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Defining Vibration, "Frequency", and Dimensions - A 101

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 10:29 AM

No one can remote view or use telepathic communication. If you could, I'm sure you wouldn't be peddling this stuff on the internet.

Besides, all these "higher realms" are all experienced in this realm, reality, and are the result of meditation, narcotics, brain damage and sleep. If one must contort his body to see his true self, I will show you someone unsatisfied with the reality they wish to escape from. I sleep well, 8 hours a day, and am fully aware of these "realms" in my dreams, but sometimes we just have to wake up to face it.

Anyways, it is not my intent to be a downer, but to challenge your thinking here. Hurdles of thought are necessary for any spiritual path.

Good luck.

Well, thats not quite true. ESP have been and still is researched extensively and one of the contributers, SONY, have a report saying that there are some facts to the fiction. Alternatively you can look in to the Scole experiment, where they have fairly much success with retrieving text, audio and images from vibrations through either crystals or old camera film. They have had a lot of well known scientist looking over the project to eliminate possibility of fraud.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

ok what did all that do for you then?

are you now able to do this?

too many words, no instructions at all, and zero practicality...

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 12:12 PM

Originally posted by Astyanax
reply to post by covertpanther

These definitions are rubbish: attempted perversions of the English language.

Please consult a dictionary for the correct definitions of dimension, vibration, etc.

If people want words for the mumbo-jumbo they're flogging, let them make up their own. Or use the old ones, like magic and ghost and demon; all this New Age nonsense is as old as the hills anyway.

First of all love your avatar.
Not rubbish. Have you seen the amazing geometric patterns
sound makes through liquid or sand? That's why music feels so good to people,
in my hippy new age opinion. We are made of a whole bunch of liquid.
And especially the bass guitar at a loud concert can really help you feel this type
of energy. That has to be a good thing, harmony at cellular levels.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

Mhmm.. A simple 1-on-1 conversation in person would show you I am far more grown up then most peopel you know.

Um ego alert.

No in a 1on1 conversation in person you could find out who the people I know are, then find out how mature they are and finally you make this statement without sounding egomaniac.

What you take over the internet is half the picture of what/who I am.

Exactly, so the way one expresses themselves dictates how they come across.

Talking about reflections, telling one to grow up is an immature status in ones mind. You think you are superior or at an above mature level consciously?

Yes I said to grow up and quoted what seemed like a childish defensive reply of an opposing opinion.

I would be able to think that I am more mature if like you earlier said we knew each better and on a personal level, however when you say "superior", in what way do you mean because that is rather vague.

For instance you could have a superior fitness level than I do.

So superiority of what?

As a conscious human being I am no more superior to any other, on smaller levels as the example shown above I might I might not be.

Its not defensive - but people as mymself already know the typical answers to expect.

Wow there champ,

"people like yourself" sound like your being superior or your ego is directing your post.

Your only addition to a thread is commenting on comments between two other individuals? Clearly you have no care to learn, or nothing to add. Ask your self what was the purpose of quoting me and replying..

Really. that was one post after already discussing with you, have you forgotten, look back at page 1, I am the 2nd post. In that second post how could I be commenting on comments when made the first comment?

I care for learning, I am learning right now by interacting with you in your thread.

I am adding to your thread, some of your opinions/beliefs as I said earlier correspond with what I believe and other things don't, so I will post my observations and opinions.

The purpose of me quoting and replying to you was in the post where I quoted and replied, was it not sufficient enough of an reason for posting?

You dont like my words?

What words are your words?

I don't like anyone telling others what they know to be wrong when how in the first place do they know what a stranger knows? I don't like people telling others about their ego when they are ego maniacs themselves.

If you like I can quote how you place yourself above others call them trapped and your here to free them,

Its all here in your thread.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

I end my replies of this thread here now - I will only further reply if anyone has questions that are 'worth' a response. I made this account to slowly bring forth knowledge, and not to spend too much time arguing and focusing on one thing.

