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Un-intended Company [EWC]

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posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 02:55 PM
“Wake up!” The dragging sound of a stainless steel chair grinding across from my recollection of a green painted concrete floor, scratching its surface and drifting closer to me, causes this grimace despite the pain on my broken face to stretch from left to right. I know its only a matter of seconds until… the… interview… begins, again.

“Are we awake yet Dammit!”

“I said are we awake yet sweetheart? I want to know what you were doing IN MY DAMN COUNTRY! I WANT TO KNOW RIGHT NOW!” as the faceless brute begins again with the barrage of blows punching and hitting in the rib section and occasional jaw shot breaking teeth and causing blood to flow.

The interviewer removes the bag or cloth from my head, I am powerless to fight back as every blow causes a deeper cut into the flesh on my wrists from what I believe to be zip ties. The pain is tremendous, but expected… I’m just waiting to pass out again. They always win, they will get the info they want, just keep thinking about my girlfriend and my bike back home, pain is temptation I just want to tell them…

5 Days Earlier

My warning order was simple.

Situation: known bomb maker and terror sympathizer [classified] is delivering equipment plans and detailed raid, brevity, and player information along with phone numbers and phones to move with IEDs being planted along MSR [classified] we believe he is the hub we need to break what we believe will be the next attack on [classified].
Mission: Evacuate [classified] to friendly Humint for interrogation he is priority and needed alive and able to speak, all the others eliminate . Your insertion will be delegated by S-2 and you will go in by cover of routine [classified] presence patrol by means of a foot mobile force consisting of one squad and 4 vehicles as this meeting they will most likely not want to provide much opposition and risk exposure it shouldn’t be difficult for you to blend with this squad until you branch out within 1 click of your objective, all your movement will be foot mobile till you meet with the other elements on your team your tactical objective rally point and location is denoted on your map on coordinates [classified] where you will delegate your overwatch into a good position after you and your partner will move to conduct over watch and find the most probable coarse of approach. We believe this meeting will occur in [classified] from now at approximately 1[classified] hours. Your team can expect light security take them out quietly. After you complete this op your overwatch will regroup with you and you will collect all available intel on site and leave an IR beacon on the roof for air support to destroy the site once cleared and called in you will have 10 mikes to take a hostiles security vehicle and take patrol route Delta where you will be caught in an [classified] checkpoint at this time you surrender and their S1 will know what to do, your team members have been briefed you don’t say a word about anything.

Equipment: The target and his entourage will be armed with small arms such as ak74us small arms probably Tariq pistols and driving Opal sedans no armor be advised that inside the structure should be known explosive devices.
Admin and Logistics: [classified]

Control and Support: [classified]

As I move in according to plan my partner and I terrain, map, and lay out the hide house for the upcoming snatch and grab getting into position was simple. These desert cities are a cinch most are religious and pious and are in by 2000 hours and leaves much room to move about. I set my shooter in a previously bombed out 7 story building on the 3rd floor my partner and I set out for an area close enough to the strike zone that the exterior security elements would be at such a disadvantage we can eliminate all but one car before dispatching of them without interrupting the meeting. Listening devices were out of the question the intel packet placed the meeting home in the Sheiks home, people are in there always, I didn’t want to eliminate them.

Hours before play time I couldn’t help but not to stop and look at the soft glowing and hums of the lime green and pink neon signs in the corner alley shops set against an indigo sky as wide and vast as the biggest oceans, its going to be a quiet night.

My shooter was in place and ordered to maintain minimal silence over our comm units as to not alert the package by residual noise. The foot mobile movement to the objective was under way paying close attention to all the garbage littering the sand covered streets.

Like clockwork we were in position moments before the players arrived, there were only two vehicles, a rusted orange and white opal taxi rusted and rattling as it sputtered to a stop closely followed by a black and blue sedan. All of a sudden within 10 meters of my position 2 other tangos approached by foot, threw my night vision I knew that was our VIP.

We waited till all players were inside before we launched our ambush, there was 3 left outside and 3 known targets inside, my partner approached from concealment behind the last tango at the rear of the dark sedan, I approached the other side to flank the front of the opal. With presicion my shooter took out the driver, when the muffled shot was heard the security man at the dark sedan spun to meet my partner waiting with a blade to be forced through his throat. I took mine out with a silenced shot to the throat and then to the head with my MP5 A5 SD. We drug the bodies very quickly behind the vehicles and waited out side the objective I covered the back and far wall from the corner my partner covered the adjacent. We decided to take them out as they were leaving.

I heard a crack from my shooters nest indicating that tango 4 left to head back to the vehicles my turn for the snatch was rapidly approaching. I could feel the adrenaline coursing through me like venom from a snake, everything was moving so fast and slow at the same time anticipating what was to come next.

My VIP approached first with his man right behind him I waited till they walked right past me to get proper ID, I sprang my trap executing the 2 man and launching 2 shots into my VIPs shoulder securing him from resisting… too much.

