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The Two Armies

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posted on Jun, 28 2013 @ 11:12 PM
It had to happen at some point......too much oppression eventually leads to backlash., and the Washington
Boys just ran roughshod over everybody, and everything,laws be damned.
Militias were springing up like daisies in a summer hayfield, and the mood of the public towards central, or any government for that matter, was sullen.
Since the drone laws were passed and the whistleblowers warned of all inclusive survielance and government abuses, we have all begun to see the nessessity to stop this retreat from constitutional government.
Even the housewives began to talk revolution when they brought the price of food to unheard of proportions of income.
And when they taxed the groceries, like they were a luxury, that about broke the camels back........

Washington, however took little notice of the public displeasue, and the war funding, the gerrymandering, the vice and corruption just kept rolling onward like a ship with a drunken captain. ,
The staunchly loyal military higher ranks stood foursquare behind the congress.
the generals, the Admirals,the joint chiefs of staff,assured their president that the nations security was guaranteed.....

But deep within the foundations of that massive killing machine, unbeknownst to all the higher highers,
a tiny speck of weakness was beginning to apear......
Enlisted men, with wives and sweethearts at home, were being educated, to the facts at home.
Nearly all the lower ranks began to ponder what their own reactions,would be to an order to fire on the people they were sworn to protect.
Mothers were writing sons, and daughters.,.....The soldiers were talking amongst themselves....And word was spreading like wildfire, that the situation had grown tense enough to put troops on standby.

It was inevtable that the call out would come, and so it did
The orders came down from above to man the streets and enforce martial law.
Curfews were announced and the regular units despatched to their posts.

But something of their usual snap was missing.Troops were slow to their tasks....
Orders were obeyed reluctantly....and nobody seemed to have the energy to put out max effort to the mission.
and indeed civil order, was at a breaking point.
But when the live ammunition was issued, and the magazines began to be filled,a dead silence hung over the
troopers, as one by one, rouds were thumbbed into magazines and the mags tapped to seat the rounds.

Nobody said a word but the gravity of the situation hung like a leaden blanket over them.
Grim and searching looks were exchanged all round, and the silent vote was taken unit by unit, man by man.

Though the officers sensed hesitation in the men, it was a shock of shocks when they merely stood there, and refused to mount up into their APCs and Other patrol vehicles.................
The general officers turned out to read the riot act, but were met with a stoney silence from the ranks of grunts.
Threats and intimidation turned into more threats as they coaxed and cajoled the troops to mount up....yet the parade square remained full of silent men.
MPs were called in, and the wail of the sirens died off in the still air as they. formed up facing the ranks of men.

Some one, an officer of higher rank, siezed the initiative and called the line of MPs to attention....
This was met with a slight stiffening of the ranks of those who had refused the orders......
And when the officer called to lock and load, the two groups of grim faced men both snapped the bolts of their weapons onto a live round from a fresh magazine.
Still facing the MPs, the officer, unaware of the movement behind him ordered the MPs to take aim.....
Waveringly,, hesitently the weapons were brought to shoulder.....but the much louder sound of the safeties clicking off behind him brought the officer up somewhat short, and he turned to see every rifle in the line of refusers pointed directly at his chest....
Needless to say, he ordered the MPs to stand down, and as they did so, the first MP at the end of the line slowly began to march across the parade square towards the other line....
First the one, then two more, then the whole platoon of MPs were crossing the square to stand with the troops......
And this is where the NWO broke down....when push came to shove...No American troops were willing to follow the unconstitutional orders which they had been goiven.
And they sure as hell would not be up to shooting their own people for any unconstitutional reason.
After all the Army has families too....and the NWO would do well to remember that.

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