EGO and Superiority alert again

So your here to teach, many are here to learn.

Many will question your teachings, your responses are what make you.

"worthy: of a response from you makes me think I could learn nothing from you and maybe challenge you to see if your worthy of what you attempt to teach.

I guess I am one the unworthy so wont try too hard

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

Even though you and some others only know and experience what you are taught,

In this reply to phage,

Please explain your knowledge of what phage and some other only know and experience what they are taught?

This is quite fascinating that you keep saying these types of things, are you a secret agent with some sort of supercomputer that knows the thoughts of all ATS members, or are you God posting here telling us the truth, I assume this because of your previous post to another poster where I think you are insinuating that what your posting are the "facts of the truth of existance and alternate realities."

Then create a thread and allow the community here to see your facts of the truth of existance and alternate realities. I dare you sir.

Is this what your thread is?

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

Im just bringing the keys to the table.

Well, you see they were in the door and now you have taken them out and brought them to the table.

What does a table need keys for?

Why not leave them in the door and unlock it?

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 01:02 PM
1. A dimension is a layer of a specific reality that is being experienced by an individual observer or entity through perception and experience.

A dimension is a conception of the human mind, based on how we perceive reality. Starting with a point, which has no dimensions and only represents an infinitesimal location that we might begin with. If you create a second point, in respect to the first point, you can join the two points in space by a "line" aka a single dimension. If we do this a second time and create two, one dimensional lines, we can connect those.. creating an infinitesimally thin plane which represents a two dimensional plane, but THIS does not exist in our 3-dimensional reality and it just a conception created in the human mind. Then if we take two planes and connect them, we can create the 3-dimensional space that you and me all "appear" to live in. Therefor due to our sense of sight and touch our ability to perceive anything other than three dimensions is impossible. (You cant have a point that occupies no space or a plane that has absolutely no thickness to it) As we experience objects of 3 dimensions moving through time in space, we are viewing the cross sections of what a four dimensional world would be like.

2.This vast creation we call the 'Universe' is simply a dimension. One dimension. This dimension is made up of solid, liquid or gas. Creating MASS, which is light that is compressed or 'dense-light'.

Once again, our universe is comprised of three dimensions anywhere you go throughout time and space. A dimension is not "made up" of anything, because it is only a conception of space in reference from one object to another. Whatever seems to give particles a mass, is much smaller than a photon and would not be created by 'dense-light'.

3. We know at the smallest levels of an atom there is light, or photons. When light is compressed into matter, it becomes solid, liquid or gas - and thus it becomes a more dense substance.

Again, there are smaller 'levels of an atom' than photons.

4. There are many other dimensions that are simaltaniously existing, but cannot be perceived with the human 5 sense - as they are accustomed to THIS dimension or density you are experiencing now or what we all the 'Universe'.

Yes there are multiple dimensions that simultaneously exist, but sadly we only have the ability to perceive three of these dimensions and conceptualize 4+ depending on your ability to understand spacial dimensions.

5. Lets start with Vibration; Vibration is best understood and experienced when one FEELS. If an individual is feeling JOY or LOVE, this feeling runs through the biological make-up of that indivdual - thats when we say 'its a good vibration'.

A vibration is not a "feeling" created by synapses in the human mind. A vibration of the idea that an object, is oscillating back and forth through time an space. There is no such thing as a "good" or "bad" vibrations, because a vibration cannot having feelings, it is once again a perception of the movement of matter or the idea of a linear oscillation in ones head.

6. You can feel your body flowing with positivity, it feels as if its vibrating, like a good-feeling wavelength going through each cell in your body. Now - the same is for the polarity of those feel-good vibrations.

A wavelength is a sinusoidal wave that represents the speed at which an object may be oscillating. This is not a "feeling" but a way of measuring the movement of an object.

I would suggest that you either take a class in Physics or begin to actually try to understand most of these concepts, before you attempt to connect them all together in a way that seems to be meaningful to you and you only. This is why Physics has been so successful because it is based on an objective understanding of reality and our perceptions of it, not feelings that exist within ones own head.

