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Hypnotized by the messenger, MISSING the MESSAGE!

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posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 07:05 PM
I recently made a thread here in regards to the "Edward Snowden Show" (as I'm calling it) - that the entire thing is becoming a circus entertainment just too test the masses to see if they will be hypnotized by all this drama, or if they will GET THE MESSAGE - and do something about violations of OUR HUMAN RIGHTS.

Obviously my conclusion was that this will be tomorrows nothing and the NWO will take its next step soon..

But - people who are rooting on Snowden, did not get the message I was trying to address in the earlier thread. Especially a specific member "Archie" who is jumping all over this Snowden thing like a 'Cowboy Cheerleader'. Those who are rallying behind Snowden are BLIND to the actual meaning of everything this is ABOUT. And the message is getting lost in the hype. As it always does.

I have noticed since this Snowden "whistleblowing" (if we even call it that?) - that there are a lot of people trying to be like "I cant beleive this guy risks everything for you, and you dont think he's a patriot" ...yea that kind of thing. Then I noticed members like this Archie guy who are ALL OVER Snowden threads and anything related to the scenario.

Got me thinking.. If what I said in my original thread is true - obviously we will have those CIA and disinfo agents (or something in those aspects) all over these types of forums trying to rally people up into the "drama show" that is taking center stage on Earth.. Instead of taking the MESSAGE to heart and doing something about it.

And so "the show goes on" as they say

Which brings me back to the original point here - everyone is cheering on the MESSENGER and always missing the MESSAGE itself. As I said in the previous thread, its not ABOUT the whistleblower - its about the information that those subject BRING to the PEOPLE, so to encourage CHANGE on a national level.

Time and time again it happens.. Always a new "whistleblower", and people just rally behind them, make supporting threads, facebook posts, talk to friends/family. . But in the end what happens? What changes?

NOTHING ever changes from being a cheerleader. Change happens when WILL takes place in individuals, and within a collective people. That is what this information should be about - it should be about people getting PISSED OFF about the violations of peoples RIGHTS, and taking that inner fire and using it against the tyrannical government.

All these Snowden threads getting flagged and starred, getting everyone talking.. All these news outlets highlighting the pros and cons, all these INDIVIDUALS being hypnotized as ALWAYS. It NEEDS to stop, we NEED to change. Dont allow the fire to go out within the America populations!

That fire needs fuel, to create the change EVERYONE is waiting for. Rather WAITING for the change everyone doesnt want to see (NWO).

So please - take my message to the heart, especially if you are an American! Each one of you are the potential to change this thing around! Ats and its American population - full of intelligent and informed individuals, but waste their time pointing fingers, and arguing about "facts" .. Using the fire against eachother!

Its madness! And its exactly what the controllers wwant to see, NOTHING happen through the public people. So they undertand the numbness and hypnotic state the people are in, they can go and make the next move! Wether it be another shooting, bomb, or hijacked plane - stop being so sensitive people, ENOUGH already.

It must happen this year America. This is YOUR (last?) chance to start and make a change you want your children to see in the future. That you want your grandchildren too live in. You DONT want the future to exist in a world that is dominated by tyranny completely.

Where hypnotic episodes like the "edward snowden show" becomes the attention rather the message that was given to you under SUPREME risk!

Thats all I have to say - as I said Ive noticed people rallying too much behind ONE man. Just like always.. The people are TOO lazy, and expect ONE man (who is on the F'ing run anyways) to change the Nation of America.

CHANGE does NOT come with words - words are motivation, that can create a driving force and activate WILL within the collective. ACTION creates CHANGE.

Stop fighting, stop arguing, stop pointing figures, stop playing cheerleader, STOP DOING NOTHING! You must do SOMETHING, your short life is NOT as important as the future of America, and the future of the WORLD. Without action by the people, tomorrow will be a burning hell to live in.

And we dont want that - we want change, we want truth, we want FREEDOM BACK. If anyone of you cares enough, please allow these words to drive you at least away from the computer and into the COMMUNITY you are apart of. You are not artifical people, stop existing in a hypnotic/argumentive state and ACT upon your WILL.

Thank you very much

posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

Couldn't agree more.

How strong will these people be when the power goes out?

posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by applesthateatpeople

And that is EXACTLY what the American population wants to AVOID. If they are faced with complete domi-Nation; they have disgraced the future of their people, of themselves, and allowed the entire 'once-great' Nation of America to be nothing it was once founded upon - WITHOUT a fight.

How can a mass just hand themselves over to a corperate and military-type government WITHOUT a fight!? Living within a nation that was once percieved and understood to be "this" - but now has become the polar opposite because of liars, deceivers, manipulators, killers, and monsters that are taking the steering wheel and driving America into a pit of hell.

All it takes is a collective effort - but people do not want to be apart of eachother, they beleive they are better, or higher then their neighboors - and this divides the people who were ONCE UPN A TIME - all one who made up the nation.

Why is it today the Nation and flag make the people - and not - the people make the Nation and flag?

posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 07:59 PM
People see no further than their television.

Good post OP
If only people would listen....and THINK!

posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 08:09 PM
Nothing will ever change wel it will change i guess it will only get worse for us ( the people of the world ) as damn near ever country is really facing the same problems in some way or another.

I have come to the conclusion that many people fear standing up for themselves let alone in what they believe in. Many people need structure they need to be told how to function. Some people are just to busy with themselves and their own little world to really pay attention as to what the true meanings of things that happen around are on a national or global level .

Protesting well we have seen how quickly a government turns to force on their people who show disgust at how they are conducting themselves. Laws and checks are in place to try to ensure we never find out or know what is really going on. I look at places like egypt , greece ,canada , usa , everywhere even with putting in a new monkey into office always leads to the same old results.

Still these people of power do not relinquish their positions quietly now do they. There many people out there who enjoy inflicting harm to others and easily find reasoning to inflict harm even against their own countrymen .

This is the world we live in and will continue to live in because people don't want to go through exactly what libya and syria are having to go through.

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posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

Good words. Exactly what is wanted attack the main messenger, present personal information, attack those sharing it as kooks who bought into it. Conquer and divide meanwhile is anyone doing a thing about the situation? All I see is "Nothing can change" and " They have been spying forever, so what!?"

posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by dreamingawake

Yes its an old tricck - pull a card out in front of the audience, while slight of hand when they are not looking - something to that effect.

There was a gigantic protest in Brazil, and a war going on in Syria - this Snowden thing has "prefect" timing written all overr it!

Also anothher member pointed this out to me in the last thread:


Snow = White

Den = House

Snowden = Whitehouse

How obvious can it can?! People. . Get OUT of the hypnotic state, stop cheerleading! Just like Assange, just like Ron Paul, just like JFK, just like MLK. . All people with major influence - but people get hypnotized and blind by the messenger trying to rally behind them - they miss the POINT!

Your being played, controlled like pawns on a chess board. And this is a BIG game of chess!


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