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Deputy President Of Kenya Ruto, Tells Obama, Respect Our Culture.

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posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 12:15 AM
The point of this thread is not to discuss our beliefs regarding gay rights. It is to discuss whether or not Obama and the U.S. has a right to impose our cultural beliefs on another country.

I personally wonder why America cannot mind its on damn business! We not only have no right but we are completely ignorant to most of the cultures in this world that are not our own...

Obama has no business running his mouth like this. I am starting to see the bigger picture though. We just pledged $7,000,000,000 to Africa to help them with there Electricity infrastructure and to give them an economic opportunity. Wonder what conditions Obama has pledged to the people of Africa. Is it we will give you the money
but we are going to tell you what is right, what is wrong, what you will believe in, what you will not believe in whom to elect, how to elect, how to cheat to get whomever you want elected etc. Is America now gonna micro manage the projects in Africa, or is it much bigger than that....Is Obama promising money and help to Africa as long as they give up their individual freedoms and let the U.S. government control them just as they are trying to control us!!

This article speaks to the title of the thread:

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday urged US leader Barack Obama to respect Kenyans’ culture, saying they would not abandon their traditions that condemn same-sex marriages. The Deputy President said Kenya was ready to work with other “sovereign and God-fearing” nations, adding that the government would continue to foster these relations.

Daily Nation Kenya

Mr Ruto urged foreign governments to respect Kenya’s sovereignty. “But for these other things we hear it is none of our business as it goes against our customs and traditions,” he said, referring to President Obama’s call for African countries to respect the rights of gay people.

Here is another example wear Obama's unsolicited advice is offered to the Kenyan people, only this time the President and his arrogance is slapped down by Kenyan Wilson Muirani.

i don't know about you, but I have seen the bang up job our President has and is doing in this country. Must Kenya follow us to hell? He has no business trying to advise any country on anything.

Would love to hear your thoughts ATS.


posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 12:50 AM
You know more often then not i see petty little minded individuals hiding
behind this guise of "culture" as they call it, the problem i have with this
entire idea is that its being used to justify atrocities, like keeping womens
rights from being equal in many many places, allowing genital mutilation
in many many places, allowing slavery, murder, rape, theft, and on and
on, cultural rights should not supersede human rights.

I believe everyone has a right to their own culture but that it should never
involve laying down their freedom, if the US still had African American
slaves and we claimed a cultural right it would still be seen for exactly
what it is.

Now to be clear i do not believe we should even be giving them this
money to begin with since many times in situations like this most
of the money is siphoned off by those who are corrupt, Honduras
is a perfect example, we poured more money into that country then
you would imagine only for it to stay exactly the same if not get
worse because 90% of it was stolen.... and that's a fact, i was there
to actually see that occur.

posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by bloodreviara

Whether you like it or not Obama doesn't represent a Human rights group, he is the leader of a super power and represents the United States Of America! He does not give a rats ass about the atrocities across the world and that is not what he meant! He saw this as a media opportunity to try and pump his ego up! In both instances!

He needs to learn how to respect individual rights and understand not every country embraces the West. What he said in Senegal, where homosexuality is considered a crime was insulting as hell and stupid! Regardless, if i or you or he believes its right or wrong! Does him painting the U.S. in a nasty light help change the law in Senegal? Not one bit!! But it hurts diplomatic relations a great deal!!

Why are you bringing up slavery? I said nothing about that, they said nothing about that why are you talking about it?

Doesn't the United States have enough to deal with in its on back yard!! It is quite frankly none of our damn business!!! Obama needs to take a job with Amnesty if he is that concerned!!! I can't believe you think he cares. LOL!

posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 01:25 AM
Thanks for the article..

You have to open up your mind more on this, US has been doing this for ages (say during and after both world wars actually America never in a single year experienced peace) and this is not Just the Obama phenomena.
Middle East and/south America/Asia and Africa histories are full of US/British meddling in both cultural/economical/political (that why they hate America). Take a look at this super heavy embargos and sanction on Iran for years (33 years) issued by the U.S. because (they wanted to be free and away from US and her allies policies) and then U.S. ask and shamefully threaten other countries to follow its order too (or else)..?

Star for you..

posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 08:11 AM
That second video said it all. Paraphrased - America has come in handy to help us but now stop using media to spread your propaganda and influence elections. He goes on to give Obama an education on sovereignty and let him know they aren't stupid. Very frank with his words.

Our government is so used to buying everything they want that they have become like a spoiled child - an entitlement frame of mind. They use the perpetual never ending magic credit card and do with it what they wish and for the most part have seen that this equals results.

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