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

All you posters are only trying to bash, dismis§, or play word nazi with some words. I am no looney - my education is at par with ANY of yours - my spiritual intellect exceeds most of yours though. The only other memeber here who has shown any amount of spiritual intellect is Unity. You people think Im getting mad or something lol? Not at all - all any of you have done is do circles around the entire message - that is typical mental work by an average mind. Never confront or try to learn something that is out of their 'field'. Even though each an every one of you ARE A SPIRIT.

Your spiritual intellect should have maybe have had enough intellect to know that those that challenge you are not doing circles around the entire message but challenging the strength in what you believe because its similar to what we believe.

Your spiritual intellect should have also known that your message constant replay here on ATS so your not the first to spread your teachings.

Maybe learn to become a better teacher as it seems questions posed that are challenging hinder your teaching ability.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 01:52 PM
Interesting how the original post completely ignores the most common state of being in the universe. That being Plasma.

You might do well to look up the definition of a plasma, you may be surprised at how you can apply it to the 'new age' or whatever you wish to call it perception of reality. If you followed the line of newage thought in the 20 and 21st centuries you will find that they derive from science. the scientific definitions for dimension, energy, and other terms you used are probably closer to the spiritual idea than the definitions you provided. Many of these terms and thought have seriously morphed in the last 30 years. Its hard to understand your current experiences without past knowledge. While you may often find yourself at odds with the people when discussing science and spirituality, when you look a the more advanced knowledge we as a species posses you will find they agree quite nicely.

You would also do well to look into some actual quantum theory. It's far beyond most the base level concepts of these new age cultish book selling guys wandering around trying to convince you that you can vibrate your way to some other form of existence.

Here is one of the more accomplished quantum theorists gone "new age" you may find his insights into life alot more useful than you would expect: The Quantum Activist

I'd advise you to pay attention when he starts talking about upward and downward causation and then make the leap from applied scientific concepts to the effects of coincidence and spirituality that you experience as a person both with your ego and your subconscious, it shouldn't be that hard.....

My advice is stick to the karma, understand the universe is subtle, and while the effects of resonant cymatics are cool, they are not going to open the door to some pure form of being under any power that you as a human can create with simply your will and some humming.

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 03:27 PM
Great post OP. Your right about vibrations, frequencys, etc. Even the aspect of "selflessness" Which is a basic principle in almost every religion.

But an area where I think we need to look more into is the effect of the electromagnetic spectrum. I think our 5th sense can be found there!

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

Hello Ophiuchus 13,

I don't recall having dialogued with you before. I have some observations and questions about your comment

And so the OFFSET of many CREATOR Creation FREQUENCIES with activities like WARS-DECEPTION-DESTRUCTION may cause RIPPLE effects in the WHOLE EXISTENCE STRUCTURE in which ALL* are (currently) EXISTING and experiencing the phases of LIFE and DEATH within EXISTENCE... Which validates NEED or REASON for HIGHER LEVEL/DIMENSION Guardians-Guides-GODS, Overseers beings, who balance the ripple effects caused in the different sector of the energy zones of Existence...

1 considers them the ancient or ELDER of the CREATOR Creation Family and thru their experiences interactions with each other they ASCENDED & gained these higher being levels of awareness and existence in higher & lower dimension

I was looking at some statistics the other day, regarding human population at around WWII, 2 Billion approximately. As of today, it is estimated to number 7.09 billion. So that seems to give the potential of much more "noise" as it were.

Is it possible that some of the gods are attempting to minimize the noise by fostering fundamentalisms? By this, I mean, rather than 2 million individuals giving off 2 million vibration signals, those 2 million, by adopting a single idea as "fact" are giving off 1 vibration signal rather than 2 million. Thus the total of vibration signals is effectively reduced by 1.999999 million.

Would this sort of "stability" be a positive or a negative as far as humanity is concerned?

