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Quinn writes stricter rules into concealed carry bill (Illinois)

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posted on Jul, 2 2013 @ 01:11 PM

I had a feeling Quinn was going to rewrite our concealed carry legislation and guess what, he did.... Now our lawmakers are going to either accept this or veto it. I'm pretty sure this will get vetoed and we will go to Constitutional carry on July 9th. Something I'm not all that fond of. I would much rather see a carefully crafted and common sense bill passed... Guess that's too much to ask of Illinois politicians.

Here's some of the things he's changed...

According to a copy of the governor's veto message obtained by the Tribune, Quinn moved to ban guns from all places that serve alcohol, allow people with permits to carry only one concealed weapon that can hold only 10 rounds of ammunition, required guns to be completely concealed instead of partially, give employers more rights to regulate guns in their businesses, and removed a provision to prevent home-rule towns from enacting assault weapons bans.

The following quote gets under my skin. While we have "serious safety problems" the concealed carry bill was not one of them!

"I have carefully reviewed every part of this legislation. This is a flawed bill with serious safety problems that must be addressed," Quinn wrote in his veto message. "Therefore, I am compelled to use my constitutional authority to rectify several specific issues, to establish a better law to protect the people of Illinois."

I currently carry because the DA's in my county and surrounding counties are not prosecuting those of us exercising our Constitutional rights. The Sheriff's are not arresting either, so long as you have a valid FOID card.

Sorry if this has been posted, I searched and didn't see it.... Just thought I'd share.

PS, I'll give up my penny collection to anyone that can make Chicago it's own separate State and leave the rest of us Illinoisans alone... Might even throw in a couple bucks if ya can get it done ASAP!

posted on Jul, 2 2013 @ 01:48 PM

Originally posted by KawRider9


PS, I'll give up my penny collection to anyone that can make Chicago it's own separate State and leave the rest of us Illinoisans alone... Might even throw in a couple bucks if ya can get it done ASAP!

Damn! I was just getting ready to take this project on, when I realized that I've yet to finish organizing my silverware drawer. Another time, perhaps.

I'm interested in the term "Constitutional carry." I could sort of guess, but if you'd be kind enough to spell it out....

posted on Jul, 2 2013 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by Ex_CT2

Constitutional carry means you can carry anything, anyway you want. Open carry, concealed carry, a rifle slung over you shoulder, whatever. For example, I could strap two ..44 mags on each side of my waist, a rifle slung over my shoulder, a .380 on my ankle, a .9mm under my jacket and carry a shotgun in my hand while walking down the street, or anywhere for that matter. And that's not something I consider a good thing. Not 'round here anyway...

Get you silverware in order and get on my request please!

*Edit.. If our lawmakers don't decide on this bill by July 9th, Constitutional carry goes into effect.
edit on 2-7-2013 by KawRider9 because: cause I'm forgetful.

posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 08:31 AM
Not to say I told ya so, but here it is...

Within hours, the chief House sponsor of the bill filed paperwork to have lawmakers reject the changes. The General Assembly will return Tuesday to deal with the issue. Tuesday is the deadline set by the federal courts for the end of Illinois’ last-in-the-nation ban on concealed carry. Read more:

I just knew this was going to get vetoed. Now our lawmakers will meet on the 9th to try and get something resolved. You know, on the same day it becomes legal to carry any damn way you want. Quite pathetic of our dear Governor.
I for one am sick of Chicago dictating the policies of the rest of our State and this was political pandering to Chicago.

“What he did today went well beyond the scope of his (amendatory veto powers),” said Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, the lead House negotiator on concealed carry. “He gutted this bill and rewrote it the way he wanted. It’s nothing more than political pandering to Chicago.” Read more:

Another provision is signs. He wants all businesses to post signs saying if they allow weapons in their establishment, not the other way around.

He also reversed a provision in the law that required signs be posted in stores, restaurants, churches movie theaters and other locations if the owner wanted to prohibit concealed weapons. Instead, Quinn said signs should be posted in places that allow concealed weapons. Read more:

Really? It wasn't to long ago that Illinois passed the no smoking law. Meaning no business can allow smoking. Yet, we were all forced to hang no smoking signs and it was not deemed a burden to us. Yet, we have to hang signs stating that we allow weapons in our establishments. I think that's a bit backwards.

We need more signs in Illinois for sure. I suggest, "Welcome to Illinois, yes, we are that dysfunctional"...

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