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Egypt's Mursi Rebuffs Army Ultimatum, Sets Own Course

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posted on Jul, 2 2013 @ 11:37 PM

Originally posted by kdyam
It's sad that Canada and America have the same stance on electing "klutz's". If we elect someone into office and the do a horrible job then we should be able to remove them.

In a parliamentary democracy a Prime Minister can be removed by the party, a government can be removed by a vote of "no confidence" before their terms are up. There is a mechanism, within government.

In republics, it probably varies but there are mechanisms for the removal of elected officials.

Running amuck in the streets is something that happens after prolonged suffering, not a year or two after someone is elected.

Any business you look at works that way... you hire an inept employee, they don't preform to your standards... you fire them and hire someone else.... why wait 4 years for them to continue the damage and make your brand or label a laughing stock.

Running a country like a business is fascism. If a business was owned by 70 million people, they would have to vote to fire an employee, vote, not tear the factory down.

Here in America that is exactly what we are doing... we are going to go the way of Bennington and Ambercrombie soon. I think those Egyptians may have the right of it. At least they stand up for their rights when they are being infringed.

They have to learn democratic processes. There are ways to do things in a democracy. I'm not in favor of "the mob" as an engine of social or economic change. That is the road to military dictatorship.

Are you sure that Egyptians want to be responsible for their own affairs, or do they want another "daddy" but a nice daddy this time? It looks like the latter to me, but I willingly concede that I surely don't have the full details on why Egypt is the way it is.
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posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 04:29 AM
Islam = peace.

posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 08:29 AM
I thought I would look up information on student politics in Egypt, just to be better informed about the situation. First, there is indeed student politics in Egypt and obviously that is a good thing.

Unfortunately the student political process is strongly tied to national government oversight and influence. Electing student representatives in Egypt is not a straightforward democratic process as it is in Canada and other modern democratic states.

People interested in this subject should check out the article at the following link. It is short and very clear.

The complicated electoral process is divided into five stages, in which university students only elect their representatives directly in the first stage. Afterward, the rest is decided through political and partisan deals.

I suspect that Egyptian university student politics is very much a microcosm of national politics in Egypt.

“The university’s electoral system is very stratified. It deprives students from directly electing their representatives at all levels,” argues Mohamed Nagui, a researcher in the academic freedoms program at the Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression.

Nagui argues that such a system does not reflect, but rather contradicts the electoral patterns of students who voted in the first stage.

“If we take Minya University as an example, we’d see that independent students who allied with non-Islamist students won 68 percent of the vote, while the Brotherhood won 30 percent of the votes. Yet the Brotherhood managed — through political deals — to convince those independents to vote for them in the fifth stage. This allowed Brotherhood students to win the post of secretary general in the university’s student union,” he explains.

Egypt will need to institute real democracy at the student level before they will get real democracy at the national level.

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posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by kdyam

I Hope so because until America is restored to the golden Democracy and land of hope that is was we are all in trouble, even though we never went to the states us limeys were still tied at the hip to your country and Oh my real paternal grand father may just have been a GI as My paternal grandfather was away at sea?.

posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 06:27 PM
. . . .and now we have a military coup in Egypt.

The Egyptian people love their Army! Well done, Egyptian people! See you again in two years.

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