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 09:41 PM
If you what to try this with your computer,
download SinGen Free...
link to SinGen

Run a virus program on all down loads!!!
I found this Clean.

it is a sound signal generator.
very easy to use.
best to use the sound with meditation.

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 09:55 PM

Originally posted by covertpanther
reply to post by Kashai

This is my favorite point my friend. And the "THEORY of evolution's" worst nightmare - emotions. We all have emotions, we feel them, they can be very deep depending on the individual awareness. A physical random universe cannot create or explain emotions/feelings of an individual entity.

Emotion alone proves that humans are more then skull and bones. Dreams as well, visions, "Image-Nation" etc..

There is one problem though - many these days have shut down their emotional system to the point where they do not feel a thing - only to gain advantage in soceity in some way (usually ego leading the way). Thoughts are another point that prove humans are more then random biological creatures.

I do not even understand why one human spirit, mind, and body would not accept it is much more then a dense 'bag of bones'. Its a discrimination to SELF. Its the biggest putdown one can do to itself.. Really sad actually.

Anyone who is "sensitive" in terms of feelings - undersstands that emotions are linked to dreams, visions and the third eye perception.

Emotion is the vibration - as we are vibratory beings. Vibration affects matter, this is known through sound vibration (see cymatics) and other type vibrations affect the physical being. What we feel inside, the vibration that is experience, affects the outside.

A simple reflection of one's self, over the course of their life will show this. But who wants to truly look at theirself for what they really are? People enjoy the ideas and opinions they have of themselves and the physical nature surrounding their 5 senses.. But of course that is all ego at play

Thanks for bringing this up

In my meditation's presently I focus on the following....

The Multiverse defines each of the doppelganger's (despite appearance) as equivalent in analogy to a facet in a diamond. beyond the individual consciousness's their is also the relationship as a whole. Perceptually each of the doppelganger's are equivalent to blind men describing an elephant from different angles.

But in relation to the analogy of facets in a diamond, as a whole, one can define the whole as an organism and integrated as to define itself as an individual.

With respect to Level 1 Multiverses which by definition, are "universes" that exist physically outside our own Universe, those which are parallel are an aspect as relevant during my meditations.

The mental image of a diamond I am using is that of a Sphere and it incorporates level 1 parallel universe's created at the same time.

This is because in my opinion and despite the conclusion that the nearest one is 10x10 to the power of 28 meters from here.

They were created at the same time and therefore are reflected in as an aspect to the sphere
which, is an aspect of us individually.

Given we are processing quantum states the idea of death is irrelevant.

I would call this a Mantra.

Any thoughts?
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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by sealing

First of all love your avatar.

Thank you. Great-Uncle Byung-ho will be pleased, I'm sure.

Not rubbish. Have you seen the amazing geometric patterns sound makes through liquid or sand?

Yes. They are known as standing-wave patterns.

That's why music feels so good to people, in my hippy new age opinion. We are made of a whole bunch of liquid.

Wait a minute. Music makes us feel good because it creates standing waves in our bodies?

Could you explain, step by step, how that process works? Because if you do, you will have made a great and original contribution to human knowledge.

I studied at physics at university. My speciality area was musical acoustics, and one of the components of that is a field called 'psychoacoustics', which deals with how we perceive and are affected by sound. I haven't exactly kept up with the literature in the last 30 years of my life, but I would certainly have heard if any great advances in understanding how music affects us had been made. I have also been a guitarist for the last 35 years and a singer ever since I was a boy soprano in my school choir, so I reckon I have a pretty good working idea of how music affects people.

And especially the bass guitar at a loud concert can really help you feel this type of energy. That has to be a good thing, harmony at cellular levels.

