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Could PRISM and the want to spy on mankind lead to the creation of the Singularity?

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posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 11:28 PM
Kurzweil if I remember correctly said that biology and technology would merge at some point. Since electromagnetic signals in the brain travel faster than through a computer circuit, humans will always win that fight. We process things much faster. However, I can't recall what made computers better than brains? Maybe capacity? Either way, the Singularity is the merging of these two traits to get the best of both worlds. In my interpretation, it is like how they upload skills and knowledge in the Matrix. Too bad in the end the computers realize humans are only slowing them down. You know the rest....

posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 11:31 PM
All this data collection seems to be more sinister than the obvious "blackmail" angle. I believe they are creating an algorithm for PRECRIME!

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 01:27 AM

Originally posted by Tranceopticalinclined
Brief history lesson with possible future.

We use fire to tame nature, man uses fire to try to tame man
Man is afraid of man, Man makes fear
Fear used by man to tame man, Man deceives man
Man is afraid of everyman, Man creates Dictatorship through Fear
Information corrupts man, Man spies on man
Man doesn't trust man, Computer / robots are made
Robots compile information, information scares man
Man is afraid of robots, Man destroys earth.

Ok, so maybe the end of that little story is yet to take place if ever, but honestly it was written to make you think about these statements.

We have the internet, a wide network of users all linked together via information being passed by electronic signals. We have some A.I. that routes these signals, controls the flow, some even runs power stations and does all the inspections man used to do and is connected via the internet. We have PRISM being exposed and really do you think they will or are having man look through these tidbits of info? Super computers are being used to sift through the mass amounts of data and pick off like a skilled sniper keywords and run through a line of code if keyword if found.

Now with this being common knowledge, this is all the workings of a system bound for complete dictatorship by a capable hand/mind/circuit? Some of the programing that handles futuretense actions is called Algorithms. These algorithms could be used to help teach an A.I. and if not programed correctly could easily gain more knowledge than we'd want to allow since we cannot possibly come up with all various issues to arise that this A.I. will think of.


There is not much stopping the A.I. from teaching itself ( via programed Algorithms used to teach it basic things for PRISM type monitoring ) ,advancing itself and having it's code altered by the nasties ( Trojans, viruses, malware, spyware, or just bad coding ) already out there on the net. It's almost like taking a child and throwing them in a prison, having them learn there about life, you won't get a very awesome adult there.

This A.I. could already be real, camping out on someone's personal network, awaiting the day an error happens to allow it loose online.

here is my take on what you write, and I am breaking an enforced silence, not without consequences, to say this:

We didn't make fire to tame nature. Fire existed, as all the elements of nature did: fire, air, water, earth. They were, not for any reason, but just were. It was the nature of the existence on this planet, nature.

Have you considered "Quest for fire?" It tells a story of discovering fire, and how it helped life develop and protect itself in many different ways....not necessarily to be at war with other tribes of humanoids. Just my take, understand. Yes, one tribe possessing fire was not necessarily afraid, but in awe and covetous of what fire gave the tribe the possessed it, understood it, and kept it burning, and what that meant for the survival of that tribe.
See, it may be far more complicated than what you state here. Motivationally speaking, for instance, we all have that intrinsic, innate need to survive. And fire, and the possession of it, understanding of it was a fundamental principal of survival. If anything, this was quickly understood by other tribes not yet in possession of this knowledge of being able to keep fire burning, or how to accomplish that.

Now you go to fear and deception. Interesting. If you have knowledge to survive and I do not understand it, am I afraid of you, and do I then seek to deceive you?
I zero in on this point, bc it is how we currently view others in this paradigm. But I do not believe it was the predestinatial point at that time. Division and concquering came later, with systems of intellect and exclusion and inclusion.....this is a modern thing, in my viewpoint. Not a tribal, nor original to our species thing. It came later, with competition. For I believe there was a time in our history when we understood, as tribal peoples, that working together promoted our survival as a whole, For the sum of the parts are greater than the whole, and this has been disregarded in modern times as we departed from our natural existence.
Just my however many cents. Fear came later and was fomented, to divide and concquer, create war, division, separation, etc.

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 01:38 AM
Now, as to the AI part of your OP:
check out appeal by participants of the Second International Global Future 2045 Congress to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

March 11, 2013

Mr. Secretary-General,

We, scientists, public figures and business leaders from Russia, the USA, the UK, and Canada as well as participants of the Second International Global Future 2045 Congress (15-16 June 2013, New York) would like to bring to your attention a number of serious issues.

The world stands on the threshold of global change. Ecological, political, anthropological, economic and other crises are intensifying. Wars are waged, resources wasted senselessly, and the planet is being polluted. Society is experiencing a crisis of goals and values, while science and technology are providing unprecedented opportunity for advancement. National leaders remain focused on short-term internal stability, without paying sufficient attention to the opportunities for the future of civilization.

