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When the going gets tough

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posted on Jun, 26 2013 @ 04:59 AM
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to take your first step into the tunnel and keep going.

About seven years ago i was introduced to conspiracy forums, The topic that took my attention was mostly, the economic downturns happening around the world.

Six months ago I was looking to rent a house. One with a shed big enough to store my tools and building materials.

The prices were astronomical, $300 to $350 for a small three bedroom house, forget about a decent shed to go with the property that was going to cost more, closer to $400 a week.

I sat by my computer thinking, you know what, things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

Then I had a brainstorm. Why not look for a warehouse that’s big enough to build rooms in and still have enough room for a workshop.

I contacted this guy from the internet and met with him, we agreed on $220 per week for the
11 metres x 9 metre x 4.5 metre high shed, in a compound with nine other sheds. I met with the guy, looked around done some measuring and decided, this can work.

Since moving in I have built a timber framed, two bedroom, lounge and kitchen/dining area,
the shower, toilet and small kitchen sink were already there.

Now I have is a place to live and the workshop area I wanted for $220 per week. $ 975 monthly

The lease states that the rent will go up along with CPI which is running at for arguments sake 3%
Which will take my rent to $226.60 per week for the second year $233.40 for the third year and so on, fourth year $240.40 fifth year $247.61

The average rent increase per annum on a home rental property is in the 8% region. First year $300
Second year rent $324 third year $349.92 and so on, fourth year $377.91 fifth year $408.14.
The 8% figure is incorrect in as much that it depends on the area the house is in, some have risen by as much as 25% in one year.

Energy efficiency, heating and cooling, by insulating both the outer and inner walls and ceilings, the need to heat or cool has been minimised, my power bill for the previous three months came in at $145

To use a comparison, my daughters three bedroom home power bill cost them $562 for a three month period, granted there are two adults and two kids living there.

The Bond payable on a home rental property is the equivalent to six weeks rent, if we use the $300 rent figure for a house with no shed that equates to $1800 dead money until you move out. There is no bond required on a commercial property.

The materials i used to build inside were bought from an auction and some from one of my building suppliers, where seconds could be used they were, the total cost in materials to fit out the area totals $1200.
The labour I done myself. (with help from friends) Thanks guys.

To give an idea of sizes, the lounge is 4100 x 4300 bedrooms are 3800 x 3600

The savings I make this year from conventional renting is in the region of $5000 that’s not taking into account the workshop area which i would have had to pay more.

There are other benefits as well, no neighbours springs to mind, once the main gates to the compound are locked at 6pm you can’t get in or out without a key.

I have run a Home Handyman service for the last 15 years. Now you would think things would start to go quite back in 2008, 2009 onwards, not the case here in South Australia.

In early 2012 work was steady but definitely slower than previous years, it wasn’t until late 2012 that the phone literally stopped ringing, historically work dried up from December 14 to January 14, that was to be expected.

I have not changed the advertising, my phone number is the same, from December 2012 to present I have received 6 calls regarding work, that does not pay the bills.

The work shop I wanted now became redundant, what shall I do? My first thoughts were “what am I doing wrong or different” I couldn't come up with a reasonable answer so I rang around the people I knew in the building industry, (all areas) to find that I was not alone, this information gives you some relief in knowing it’s not something you have done or can control.

That still doesn't pay the bills. One of the guys I rang owned a windscreen replacement business, we got to talking and decided to buy and sell second hand cars, lower end of the market price bracket. This has turned out to be a life saver and also puts my workshop back to work so to speak.

I personally like a beer and so do a lot of the people I know. I decided to build a functioning bar in the workshop, a can of beer at the pub costs $6 over the counter, $2.50 over my counter, I don’t make a killing out of the beer sales (80 cents a can) but it pays the electric and ice bills.

I have recently put a home brew down and intend to brew a lot more, these I will sell to people I know for half the price of the cost at a pub.

Lately I have been searching through the local online auction houses, this is a fabulous way to pick up saleable items, it can be a little time consuming with pick ups and advertising but the end result helps pay the bills.

I am still doing the handyman thing, when the phone rings that is. I enjoy what I am doing now a whole lot more.

This is my way of taking steps to cushion the effects of the ever increasing prices for accommodation, food, power, fuel etc. Is it all legal? Hell no.... It is only illegal if you get caught.

First impressions from family and friends were, as you can imagine. A shed, your going to live in a shed, are you mad... Not so much any more. Two people I know have taken the plunge to join, what is now known as, being a shed dweller.

At some time in the future I may go back and live in main stream suburbia but at this point in time, not a hope in hell.

Always looking for ways to make an extra buck if any ATSrs have any ideas.

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posted on Jun, 26 2013 @ 05:14 AM
Dude your a genius, you have built the ultimate mancave. I have had that dream for years converting a warehouse in to a home with room for my business ( I am a Printer) and room to live and party.
As I speak I am humbly prostating myself in the direction of South Aussie in worship of your genius.
Sadly in Melbourne rent is a bit higher I pay $300 a week for a small 3 bedroom unit which I share with my 18 year old daughter. warehouses of the type you mention around here are nearer $500 a week which is a bit rich for my blood, but who knows what the future holds. Good on ya for making it work.

posted on Jun, 26 2013 @ 05:34 AM
reply to post by kudegras

Cheers kudegras
The hardest thing to over come is other peoples opinions, doing something unconventional always raises eyebrows.
Especially at my age. Now all you over 50's calm down, just saying.

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