The mechanical vibrations you feel in your body from loud low-frequency sounds are created by resonance within the hollow cavities of your body. Basically, it's just shaking your body (and yes, your cells) up. Any sound will do this; the reason we 'feel' bass sounds more easily is because it takes less mechanical energy to make a human body vibrate at 100Hz than it does to make it vibrate at 1000Hz, or 10,000Hz. That's all 'vibration' is – things shivering and shaking. Any sound will do it, not just music, not just bass. Your neighbour's lawnmower or a passing train will have the same effect.

The effects of music on the mind are far more complex and mysterious than simply a matter of making cells vibrate. Nobody really knows how music works on us. What we are beginning to realise (some of us always knew this) is that music is some kind of human essential. All humans, even those who are deaf and dumb, have language, but we think we know why that is – language is hugely useful to us in so many obvious ways. But all humans, even deaf and dumb ones, also have music. That suggests that we have evolved music, just as we have evolved language. Organisms do not evolve traits unless there is some survival or reproductive value to them. Well, we all know that music promotes reproduction
but what we don't know is how and why it does that.

What evolutionary purpose does music serve? Why does it make us happy – even when the music itself is sad? Why do we find it so difficult to live without it? These are genuinely fascinating questions. They may even be urgent ones. We are not, however, going to answer them by changing the very precise existing definitions of words – like vibration, frequency and dimension – that we use to study the physics of waves, and hence of music.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by evolv

This vast creation we call the 'Universe' is simply a dimension. One dimension.

Wrong. The universe is not a dimension. It possesses dimensions.

Our universe is comprised of three dimensions anywhere you go throughout time and space.

Correct as far as it goes. In relativity, time is another dimension, which added to the three spatial dimenstions makes four.

And in string theories, the universe is thought to have as many as 11 spatial dimensions.

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 11:46 PM

ABSTRACT We (re)cosider the propagation of small disturbances (sound waves) in the
presence of a pinned irrotational vortex in a superfluid with the help of the
formalism of acoustic spacetimes. We give closed formulas for the scattering
angle for sound rays, formulate the sound-propagation problem in the
Hamiltonian form, and discuss the form of boundary conditions at the core of
the vortex, where the Hamiltonian has a singular point. The wave equation is
simplified to a single ordinary differential equation of Mathieu type. We give
an extensive discussion of perturbations localized close to the core, which are
similar to what is known as the Kelvin waves. The spectra of modes depend
strongly on the type of boundary condition employed close to the vortex core.
The existence of the gapless Kelvin mode, which is one of the modes with
angular number -1, is usually discussed in the context of unpinned vortices in
superfluid helium or rotating Bose-Einstein condensates. We prove that this
particular mode is absent if the vortex is pinned, and consequently one must
discuss the full family of modes in this case. The question of whether or not
the acoustic spacetime admits an ergoregion turns out to have a decisive
(qualitative) influence on many aspects of sound-propagation phenomena.


One can only wonder as to the potential of the propagation of sound in planks space-time.

Any thoughts?

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 12:06 AM

Originally posted by pthena

I was looking at some statistics the other day, regarding human population at around WWII, 2 Billion approximately. As of today, it is estimated to number 7.09 billion. So that seems to give the potential of much more "noise" as it were.

noise, interesting... EA*RTH based, yes 1 has read that some of the LORDS knew of deluge but didn't interfere due to "noise" but LORD did interfere and so progressed the... Because???

Originally posted by pthena
Is it possible that some of the gods are attempting to minimize the noise by fostering fundamentalisms? By this, I mean, rather than 2 million individuals giving off 2 million vibration signals, those 2 million, by adopting a single idea as "fact" are giving off 1 vibration signal rather than 2 million. Thus the total of vibration signals is effectively reduced by 1.999999 million.

Would this sort of "stability" be a positive or a negative as far as humanity is concerned?

