16:00- Call received concerning possible bank robbery at the corner of Main and Elm.
06-29-2013/ 16:10- Witnesses tell police that a man in the bank is "demanding" accountability from bank
employees concerning charges to his account. Security guard has drawn his weapon and
is keeping perp from arguing with manager.
06-29-2013/ 17:15- Suspect apparently has heart attack. Ambulance dispatched.
06-29-2013/ 17:40- Coroner notified.

06-29-2013/ 18:45- Report received of possible riot at Wilma's Geriatrics Lodge. Old people going crazy.
A man is irate after learning his mentally disabled son was shot to death while searching for
aluminum cans. Across the room an elderly lady in a wheelchair is hysterical about the loss
of her sister . . and the family dog. "She loved that dog!" "He was a great dog!"
Still another woman has just learned that her three grandchildren were arrested . . . and
almost killed in a car accident. What the hell was going on ? Was the world going crazy ?
The nightly news was taking its toll on all of them.
In the corner an elderly gentleman, talking on the phone, began to shout into the mouthpiece.
"What do you mean I sound like a terrorist ?" "It's you people, the corrupt law enforcement
in this country, that's gone loco!" What the hell's the matter with you folks ?"
06-29-2013/ 21:30- Report of possible terrorist threat at Geriatrics Lodge. All streets closed in 2-block area.
06-29-2013/ 22:20- Shootout reported between police and residents of Lodge. DHS notified.
06-29-2013/ 22:42- They're gone ! All of them ! They're all dead ! Coroner notified.

(The television continued to blurt out the news . . ."In a related story today, DHS and local
SWAT teams ended what appeared to be a terrorist ring set up in an Elder Care facility . .)

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