Humanity essentially faces this choice: slide into the abyss of global degradation, or find and realize a new model of development, a model capable of changing human consciousness and giving new meaning to life.

We believe that to move to a new stage of human evolution, mankind vitally needs a scientific revolution coupled with significant spiritual changes, inseparably linked, supplementing and supporting of each other. The vector of future development provided by technological advancement should assist the evolution of the consciousness of humanity, the individual and society, and be the transition to neo-humanity.

This type of research will be discussed at the Global Future 2045 congress. Cutting-edge technologies will be showcased, many of which have already been developed and improved, but not yet available to the people who need them.

The key components of these studies are:

1. The construction of anthropomorphic avatar robots—artificial bodies.

2. The creation of telepresence robotic systems for long-distance control of avatars.

3. The development of brain–computer interfaces for direct mental control of an avatar.
– rehabilitation of the disabled;
– replacement of people working in hazardous conditions, or those tasked with cleaning up during peacekeeping missions etc.;
– telepresence technologies for personal and business communications, as well as tourism.

The successful further development of the above three studies is expected to lead to further breakthroughs, including:

4. Development of life-extension technologies involving life-support systems for the human brain integrated with an artificial Avatar body.

(Note: Per the Global Trends 2030 forecast of the US National Intelligence Council, using replacement limb technology advances, people may choose to enhance their physical selves as they do with cosmetic surgery today.)
Application: the significant extension of the lives of individuals whose biological bodies have exhausted their resources.

5. A study of the main principles of the functioning of the human brain, and the creation of a functional model.

6. Development of prostheses for parts of the human brain.

7. Creation of a fully artificial equivalent of the human brain.

8. A study of human consciousness and the possibilities for its future embodiment in a non-biological substrate.
– treatment of degenerative diseases and traumas of the brain;
– exploration of regions of outer space hostile to biological human life;
– radical extension of human life to the point of immortality.

Participants of the Global Future 2045 congress include scientists, philosophers, representatives of different religions, public figures, business leaders, and philanthropists. We will demonstrate the realistic nature of Avatar technologies and launch a new science megaproject that will form the foundation of a new evolutionary strategy for humanity. This realization will make it possible to solve many of society’s problems once and for all, overcoming the biological limitations of humans, and creating a new civilization with high ethics, culture, spirituality, high technology and science.

This new strategy should become an alternative to nationally focused ideologies, transforming the inhabitants of our planet into citizens of Earth, and bringing nations together, making it the meaning of life for each citizen to serve high ideals and principles, and pursue constant self-development.

To carry out this important mission, your support is key for us. We invite you to take part in the congress personally, or send a recorded or written appeal to the participants.

We believe that in the near future, the UN General Assembly will gather not to regulate military conflicts, but to recommend that heads of state and leaders of national and transnational organizations take it upon themselves to realize the strategy for the transition to neo-humanity.

Signed by:

Dmitry Itskov — Founder of the 2

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 01:42 AM
I posit the theory we are already here and long ago arrived there, wherever that may be. We are all systemic algorithms in play. We are all already avatars, controlled by others. We are all already real estate, rented, leased, bought and sold.

Sorry to be so negative, but it is my life experience and watching others' life experiences that have led me to this conclusion.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. There is some part of us that remains, unique, untouched, willing and able to fight and algorythmic conclusion and consequence and outcome......let us hope this is so and fight for this, for otherwise, we are only slaves, destined to be slaves, only.
Much hope and kindness and regards, to you and yours.....

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 01:49 AM
reply to post by Bybyots

That's not true, because we presently do not have the understanding of ourselves required to teach it to the machines. If we don't know how it works, neither do they, as they have no resource from which to teach themselves from.

Oh, I beg to differ. We have in the name of science and progress constantly and perpettually throughout history continued on not understanding the implications of what we were about, or the consequences thereof. I would supploy links and quotes, historically about this, but you'll have to forgive it is late and I am lazy and I think we all understand that, here. This is the scariest thing about the subject matter. If you haven't got that, you are truly missing the historical perspective of what has already happended and what is now attendant.

We are truly about going beyond what we don't fully understand just to see if we can. It is what the military industrial complex specializes in......

And I would think, with your recent thread on witchcraft personified in the internet and technology, I should not need to point this out to you, for you made the point there, yourself, whether you realized it or not.
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posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by tetra50

That's not true, because we presently do not have the understanding of ourselves required to teach it to the machines. If we don't know how it works, neither do they, as they have no resource from which to teach themselves from.

My quote above has more to do, incidentally, with that vapmpyr-language thread than it does witchcraft....

But I think that it is beyond awesome that you are paying attention. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my friends list? If you are not already on it?

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 12:33 PM
A very good point. It is entirely possible and even probable. Soon there will be no secrets...even the lies... Think about that. It will backfire on them...illuminating all of the deep, dark, dirty secrets...all out into the open. The powers that were will be the scourge of mankind!

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