1 does not know Objectively pthena , if THE CREATOR is attempting to foster fundamentalisms upon a species or CREATOR Creations (groups) to limit vibration outputs to lessen noise for it seems the more VIBRATIONS the dimensions GROW or are reinforced somehow. But 1 can see that if many vibrations keep being observed offsetting others that YES CREATOR Creations may require responses// Look at it like this, in one dimension CREATOR Creations carry physical properties understood here in this awareness level of existence as physical bodes... NOW IN ANOTHER REALM SAY A LUCIENT REALM these same CREATOR Creations resemble LIGHTS
all varieties shapes sizes and for the most part these many LIGHTs or PARTS of YOUS CREATOR Creations locate or ATTRACT in locations and spaces. BUT @ TIMES A GROUP COMES IN THE LOCATION AND CAUSES SOS SOS SOS FREQUENCIES OUTPUTS TO ALL* THE LIGHTS NEAR THEM AND SENSING THEM... AND SO FURTHER.. THIS CREATOR CREATION GROUP after flickering of many lights occurs the LIGHTS DIM slow vibrations output sending signals of despair- harm- death- WAR-HOPLESSNESS- and so in LUCIENT REALM AND OTHERS
consider something's sent from a more EXTERIOR like location within EXISTENCE in dimension not sure.. TO WATCH CLOSE EVAL in physical form WHY??? LIGHT SEND sos LOW vibrations output sending signals of despair- harm- death- WAR-HOPLESSNESS and so response...

@ Would this sort of "stability" be a positive or a negative as far as humanity is concerned?

Hypothetically this would contribute to a HIVE mind type mentality somewhat being implemented on human consciousness...

Is it a positive or negative support or control for humans. I guess it depends on the individuals experiencing the direct effect of living such ways (also keep in mind this post was based on ALL* CREATOR Creations not just humans).

So in essence following your idea related to my post using humans as example:
That would be like a one world/universe order conscious/mind state that would be uniform in its vibration sequences to further effect HIGHER/LOWER realms in a less noisy as you share way...

As opposed to a world/universe seemingly free WILL based, where everyone's/beings/species behaviors consciousness being so different effects these higher/lower realms in unwanted ways due to non uniformness...

Again it would be based on CREATOR Creations experiencing direct this type of WORLD/UNIVERSE of single VIBRATION BASED OF ALL* FOLLOWING SAME FREQUENCY. Could become a PLANET/UNIVERSE "supported" overall by PEACE or "controlled" -/+ agenda by some unseen CREATOR forces. Depends more less.. on the ENERGIES involved/interested...

Yes 1 acknowledges an ANTI figure mentioned HERE feared to gather EA*RTH for some reason is it the same figure if applied to UNIVERSE??? 1 wonders...

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posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 12:20 AM
Another way of looking at "us" is that what we perceive essentially results in internal representations. Outside of such internal representation's quantum states is all their really is. So when we look at a Tree and in relation to the five senses, we only se the aspects that fit into our internal representations based upon our senses.

Ergo the materialist point is mute as they treat what we perceive with the 5 senses as some kind of absolute.

Any thoughts?
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posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

I'm giving you knowledge you would have to research, and do APPLY it to your daily life, for FREE. Shunning it just shows your ignorance and carelessness to learn more then what you think you already know.

Straight up fail buddy

When you have soething to add that is beneficial to yourself, myself, or the community here - please do. If this knowledge does not serve you, then leave this thread and do not respond further. Its that simple. But I bet your Ego is stronger then your Will.

Do research and EXPERIENCE things before you act like you know it, or act like your a figure who can judge things and knock them off. Your not. Your just another human trapped in the conditioned mind - I'm helping you break from it, but as I advised earlier, its YOUR choice to take it or leave it.

Good day.

First of all, the failure to differentiate between "your" and "you're" is a pet peeve of mine, so if it was your intent to offend, you've done quite well.

But secondly, every time you try to attack someone personally on the internet you pretty much pants yourself. Every swing at me or anyone else is a huge miss, and you just end up looking like someone punching at the air for no reason. We're here to attack ideas with our thoughts and language, to learn from each other, not to express our teen angst. If you want to sell your thoughts in such manner, scribble them in the wall of a 7/11 bathroom.

..and yes my ego is strong enough.

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