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Open Wide

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posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 09:38 AM
Bright sky flashes
Bright sky fades
I feel the pulse, strumming closer
A drumbeat, sounding the alarm
A new world is born
Yesterday was the last day of the rest of our lives
Steel skeletons yield the way for surging flame
"Today, today!" it calls
And I hope you are happy
My shadow is burning!
And I hope you are happy
Bright sky flashes
Daydream fades
Human skeletons lead the way
Today is the first day of the end of our lives
The pulse, still strumming
Moltern hatred, atomized fear
"Our lives!" I scream, thick with grief
Black suit and tie ashes rain
Pin-stripe lives, a waste, a killing joke
Even my shadow is burning
and I hope you are happy
Tomorrow, a waste, a killing joke
"But, our lives..." I almost say choking on terror
Open wide
I hope you are happy
That's my shadow burning
And that one is yours


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