HQ FOB [classified] 2 days ago

“Intel gathered from VIP [classified] confirms a rebel attempt at bombing the nuclear facility over the border in [classified]. We need you and your team to relocate to the border immediately to impregnate the route designated by VIP with sensors and lay way point coordinates for drones to operate over head for observation. These guys want to stage an attack on the nuclear facility and make it appear to be American spec ops/ cointel assualt further gaining their group support and build more terror propaganda to desensitize and further destabilize allied operations in this region.” [classified]

Back In Interview Room

The smell was staunch of urine and sweat, complicated scents through my broken nose was the heat and humidity crusting blood long dried on my face. The dehydration was making me delirious as I looked side to side in my tiny room. The blurred sign of daylight through my tiny window gave me some hope some way I can try and pretend I am counting time go by to keep my mind busy. The floor was soaked in blood and stained probably from the previous residents and the far corner was scorched as though someone was burning something or someone in here. I keep slipping into and out of fits...
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posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 03:02 PM
of madness and despair as I fight to keep a positive mind and trying hard not to anticipate my next interview.
Suddenly, the sound of a door opening in a hall way somewhere behind me on the other side of this wall creaked open and I can hear the foot steps of at least two approaching my door. The adrenaline began to spike again, I knew they were coming, they were coming for me…

Some Time Not too Long Ago

The plan was to be inserted near the border acting as tourists hiking along the border looking to photograph wild like and the mountains. Our cover was flimsy but operations wanted to act quickly and we were the only asset near by. We were inserted by helo early in the morning and left to drop sensors in designated locations to help paint targets that will be using this goat path very soon to sabatoge a nuke facility. We were not expecting their to be an armed convoy waiting for us under the cover of tarps blocking them from drone surveillence…

Unarmed and all alone we had just dropped our last sensor and were about to change course and head back to the rally point over the border in friendly territory. We only had a satellite phone for comm but no time to use it before gun fire roared out from across a waddy about 50 meters away, I saw as my team members went down and I hit the deck with my hands in the air. I didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen, there was no warning. The last thing I remember was the beatings and the sound of two pistol shots close by, I can’t help but think that was my team being executed, then they blindfolded me with something…

Back Home

“Special News Bulletin… American hikers are being held hostage by Iranian forces under suspicion of espionage no confirmation on their condition and yet to hear a statement by the President any moment…”

The televisions across the country spewed with media spin and propaganda about the failed op, the agency knew they had to cover their asses fast. The nefarious intentions of the top brass in operations were using this team as a scape goat, some believed they wanted to have them detained and may have even leaked their location to Iranian forces…

Interview Room

“I told you I was just hiking and taking pictures! Please listen to me!” [classified]

“You and your team members were sent to sabatoge a nuke plant, I want to know how you planned on doing it, who you are working for, I want to know who you are! You see You and I are going to get to know each other REAALLLLY well!” [interviewer]

“Speaking of my pals are they here? Are they OK? I want to see them, and I want to talk to somebody from the Red Cross!” [classified]

The beatings and torture ensued for what seemed like days until I couldn’t take anymore, I passed out. I was awakened what seemed like an eternity later by the rumblings of strange men binding my wounds and the sound of a roll table being wheeled to my position. This is the first time someone came to my aid, I was in and out of delerium and so thirsty and weak, my arms seemed cramped to a point I couldn’t move them anyways. Perhaps this was the idea when they cut the zip ties from my wrists, I was still to weak to even try and escape.

They had brought me food and water but I couldn’t eat or drink on my own, I didn’t notice at that instance the video camera they brought to the room, I was of been unconscious for days as they cleaned my face and let my beard grow bigger probably to hide my wounds. People approached the rooms wearing masks and military garb I thought to myself “Where am I WTF is going on?”

Masked Speaker

“Three Americans were found near dead and dehydrated in the Arabian Desert not far from our borders carrying spying equipment, we believe these men were part of an allied attempt on our nuclear research, intel reports from the government confirm these men had dealings with terrorists in Iraq days ago in the planning process of this terrorist act and threaten our sovereignty. Unfortunatley 2 of them had perished on the way to our facility for medical attention, no response yet from the Americans State Department. Until then let the world know we are holding this terrorist as a POW until proper authorities have had adequate time to make a decision. The POW is being treated by Iranian law and as you can this animal is still recovering from his foolish attempts to cross our desert.”

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posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 05:18 PM

…….Agents [CLASSIFIED] have been confirmed KIA, Agent [CLASSIFIED] is being held in Iran as a spy. Our double agent [CLASSIFIED] has done a good job setting them up for this op. Our citizens are eating this up according to [CLASSIFIED] inside our media PR wing, while they demand we take diplomatic actions Operation [CLASSIFIED] is to commence without a hitch, we should be able to drop tactical bombs over the location of [CLASSIFIED] before he can deliver a statement to Iranian officials. We have collected enough data from [CLASSIFIED] computers to begin fabrication of his return home our resources in CYWAR will have it together within a week from now. The VIP in Iraq has exposed quite a bit of intel under a new agreement with the [CLASSIFIED] rogue group he has been turned and set loose. Unintended benefits his operations in days have already rallied oppositional forces and is destabilizing the region with enough violence for DOD to have to surge troops to this region leaving [CLASSIFIED] open and quiet enough for [CLASSIFIED] operations to come to a close. Once the nuke is planted in the region it shall remain for years after we remove our assets for the next phase after the 2016 election after this the new guy will be forced to act allowing our investors to accomplish their goals. Good job guys……..


