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Truth! Finally. Full Release TBD [EWC]

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posted on Jul, 2 2013 @ 06:51 PM
Dear World,
If this ever reaches you then this should be known to all.
Sincerely, Agent Captain R Morgan
Time and Date TBD

1998/20,000 BP?
~May 14
I have to get this down! this is what happened last night!!
Other than being the longest mission that I've ever carried out, this was by the far the strangest. What started out in 1998 in the Northwest Territories of Canada, just outside of the Arctic Circle has ended up landing me someplace and somewhere that I can only imagine time forgot.

Our team, consisting of myself, a Medic and two other agents, trained diligently for two years before this mission. We were little prepared however, for the series of events that "propelled" us into "another world". Sure, we've been on plenty of Sasquatch Co-op missions and we've all met the other side in their underground bases, but none of that really compares to what has happened to our team.

Agent Richards and Agent DeCarta led the way as the Medic and I kept position in the back as we approached what appeared to be a cave with a bright green, glowing light radiating from within. The glow was accompanied by a strange warm and moist breeze, as if we where at a beach on a tropical island. The glow was in my opinion dragging us in by tugging on our sensors, it put us in a "trance".

Why are we here, and why would a "spy" need to be an a deep underground military exploration into "black science", you ask?

Well, the world of spying works in mysterious ways sometimes. I was actually put with this team acting as an agent, even though, I am also tasked to "keep an eye on" Agent DeCarta. There is a slight belief that he's working for the other side and is only here to find and destroy any evidence and eliminate any eye witnesses. So that is how I ended up where I am now. Back to the story then.

The warm pulsating cavern that slowly engulfed our team seemed to "lift" us off the ground as if we were taking giant steps without effort. This cave seemed to make us weightless, as if there was some kind of anti-gravity effect going on. It didn't take us long to realize that we where all equally paralyzed and trapped as we floated in a circle around the edge of what seemed like an infinite realm of darkness.

When I awoke I did not know if it was the next day or the next year. Nothing made sense. I was in a field of tall strands of wild looking wheat. Nothing looked real, yet everything was very real around me. I walked to what I thought was west, as it looked like the sun was setting in that direction.

It didn't occur to me until just now as I'm writing this, but I never thought, and I still do not, that we were still in the Arctic Circle. The clouds were all wrong for that and I was in a wheat field with warm weather.

That being said, I was heading west. It wasn't long before I almost tripped over the Medic's broken body on the ground. His head and upper torso was almost completely twisted around from his back side. It was surreal and very discouraging.

I sat for a few minutes on a rock and fathomed the news that my lighter still worked as I smoked.
Where the hell was I? I thought out loud. I knew I was alone, at least I felt like I was alone.

May 15
That night I collapsed next to a tree and awoke the next morning with strange little animals that resemble ground hogs rummaging around my bag and a pile of feces that I left about 30 feet away. As I sat up they looked curiously at me but seemed more curious that alarmed.

May 16
I spent the next day walking in a straight direction, due west. I encountered several types of animals that I had never seen before. These animals where like ours, but more wild looking and larger. I saw many types of what I would call a rhinoceros.

May 17
It was the fourth morning that found me shaken to death and forced to hide under a rotting log. I have been laying here motionless for the past few hours, listing to the sounds of animals being blasted apart by what looks like a laser beam weapon. There are "flying saucers" everywhere around me and they are destroying all different types of animals as they scan over sections of the land.

I witnessed these things blowing away tiny insects and butterflies and then disintegrating a whole heard of dear, yet leaving only two deer completely untouched. It happened so fast that the other deer suddenly realized that all the other deer just "disappeared".

What really shook me up and made me drop to ground in utter disbelief was the dinosaur bones. These ships that were scanning the landscape and disintegrating vast amounts of life were accompanied by these box shaped ships that had cranes and excavation equipment. These ships were digging up the earth and burying what looked like dinosaur bones. These bones where being placed and then encased with various types of material. It looked like liquid hot tar. These machines were "creating" future fossils! Unbelievable.

I wanted nothing more than to write this down before I to became a fossil.
As I write this I am sure that within minutes I will be dead, as the slowly moving saucers are getting closer to my location.
Soon they will be overhead and I'm sure they will no doubt detect me.
I can hear their ships now!! I can hea

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posted on Jul, 2 2013 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by FinalCountdown
Doggone it- you got me!
I need to know what happens next. Will there be a sequel?

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