Somewhere in the Middle East

As the teams operate to finish the new facility dubbed “The Tomb” operations that had contracted the “local” construction crew has dispatched a clean up crew to pick up after them when the Nuke encasement is complete, no witnesses and no whistle blowers. [Classified] snickers as he realizes what a great job he did using [classified] to build temporary living quarters out of tractor trailers knowing that he feeds and pays these guys on a completion basis there are no loose strings. Dispose of them, never pay anyone, and just roll the homes away like they were never there so the top can land their integral drone carrying the big one in and bury it for future use, it’s a perfect plan.

Interview Room

As luck would have it my captors have allowed me to finally write a letter home to my family, they have been being nicer to me as I have been talking to the guards about Islam and getting to know them, hell even Ahkmed was showing me pictures of his family. I wonder how long till my people get to me and get me out of here, cause when I get home I’m quitting this job.
All of a sudden, The sirens go off and I hear all this commotion and all the lights go out all I can hear is frantic voices all around, “Hey whats going on?” Then I hear it BOOM BOOM BOOM and I feel the ground tremble and chips of concrete and dust whip around like it is raining in my cell.

“Holy **** we’re under attack!”

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posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by Brotherman

Quite an interesting story you have going on. I was sucked right into the drama, wondering what would happen next, and I found the suspense quite captivating.

SnF. Nicely done!

posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Thank you I SnF yours as well, I still have quite a bit of content that I wrote that I have to edit and toned down I think the second portion puts it away really nicely should be down with it in a day or so and thank you for stopping by to check it out!
Also my approach is drawn from past work experiences Im not sure if ppl know how close the operations in intel communities work with military out of diplomatic channels you would be rather surprised. I am trying to draw on not only the espionage but also the manipulation we see before our eyes everyday on tv and in the news
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posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 08:48 AM
Very good!

great detail, your grasp of military jargon and tactics is sharp!

overall a fantastic read.


posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by CagliostroTheGreat

Thanks for the nod, Ill have the rest of this posted in very soon

posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 04:18 PM

Weeks Later News Bulletin

“Special Report, officials responsible for the investigation into WMD have confirmed that Iraq had moved weapons and buried tactical nuclear weapons in the Arabian desert. It has been confirmed that the enriched Uranium was manufactured in Iran’s nuclear research facility the president has signed legislation to take action against Iran’s crimes against humanity with full support of all western Allies including Israel, UK, France, Canada, and Egypt as the main echelon. Reports are being analyzed to the Chinese and Russians backing Iran as they are accusing the west of black ops and other hysterical and unfounded accusations. Unfortuantly we have had American men and woman perish at the hands of Iranian forces including the missing hikers from a month ago, intel suggests Iran executed them to send a message to the American public. The president will be out shortly to brief the nation, right now I would like to call all you viewing and listening for a moment of silence to honor those that have perished in these recent events…”

Iran Location [CLASSIFIED] several weeks ago

As the last flicker and plume of smoke ascended from the rubble of [CLASSIFIED] test facility a dead silence and calm came over the desert valley as if Death himself took a break from his tedious work. One man only known as Ahkmed lay alive twitching his finger as his only defense against the ravenous scavangers flying over head occasionaly taking a peck at his exposed innerds drying on the desert floor. His slow passage to death was coming to a close, until out of the rubble came a group of shadowy figures approaching his broken and frail body.
The what should have been saviours approached him while one whisked over to the other, ‘Got a live one here!” Another shout came from an unknown location “No, survivors!”
Ahkmed tried to close his eyes but was too slow as the last thing he had seen was a bright flash, and then nothing. The team was adorned in high tech NBC suits spraying radioactive particles getting the site ready for the international inspectors. As for their missing hiker, his body was never recovered as his holding facility was bombed into oblivion.


posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 12:18 AM
Solid closure on an excellent story. You are to be commended for wrapping it up nicely. I can't give another flag, but you get the star.

However, in a short story, the readers often want an open ending, something to think, and wonder about. Sometimes, it's best to leave no conclusion for your reader, and just leave a story open ended.

The mystery often draws in readers for other entries. Closure is not required when writing.

posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 12:28 AM
sorry wrong thread..

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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by Druid42

hey well thank you for reading and im glad you liked it i really do i don't really care about winning when i realized i'm writing in a thing with at least 70% of ppl with writer status and others I just wanted to put content out and see what ppl thought so I appreciate the nice comments and you reading

posted on Aug, 5 2013 @ 07:09 PM
Glad at least 8 people read this kind of a waste of my time posting here but thanks anyways


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